We have kept both the NSW and VIC harness memberships to a small, select group since launching in 2014 but as of today we’re open to the public once again. Since the results are now based on just three bookies who literally everyone can bet with (TAB fixed, Ubet and Sportsbet) Ben Krahe can take on new members without adversely affecting the market. Each of those bookies will let you on to win between $500 and $1000 as a minimum. If you find that isn’t the case for you then get in contact and we will be able to get you sorted. There have been some improvements to the harness packages in 2015. Members now get ‘Ben’s Best’ for each meeting which has been a very popular (and profitable) addition. And the staking plan now better reflects Ben’s confidence levels for each race. So we outlay more on the races he is very confident in and less on the rest. A conservative estimate would have this tweak adding around 5 units profit to the bottom line each month which is a significant amount. After a slow start to the year in NSW (members were down $2700 at the end of April) the last four months have been quite incredible with $14,500 profit. If you prefer to think in betting units, a 100 unit bank hit 73 in April but was at 218 on August 31st. And September has started in style with more than $1000 profit from just the one meeting. Ben would love to have you join our team and will do everything in his power to help you win. Join the NSW harness ratings here. And/or Join the VIC harness ratings here. If you have any questions (or would like to join both packages) give us a call on 1300 500 057.