(Free) Friday night ratings – Canterbury December 11th

Learn more about how to bet the ratings here. Canterbury ratings PDF  Canterbury ratings Excel  Live page (will commence around 6:30pm) The early bets are as follows: r1 #7 SHE’S ON TARGET 0.25w 0.5pl ($31 bet365/ $6.0 Ubet) r2 #8 JIGALONG 0.9w ($13 Bet 365) r6 #4 ANECDOTE 0.45w ($16 Bet 365) The bets to monitor are: r2#3 sub 0.7 (4.2 tab, 4.0 Ubet, crown, wh others), #6 more 0.1 (21 lux, 20 crown, wh) r3#10 my 0.7 (7.5 sp, tab, 7.0 general) r4#3 allez 0.4 (10 365, 9.0 general) r5#11 the big 0.4 (7.5 365,sp,lux, topsport) r6#2 raid 1.2 (3.8 365, sp, 3.7 wh, lad), #3 i can 0.3 (7.0 tab, sp, wh, U,crown) r7#4 puzz 0.6 (6.5 sp, 6.0 365, tab, U,crown, wh), #7 shad 0.4 (5.5 365, 5.0 sp, lux, topsport), #14 beach 0.5 (8.0 365, 7.5 U, lux,crown) And a word from Snowy: It’s now been just over 10 months since I started my association with Champion Picks. The first two months was nothing short of a disaster for both myself and subscribers. On reflection, I initially struggled making the transition from sole operator and successful punter to include the role of educator and the self-imposed responsibility of helping others to win. Obviously mistakes were made. There is no better teacher than experience, so I set out to analyse how I could improve. I made some adjustments to my processes and became determined to once again apply my natural punting style and commence the recovery. I am now very pleased to report that after the initial teething period, we have now put together 8 consecutive solid months for subscribers. We have turned over 1435.25 units and won 127.13 at 8.86% POT. The biggest downswing in that time was 37 units which mathematically is well within normal tolerances. We average 15-20 bets per meeting on 4-5 meetings/week, so there is well over 2000 bets worth of data there now. The service has also been simplified and made easier for members since that initial period. At precisely 9am for all day meetings that we cover, the ‘early’ bets are sent out with specific instructions on which prices to take that represent the early overs. At midday, subscribers then receive the full price assessments along with the map and race comments. At this time a list of ‘bets to monitor’ is sent out for the rest of the day. These are all bets we will be having that I believe will drift from their current price. 75% of the time they do drift and are scored at Top Fluc or Best Tote. The times that they firm, they are recorded at the price of the 3rd best price of the bookies at the time they are sent. Members are encouraged to set up Dynamic Odds alerts to monitor the price movements during the day. This way I believe all members are capable of securing at least the price recorded, as betfair and most bookies generally bet better prices than the official call or what the totes end up. And, of course, all bets are in NSW, where there are min bet rules, so you don’t need to worry about keeping accounts open. Finally, there are ‘update’ bets that arrive no later than 5 minutes before the jump and represent any final adjustments that I have made. Throughout the afternoon I am available on the live page to answer any queries about any race, runner or price to take. This type of forum allows us to not have a bit of fun when we’re winning and commiserate together for support when we are losing! Whilst happy with the turnaround, I still feel there is improvement to come. This can only help in ensuring that we continue on an upward spiral. Best of luck tonight and hopefully it gives you a good feel for the NSW ratings service.