NBA preview, Houston rockets
  • Can James Harden and Russell Westbrook co-exist?
  • “Offensive mastermind” Mike D’Antoni is the key

New Champion Bets NBA Analyst, Kris Dawson, joined us on the Betting 360 Podcast last week to give us some insight into his background in betting, and preview the upcoming season.

Here’s his thoughts on the Houston Rockets…

The break-up of the Warriors has brought about a lot of parity in the league, and I’m certainly not pulling the trigger on any Championship or Finals futures bets at this early stage. It’s too early them with all the teams having changes in personnel, plus injuries and there still being a long time until the trade deadline.

There’s not just a couple of teams like in recent years… there’s a lot of teams in both the Eastern and the Western Conference who definitely have the skill set and the capability to actually win the Championship this year.

Having said that, if I really had to narrow it down and name one team.. the one I’m really excited about, with all the moves they made, are the Houston Rockets.

I think the acquisition of Westbrook is going to work out well and both he and Harden can be effective in the same team. Early days, there could be a bit of ugliness and unsettlement as they’re both very ball-dominant players, but there’s a couple of things I really like about it.

Firstly, the continuity with the head coach is a big factor. I think Mike D’Antoni is an offensive mastermind who will make this work. Secondly, I really like what the Rockets have beyond Westbrook and Harden. The other core players who are still there – chiefly PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon – will benefit and my opinion, and the whole package will make them very dangerous, particularly come playoff time.

I think what we’ll see with from D’Antoni is a lot of Westbrook playing off the ball and Harden playing in the one, because of the chemistry Harden has in the pick-and-roll with Clint Capella. That’ll also work for Westbrook I think because when the ball does get kicked out to him, he’s going to be deadly in driving to the rim with close-out defenders running at him. That’s something Westbrook hasn’t had a chance to do for a very long time.

I think the two of them will do very well in this set-up, with Harden running the ball and Westbrook playing off it. I’m really excited to see what they’ll do on offence. Plus, of course, Gordon and Tucker are deadly shooting from the corners. It all adds up to something that should be special.

Listen to Kris’ entire interview on the Betting 360 Podcast right here

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