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  • Trade activity the key to whether the Mavs are “ready”
  • Luka Doncic could one day be the best player in the NBA

New Champion Bets NBA Analyst, Kris Dawson, joined us on the Betting 360 Podcast last week to give us some insight into his background in betting, and preview the upcoming season.

Here’s his thoughts on the Dallas Mavericks…

I’m high on Dallas and I’m keen to see how they start the season, and what they do before the trade deadline. Porzingis and Doncic are going to be deadly together. I think Doncic is the best player on the roster even with Porzingis there, and I think within the next couple of years we’ll be having conversations about Doncic being the best player in the NBA. He’s just that good, particularly for his age.

Injury and health will always have a lot to say about the future of any pro sportsman, but from an offensive standpoint there’s really nowhere he can’t score from, and he’s already contributing from a defensive standpoint regarding how he’s able to rebound from his position.

He’s a basketball enthusiast, he loves the game, and I think he’ll continue working hard to improve himself in his off-seasons and really make a run to be the king of the NBA.

So I think two of them will be deadly, and it’s the other players on the roster that will determine if they’re going to be contenders this season. I think the critical sign of that is around the trade deadline.

They’re in a good situation having Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr, and what they really need is to find significant contribution from one of those two, to become the clear third scorer for the team. If that happens, their trade value will go up, and the two of them have very trade-friendly contracts and will have a lot of value at the deadline.

If they move one of them on for a player that contribute straight away, I think it’ll be a sign that they think they’re ready now and can make a real push in this year’s playoffs. Whereas if we see one of them leave for future draft picks, that’s an indication that this might not be the year that the Mavs really make a big push.

Either way, with Doncic and Prozinis, I think the future is bright in Dallas – be it immediately or a little further down the track.

Listen to Kris’ entire interview on the Betting 360 Podcast right here.

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