By Cory F

15th August 2015

The English Premier League was nearing its second week of the 2015/2016 season and after attending a function the night before, I certainly wasn’t feeling my best. As a general routine, I checked the latest news and gave my email a onceover. An email from Luxbet had caught my attention. Knowing Luxbet had been so generous to me in recent times, often offering the best odds in the markets, this was the email I knew was coming. As predicted, I was being informed that I would no longer be able to place any bets unless pre-approved. Given it was going to be impossible to get a decent bet on, I decided I would no longer be using Luxbet.


17th August 2015

With the weekend having come to an end, it was routine for me to do a sweep of my accounts and make notice of any abnormalities. With my Luxbet account being no longer of use to me, I decided to withdraw any funds that were in there. After a couple of failed attempts, I soon found out I could only withdraw whole dollar figures. Leaving me with what appeared to be 50c, I was scurrying through the markets looking for something ridiculous to place it on. It was just then that a wrap of the weekends Premier League games had diverted my eyes from the laptop to the television, making point of the back to back wins for Leicester City to start the season, something that had seen their odds shorten from 5000/1 into 2000/1.

Knowing Leicester City could have quite easily been relegated last season, I started to consider the possibility that the six games they rattled off to save their spot in the competition were the beginning of some good form. This made my decision easy, I decided to put my 50c on Leicester City. However, once again I was filtered with error messages trying to place my bet. I soon found out all bets had to be of more than a dollar. So that night it was locked in, $1.50 on Leicester City to win the English Premier League at 2000/1.


27th September 2015

Seven weeks down and the Leicester City run looks to have hit a hurdle, losing 5-2 at home to Arsenal. It was about this time that I had a strong feeling it was downhill from here. Despite three wins and three draws, they looked disappointing in front of their home crowd. However, leaking five goals at home didn’t throw off the bookmakers, keeping their price steady at 2000/1. This may have been due to the fact they occupied a spot in the top six. The fact of the matter was that they were not convincing in their recent games, coming from behind on most of those occasions.


30th November 2015

With the midway point of the season nearing, the news in the soccer world was plastered with reports of Jamie Vardy breaking the record for ‘most consecutive games scoring a goal’. Going eleven games straight scoring at least a goal had also deflected any comment of Leicester City winning the title. Sitting just off the top of the ladder, I decided to check up on betfair to notice their most recent draw to Manchester United had sent their price crashing into just 100/1. Regardless, going 14 weeks and only conceding the one defeat was an impressive effort.


25th January 2016

Almost two thirds of the season down and Leicester City are leading the English Premier League. A position nearly everyone thought was impossible. Some big wins over Chelsea and Tottenham along with some crushing defeats against some strugglers, had seen their price tumble all the way into 10/1. Riyad Mahrez’s name continued to circulate the news with talks of player of the year, but more importantly for myself, I started to consider the reality of my bet actually winning. It was about now that I also started to consider the option of hedging my bet. Doing the quick sums, I was standing to make close to $300 hedging my bet.

In recent weeks I had thought about the ridiculous offers bookmakers has been offering on some big bets. I vouched I would never fall for such stupidity, nevertheless, I logged onto my account to notice they had no cash out option available. Given what I had seen two years ago when Liverpool relinquished what appeared to be a comfortable lead, I was quietly confident Leicester would not maintain this lead. Thus, I forwarded on an email to Luxbet to request a bail out price. I was swiftly replied to, stating that there would not be any cash out option available on my bet. In hindsight, this proved to be an excellent outcome.


3rd March 2016

Five more weeks down and Leicester City are still defying the odds. Claiming the massive scalps of Liverpool and Manchester City. Along with a defeat to Arsenal, a draw against West Brom and a win against Norwich, had seen their odds shorten all the way into 2/1. They found themselves just in front on the ladder and I was starting to consider actually hedging my bet. Standing to potentially make $1000, I sorted through the remaining fixtures and gave some serious thought to what I was going to do. Arsenal seemed like the biggest dangers but I was confident Leicester City could withstand the challenge and go all the way.


11th April 2016

For the next five weeks, I had witnessed Leicester City slowly pick apart their opposition, recording four straight 1-0 victories, followed by a 2-0 victory. Each week I was expecting them to make an error, concede goals, and lose matches. However, they continually stuck firm and come together to play like a side that had won many titles previously. Their title odds had become almost un-backable and the media coverage on a global scale was continuing to grow. With victory looking close, I resisted temptation and decided to ride out my bet.


27th April 2016

In probably the most eventful fortnight of the season, I had seen the 1st major hic-cup from Leicester City. After leading 1-0, a poor decision from the influential Vardy had seen him red-carded, and Leicester City coming away from the match with just a draw. Given Tottenham’s impressive win, the pressure was on heading into week 35. After a spirited win at home to Swansea, the league was stunned when Tottenham failed to take victory at home to West Brom. With two key fixtures approaching, Week 36 looked the goods for Leicester City glory.


3rd May 2016

With victory at Old Trafford enough to secure the title, Leicester City had one thing on their mind. However, they lost key defender Drinkwater to a red card late in the match and fought hard to come away with a draw. After Tottenham lead 2-0 at half time, it looked as if Leicester City were going to be heading home to claim victory in front of their home crowd. However, a spirited fight back from Chelsea had seen them come away with a draw and hand Leicester City Premier League glory. That morning, $3001 filtered into my account and the rest is history. As I hadn’t previously had a favourite team in the league, it was customary that I now become a Leicester City supporter.


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