Here is an email we received in the Champion Picks office in mid-2013:

Hi David, My name is Chris Robinson, I am a full time pro punter from New Zealand.A number of months ago you asked if there were any consistent betting approaches that you may be interested in. I bet in specific New Zealand racing markets where I think a considerable edge can be found. I have been full time for 18 months now with initially my main income being pre-race and in-race trading on Australian horse racing markets. But when Betfair introduced the turnover tax I had to diversify. I joined the Trial Spy service and applied the same principles in New Zealand as Dean uses in Australian racing, with very good results. I bet in different types of races on occasion but specifically target maidens, 3yo and 2yo racing from 1000m to 1600m. I dont just use Trial form/times but also race form and sectional times, trainer trends and breeding. The edge is there for a number of reasons: (1) Lack of early liquidity in Betfair to assist bookmakers framing market. (2) Only 1 or 2 NZ TAB bookmakers pricing the markets (the Aussie corporates then just follow suit) (3) I focus on particular race types and spend lots of time each week watching replays/trials and timing first/last 600m sectionals on all horses in above races. I am quite willing to send through my advised selections, staking and race previews while tracking the Profit/Loss if you are interested. Regards Chris Robinson

Since that approach last year we have monitored every selection Chris has made. And the reason you are reading this right now is because the results have been nothing short of sensational. A handful of those tips have been published here in the newsletter on occasion. But the overall results show 177 units profit in just 6 months (ie. $17,690 profit at $100 a unit). August +25.2 units September +13.8 October +28.2 November +30.5 December +52 January +27.2 You can download the full results sheet here. Members of this service will be betting with a big edge:

  • Selections emailed to you daily with a write-up detailing why it has qualified and why today’s race is suitable
  • The best way to stake your investments relative to your betting bank
  • Our Exclusive Profit Guarantee for both the 3 month and 12 month packages

But please note that membership numbers are strictly limited to protect dividends. We are not dealing with a massive betting market and that means we can’t take on an unlimited number of clients. So this membership opportunity will only be open for a limited time (most likely less than one week). Another important thing to understand is that memberships will never be available at this price ever again. If you jump on board now you will be ‘grandfathered in’ and stay at that price for as long as your membership remains active. If you wait for a secondary membership intake later this year when we replace a handful of lapsed members, you will have to pay more than if you joined today. Click here to join now. If you already have a members log in for the site follow these easy steps below: (1) Log in to the members area. (2) Down the right hand side select membership options (3) Then select the plan you wish to sign up for and hit subscribe As always you are welcome to call Darryn in the office on 1300 500 057.