By professional greyhound punter Greg Lethe 1. Finding an edge Punting is a constantly changing environment and finding an edge is difficult. The task is constant because once an edge is found it invariably evaporates. Technology has to be embraced but without doubt has made the edges more difficult to find. It’s fair and logical to say the markets with the biggest potential earnings attract the most attention. This high attention creates a strong consensus market and certainly one that needs to be respected. Profits are still possible but swimming against a strong tide requires a better swimmer. The edges are easier to find in more obscure events and markets although the risk of over investing needs to be front of mind. 2. Have Faith Faith is an essential element of any long term endeavor. It generally builds up over time or through extensive research. Whether using a personally generated position or advice from another source a lack of faith will hinder success. Any long term endeavor will involve challenges and punting is no different. From my observation the successful punters bet with a level head. They don’t allow wins or losses to change their path or opinion. 3. Value, Value, Value You can’t create value but successful punters recognise it and capitalize on it. What can be created is a quality market position as reference point. Nobody gets it right every time but you don’t have to. However without a reference point punters are lost. The term value is often misunderstood. Many punters and media suggest it means looking for mid to long price opportunities. The fact is value occurs at all points of the price spectrum. Having a full (every runner) price assessment is imperative to being successful. Without it recognising value across the full spectrum isn’t possible. 4. Set realistic goals Examine your current position and where you want to be. Conduct a SWOT analysis it will establish the path. Focus on financial position, return on turnover, number and type of events available, number of wagering operators available, staking plans, quality of data (form). 5. Understand yourself Every punter has a different risk personality. Engaging in an unsuitable position will lead to stress. Which in turn will lead to errors and poor decision making. Success can be found at all risk positions but only by people suited to the environment. 6. Respect every dollar Too often successful punters lose touch with the true value of the dollar. Their bets become like monopoly money and quickly spiral out of control. Discipline goes out the window and failure follows. 7. Exercise In the case of professional punters the sedentary nature of the tasks make exercise essential. Healthy body healthy mind. 8. Have other interests With the modern day wall to wall model punting can become consuming. To have long term success punters need to switch off and get away mentally. 9. Luck doesn’t exist Eliminate the word luck from your vocabulary. Good or bad luck doesn’t exist. They counter each other over time. What are your keys to successful punting?