Dave was invited on to Melbourne radio station RSN for their punting forum and you can catch the replay here. (1) Punters must have at least a basic understanding of maths – probability, market percentages and variance. (2) The favourite/longshot bias is alive and well. (3) Staking and money management are the most under-rated aspects of gambling. (4) The market underestimates outside barriers, first uppers, first starters and the quick backup. (5) Speed maps are an essential tool for any serious punter and backmarkers are overbet as a group (6) Blindly backing a market mover after the move is just plain dumb. (7) Being a contrarian isn’t easy but it is essential. (8) In-depth analysis of trial form can be highly insightful. (9) Keep results and do post-race reviews (10) Betting with an edge offers superior returns to any other investment class.