No Escaping It: Bash Bash Season Is Here

There's simply no denying it now!

big bash

Aussie summer means cricket, and the start of the holidays means Big Bash cricket.

The local Twenty20 format goes from strength to strength and we have an extended series this year that runs from December 19th through to February 17th. This is an excellent betting medium with a lot of close matches and plenty of action. All of the bookies cover every game extensively, so buckle up and join the ride that will be Big Bash 8….

A Bit Of History…

The local competition in its current form started in 2011 (replacing the old State version), and has steadily built each year since. There has generally been very few gimmicks, although replacing the coin toss with the ‘bat flip’ this year does not excite us. The big crowds are a feature of each match and the average has settled at 25-30,000.

The teams have remained constant and we have seen little change in the format until now. The Perth Scorchers have been by far the most successful franchise with three wins, but it remains to be seen how the increased travel will impact their chances this time.

This Year

The big change this year is the move to a full ‘home and away’ season format. That means an increase to 56 regular matches (8 teams) and then two semi-finals and the final. 59 games in total, which requires a game almost every day and multiple games from time to time.

In theory the competition should have a better chance of providing the best team as the winner, but with half of the teams making the semis, and then the usual one-off games, it will still be an evenly matched situation. Live TV coverage moves to Fox and 7 this year, with Fox showing every game and 7 holding rights for 80% of them.


We have seen some interesting movements over the years in terms of key trends. In the early years, teams generally chose to bat if winning the toss. There was a massive bias in that regard but it balanced out and then flipped. The move to opting to bat second also led to a change in the way the matches panned out.

The facts are that chasing teams can pace their innings better and the loss of early wickets for the team batting first is particularly harmful. Teams batting second also benefit in very tight matches and there will be plenty of those. These are not blanket rules and in fact you can make good money from opposing those trends, but only in the correct circumstances.

The other interesting move has been the rise to prominence of spin bowling. Originally seen as fodder, the best in the competition now include the slower bowlers who can mix things up. That should continue this season and it will be interesting to see if the batsmen develop any new tactics to counter the slowing run rates that the spinners can induce.


The liquidity on the games is huge, and the numbers traded on Betfair can be astronomical. The bookies all offer a huge number of side markets but it pays to stick to the main lines where margins are tighter. With the toss being all-important, wait as long as you can before placing your bets.

There will be plenty of special offers available so take advantage of those, but generally the match odds will not vary much between the various corporate bookmakers and the Betfair prices are the best indication and generally set the market. The side markets will offer greater disparity, and this is where the run lines, top bat and a few other markets can offer greater profit margins.

The Big Bash is back and there are betting opportunities to be had.

It’s easily accessible with matches on television almost every night for the 2 months of summer, so why not win while you watch?

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