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Horse Racing Tips & Pro-Ratings

Start beating the bookies: profitable horse racing tips from our stable of professionals. Each a specialist in their own area, our professional punters provide simple, easy-to-use, profitable racing tips that are suitable for everybody: from the time-poor ‘bet-and-forget’ punter to the keenest of horse players.

  • Best bets by QLD expert and industry professional The Professor
  • Covering all South-East Queensland meetings
  • Full set of ratings and speed maps each Saturday
  • Includes recommended stake and minimum price
  • Forecasting 10% Profit on Turnover long-term

From $267

  • Recommended Bets and Ratings by professional punter Mark Rhoden
  • Full set of recommended bets and rated prices for Sydney Metro Races
  • Recommended Bets for Provincial Meetings
  • Delivered around 9am, betting approximately 4 days per week
  • Over $13,000 Profit since September 2017

From $219

  • Ratings by professional punter Trevor Lawson
  • Full set of easy to use rated prices, speed maps and staking for each race
  • Covering all Melbourne metro meetings
  • Over $30,000 profit @ 13% PoT since May 2016
  • Includes access to Trev's Bets

From $297

  • Tips For 25+ Of the Spring Race Events
  • Best Bets by NSW pro punter Mark Rhoden
  • Best Bets by VIC pro punter Trevor Lawson
  • Covering all Group 1 meetings until the end of the Cup Carnival
  • Simple to follow and bet with an edge on the best racedays
  • Get your bets on early with all tips released in the morning

From $227

  • Best bets by industry professional Cameron O'Brien
  • Coverage of VIC, NSW, QLD and WA
  • Updates include recommended bets, staking size and available price
  • Forecasting 8-10% Profit on Turnover

From $227

  • Best bets and Ratings by WA expert and industry professional Mark van Triet
  • Covering WA metro and provincials
  • Includes recommended stake, bookie and price
  • $2,000+ Profit since the start of May

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  • Best bets by Kiwi professional punter Chris Robinson
  • Perfect 5/5 winning years with Champion Bets
  • $55,000 profit at an amazing 18% Profit on Turnover
  • Very easy to follow tips service
  • Bet with a big edge on NZ racing


  • Proven performer over more than 5 1/2 years
  • 10% Profit on Turnover on more than 9000 bets
  • NSW and VIC focus but betting Australia-wide
  • Includes recommended stake and minimum price to take
  • Profit Guarantee – either you win, or your membership is doubled on quarterly and annual memberships.

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  • Best bets by SA expert and industry professional Aaron Barby
  • Covering all South Australian meetings
  • Full set of ratings and speed maps on each Saturday
  • Includes recommended stake, bookie and price
  • $7,000+ profit since launch in July 2017

Sports Tips

Stop losing: attack your favourite sport with an edge over the bookies. Specialist professional analysts for each sport will arm you with profitable tips that will turn your punting around and make you an enemy of the bookies.

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  • Brett’s Betting Syndicate
  • First Tips From Oct 17th
  • 8:45am Release Time
  • Email & App Updates
  • Advised Staking
  • Recommended Bookies
  • Includes An All-Star Break

From $199

  • Weekly tips on local racing and Australian/overseas sport
  • Step-by-step guide with the best bets highlighted
  • 33 winning months from 35 since launch
  • Total of 845+ units profit at 18% PoT

From $147

  • Focusing on Prime Time NFL games: Fri/Mon/Tues daytime Aussie time
  • Mix of player performance and team-based recommended bets
  • Every recommended bet will be available with at least 4 bookies
  • Mix of player performance and team-based recommended bets
  • Powered by the betting syndicate behind our NBA and AFL specials
  • Very easy to follow and get a decent bet on

From: $160/m

  • Weekly Best Bets by NFL expert Scott Kellen
  • Three straight winning seasons with
    Champion Bets
  • Profitable in 10 of the last 12 seasons
  • Best bets each week focusing on both sides
    and totals
  • Full previews provided for every game
    of the season
  • Very easy to follow and get a decent bet on
  • Over $2,300 profit in season 2018 to date

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