Class and Speed rankings: Thursday Sept 4th 2014

You can download our Class and Speed rankings for each race this afternoon at Goulburn, Mackay, Mornington and Pinjarra. Click here for the PDF. or Click here for Excel which allows you to sort and filter according to your own parameters. For example you can exclude certain distances, or only include horses that are top 2 in all categories, or any combination of factors you like. But you can also use the rankings to find some bigger priced horses, especially those that rank highly on Speed as the market often under-values these runners. The rankings are based on the horse’s performance over the last 12 months and is a solid starting point for our assessments before digging deeper into other variables such as track conditions, distance, barrier, speed map, tempo, jockey, trainer and all the other things that come into serious form analysis. The class rating is along the lines of a conventional weight/class assessment based on the level they have performed at over the last year. It is a base figure and doesn’t include potential improvement (eg. young or inexperienced horses) or potential deterioration (eg. if the horse has been up for a long time). The speed rating is probably the most exciting development of this new format because it is very effective at finding horses that have proven themselves to be the fastest in the race. It doesn’t just include overall or par times or last 600. We can’t say much more than that, other than it is a powerful feature but one you should use in conjunction with class and other assessments. The base rating is a blend of class and speed combined. These ratings are particularly effective on firm tracks and at lower level meetings (but with sufficient exposed form) where there can be some soft markets since a lot of people just aren’t paying as much attention. Good luck today.