Sports betting
  • Getting the best statistical data, building the best model, backing the winning plays
  • “What I do is not gambling.”

At the start of the season we had a good chat to Ryan, the head of our MLB Tips baseball betting syndicate, on the Betting 360 Podcast.

It’s a chat that’s worth revisiting, as it underlines Ryan’s supreme confidence in the work he and his team have done, and the profitable outcomes it leads to.

Ryan really is one of the best prepared, most professional and most confident operators we’ve come across. Our chat reflected that.

Getting into sports betting

Ryan has a background in investment, which led him to establish his current operation.

“I had a real estate investment firm that sold assets to hedge funds… when the market crashed here in the States in about 2008, I was at a point of transition. I’d always been a big Vegas fan and big sports fan, but not necessarily sports betting.

“I decided to create a predictive analytics model based solely around sports betting. I was thinking that if I could get a 2% – 3% edge on the market, I could maintain a living. I had some success early on, but most people don’t understand the kind of work that goes into creating a model that can even consistently beat a coin toss.”

Work or play?

Betting is not – and never has been – recreational for Ryan.

“I made this decision and did this strictly to sustain a living. I was not a recreational sports gambler. What I did in the world of hedge funds is similar to what I do now.

“There’s no subjectivity to what I do. I don’t handicap games myself and I often don’t even follow the game closely. That’s the confidence that I have in my product.”

What’s needed to win

To get the edge required, Ryan went straight to the best sources possible. And that’s when the work really begins.

“I’m not scraping statistics from ESPN or other websites. My data provider is the official data provider to the NHL, MLB, NBA and FIFA. Money cannot but a better level of statistics and data.

“We pull every statistic from the feed nightly. We’re pulling over 10,000 stats per day just on MLB. We sort them in a very heavy analytical database. There’s nothing that exists we don’t have the ability to model or finesse our model with.

“There’s not one pitch, not one inning, not one swing of the bat that we don’t retain the data on.

“So it’s intense. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months just to get to the point where our team is modelling a sport. Then years to finesse it.”

Supreme confidence

“What I do is not gambling.”

“I have a strong statistical edge over the course of games that we target – the high-confidence plays we go with – and that’s what we play.

“There is zero subjectivity in what we do. We have the best dataset in the world, and we run some of the best technology in the world, and we trust our process and team behind it.  And it works.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.

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