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After a brief hiatus, the podcast returns this week with Shane Adair as your new host.
Shane’s first guest is Adelaide form guru Aaron Barby.

Aaron has worked with some of Australia’s biggest and most successful betting syndicates, including 7 years with Humbleton (aka Data Processors). You may not know the company name, but Zjelko Ranogajec is the man behind that operation and its estimated he bets $1 billion annually on Australian horse racing and plenty more elsewhere of course.

Aaron now focuses exclusively on South Australian racing and has a very profitable track record.

Punting Insights:

  • What he learned from working with some of Australia’s biggest punters
  • The importance of ‘advantage’ in pace and bias analysis
  • Why South Australian racing offers some excellent betting opportunities

Today’s Guest

Aaron Barby – Barby’s Bets

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