Here is an excellent opportunity to learn from a very successful punter who focuses exclusively on barrier trials. He has developed a revolutionary approach to form assessment, but you can learn to replicate much of what he is doing.

Join us as he explains:

  • A simple way to determine the quality and credibility of a trial performance without even watching the trial
  • Where to obtain all the information you need to make informed assessments of trial performances
  • How you can benefit from his knowledge and expertise regarding how to rate, review and analyse trials to find future winners at great odds (including one recently at $37.80)
  • Why his method is not being focused on by other punters and how that creates a significant edge over the marketplace
  • How he has achieved an incredible 41% win strike rate over a 6 month period at a phenomenal profit on turnover
  • The best way to stake your investments, including notoriously difficult to assess maiden races

A flat $100 level stakes win bet on every selection has generated over $10,000 profit in just 6 months. These results are a matter of public record as our Trial Spy is the number 1 tipster on a public tipping website with thousands of professional, media and amateur tipsters.

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