We have had a handful of members leave since the World T20 final on April 3rd and each has cited ‘a lack of action’ as the reason. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and can do exactly as they please, but I wanted to take a more in depth look at the numbers in the intervening month:

There have been 73 bets recommended since April 3rd; 24 of those were IPL futures bets and 1 was an NRL futures bet. So there have been 48 settled bets in that period which works out around 10 a week.

Overall since I started the column, I’ve recommended 574 bets in a shade over 22 weeks. That equates to just over 26 per week. So as you can see, due mainly to the IPL not being covered on TV in Australia the action is significantly down on the weekly average.

However, I wanted to also take a look at profit and POT in that period:

Since April 3rd: P&L +$1,930
Since April 3rd: POT 45.43%

Overall MSB: P&L +$9,045
Overall MSB: POT 17.28%

So as you can see, despite there being less action, members who have stuck with the service have absolutely killed it during April and into May. In addition to the remarkable above numbers, we’re on course to have a very profitable futures portfolio of bets in the IPL.

In conclusion, it would have been very possible for me to have got a little loose with my selections of sports bets during this quiet period. I could have provided marginal value bets in any number of sports that I have solid contacts in. But in choosing to stick with the optimum betting strategy I have, members have benefitted more than they might have had they had more ‘action.’

Dave has consistently said that you should get the same bets I am making myself and I will continue to stay true to that philosophy.

So congratulations to you for sticking it out through this relatively quiet period. You have been handsomely rewarded and we have plenty to look forward to for the rest of 2016.

Matt’s Sports Bets is focused on cricket (primarily) plus some NRL, golf and darts.

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