Maximising Betting Returns With RewardBet

By Greg Conroy – Inventor of RewardBet The introduction of the Harness Power ratings service provides us with the perfect example of how RewardBet can provide you with significantly more returns for your betting outlay. RewardBet is a free award winning website that allows you to simply and easily stake your selections in a more professional manner to maximize your returns and win you more. We were provided with the eight betting races for Harness Power for last Saturday’s Newcastle racing. The recommended strategy for subscribers is to back the overlays according to the rated price to return you five units. Make Your Selections Our approach to using RewardBet with any ratings is summarised simply: 1. Select the overlays as your bankers for 1st in your RewardBet (as you’d do if betting them for a Win). 2. Add into the mix any other selection that is in the prevailing bookies market and is under $11 regardless of the rated price on Harness Power. Note these are NOT selected as bankers. (NB, we use $11 as our upper price in Harness, but that’s to your discretion. If the market is longer, you may want to include a few higher priced selections). 3. Adjust the price of each banker selection using our simple ‘edit prices’ feature so that it matches the rated price by Harness Power. Some more skilful punters may also want to adjust the price of any non-overlay but rated runners according to their rated price if you’re confident of the ratings. For example a runner may be rated at $5.50 but only $2.50 in the market. It could be a sensible strategy to make this a $5.50 price in your RewardBet, as it will result in a larger return if your ratings are right. Now you will have up to six selections working for you, with your bankers needing to come first of course. We suggest that the best betting option with these selections will be to target the trifectas due to the additional value provided in that pool. Certainly based on Saturday’s small analysis this was the most profitable strategy. Reward Bet Choose A Reward Level Our suggestion is to create for yourself a Custom Reward Level on RewardBet that is set to 100% Trifectas (or you may just want to use the Diamond Reward Level if you are new to RewardBet which has the majority of your stake allocated to Trifectas). Over millions of bets placed by RewardBet customers we know that if you have a profitable Win betting strategy, RewardBet will increase your return in the long run. Of course, RewardBet doesn’t choose the selections for you – so it’s up to the customer to find winning selections but with Harness Power, Ben has already done that for you! When betting overlay prices it’s also important to note that the estimates will be understated if you hit the result since you are betting an overlay. For example, the return for the Menangle R8 (pictured) where we got the trifecta up was $305.06. The return would have been even higher if the non-overlay runners were adjusted to the rated price as suggested. The Saturday Results – Win Betting vs RewardBet Trifecta Strategy On Saturday, Harness Power would have bet into 8 races at Newcastle. Based on a $100 betting unit, the total outlay was $3010 for a return of $3297.30 at tote odds, representing a tidy profit on turnover of 9.54% ($287.30). However, using the recommended RewardBet Trifecta strategy as described – banking the overlay runners at the Harness Power rated price and adding in others in the market at the market price – the total outlay at only $75 per race was $600 for a RewardBet return of $806.46, representing an impressive profit on turnover of 34.4% ($206.46). So using RewardBet with the same overlay selections from Harness Power as your win bankers, we’ve managed to increase the profit on turnover from 9.54% to 34.4% – a 360% increase! Conclusion RewardBet’s professional staking system will provide the opportunity to maximise your returns no matter how you select your winners. If you are using ratings (such as Champion Ratings or Harness Power) the ability to easily adjust your price to the rated price (this is automatic for Champion Ratings subscribers who register their username within RewardBet) allows you to bet your overlays not only through the win markets, but more importantly through the exotic markets, where there is even more value – quickly and seamlessly. Click here to find out more about RewardBet. Or click here to learn about our new Harness racing package compiled by pro punter Ben Krahe.