Name: Adam Mintz
Package: SA Ratings
Resides: Adelaide
Turned professional 1993

Former life

Croupier at the casino – a very long time ago!

I went back to uni in about 1990 and did a Business degree. But I’d always had that interest in racing, back from when I was a kid and my parents would take us to Oakbank. I kept that interest and was doing a bit of punting when I was at uni, but it wasn’t as serious – mostly on Saturdays, and I’d just do the form Friday night. I was studying a couple of computing subjects and started to keep some records. I started to do alright and it went from there.

Best advice received

Make your best winning days better than your worst losing days.

You’ve got to be a lot better. It’s a lot harder now. There’s still an opportunity there, but you have just got to get better and better at it and make less mistakes. I still find myself jotting down little notes that help me, and then I realise that you’re always sort of learning and getting better at it. It’s very easy in this game, you can be on top of the world and think you know it all, and then you can have a few bad runs and you’re doubting yourself. If you stick to your principles and what’s sort of been successful for you, that’s worked for me over the years.

Best part of your job

Just watching them go around… I really enjoy racing.

Worst part of your job

I would say never having a real break or a holiday. Everywhere I go I take my work with me – you can’t afford to just take a month off, you get too far behind.

I’ve been betting on SA racing for nearly 25 years, as well as doing a couple of years on Macau racing in the mid-2000s. As I said, you just can’t afford to ever take too much time off, as you get too far behind.

When do you bet?

Unless I’m locking something in pre-post, the majority of my own betting is done in the last 2 – 3 minutes before the jump. That’s when all the action comes on Betfair, which is where I do most of my betting.

Where do you bet?

Almost entirely on Betfair.

Most frustrating loss

I can’t think of a single one… just the usual suspects – pretty much anything that runs second without any luck! No one runner in particular stands out.

Most satisfying win

A very long time ago with a horse called Cassowary. My brother actually bred it – he had it for a while but decided it was useless and sacked it, and I bought it off him for next to nothing.

Long story short, we took it to a meeting up Port Augusta and it won its maiden by twelve lengths. Very satisfying, firstly because we had a very good bet on it – and secondly to stick it up my brother!

Why did you join Champion Bets as an analyst?

One punter can only bet so much, so it’s just another way to get involved in racing for me.

More information on Adam Mintz’s SA Ratings service.

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