By Greg Conroy of RewardBet

As punters in Australia we arguably have never had it so good.

Bettors have access to more information than ever before – in-depth form, race replays and sectional times, etc – but so do the odds makers.

For punters, recreational and professional alike, to “stay in the game”, they need to not only be selecting the right horse, dog, player or sports team, they also need to maximise their return from the bets that do win.
In the last two decades we have seen the explosion of internet betting, a competitive online betting marketplace and the establishment of betting exchanges.

In all this change, the fundamental aspect of creating and staking your bets with corporate bookies or the TABs is still a dark art for most punters. For all the great advances provided to punters recently, the most important aspect – their staking and their ability to bet professionally and conveniently – has been overlooked.
You are still forced to click numerous “boxes” on a screen to place a trifecta, and that’s repeated for each trifecta or quinella or exacta.

Flexi betting has provided the punter a seemingly golden opportunity to access large dividends, which is a great opportunity for the smaller staking punter but it’s still just affordable level stakes betting.
The downside, however, is that punters end up having the same amount on the least likely combination as the most likely combination occurring.

For all the great advances provided to punters recently, the most important aspect – their staking and their ability to bet professionally and conveniently – has been overlooked.

Ask yourself these questions. Why do you have to work out and stake all your bets individually? Why do you have to take a box trifecta in order to cover all your combinations? Why do you have to bet a minimum of 50c? Why is it just so hard? Why has nothing changed? Who’s profiting at my expense?

The answer is that professional punters have vast computers and groups of programmers that allow them to bypass all these issues.

Every punter that is betting box trifectas or exotics, having to bet long before the race starts in order to get their bets on, not being able to stake efficiently is losing out to these professionals.

Isn’t it time the tables were turned in favour of the non-professional punter?

The great news is that there is a solution – and it’s free.

RewardBet, created by one of the pioneers of internet betting in Australia, is a tool which allows you to bet in a professional manner.

It is a simple three-step process to place all your bets for a race. Firstly, you select all the runners you want to bet on (making some bankers if you wish). Secondly, we ask how much you want to outlay in total on the race.

Thirdly, RewardBet presents a selection of ways for your total stake to be bet across a variety of bet types.

It is as simple as aligning your confidence and our estimated returns. If you are happy seeking a smaller return, you’ll find the “Bronze” level will put most of your outlay into win bets.

Conversely a “Diamond” Level will provide a higher return if successful through more staked on exotics such as exacta and trifectas.

The beauty of RewardBet is that ALL your bets for a race are placed in one simple transaction that takes only seconds to place.

It also places all your bets proportionately, like the professionals do – to the exact cent.

The bets are placed via your corporate bookmaker account. Currently, Luxbet and DynaBet are available through RewardBet.

By betting like a professional, it means you’ll have the best chance to win more. RewardBet customers overall win more than if they were box betting for level stakes.

There are many other features which allow you to make smarter wagering decisions. These include telling you if you are over-betting a race by taking too many selections at unrewarding odds.

Champion Ratings subscribers are also the first rating provider supported by RewardBet.

Betting is about two things. Choosing selections and staking them appropriately.

RewardBet goes a long way to solving the staking side, providing you the confidence to concentrate on what you do best – choosing winners.

When you are confident and focused, you’ll find your betting will be more enjoyable and you’ll keep in control of your bank and your outlays.

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