1st SIGNPOSTED – Blaike McDougall (a)
2nd DEE I CEE – Tim Clark
3rd OH SO SPLENDIDO – Jason Collett

McDougall pushed Signposted out of the gates to lead from Bolord and Dee I Cee, with Oh So Splendido, So Willie and Takewing trailing. The brakes went straight on as McDougall pulled the leader back to a crawl once he’d established the early lead.

Signposted continued to be collared down the side of the track despite clearly wanting to get going, with no change in the order all the way to the final turn. So Willie and Takewing were peeled out upon straightening, neither looked to make an impression however as Signposted shot away, finally given his head by McDougall and winning with absolute ease.

Watch: Signposted


1st DOWDSTOWN CHARLIE – Brenton Avdulla
2nd DUBAIINSTYLE – Hugh Bowman
3rd THUNDER DOWN UNDER – Tye Angland

Zero to Ten came straight across to lead with Dubaiinstyle trailing, then Dowdstown Charlie caught a little wide outside Dure, and Rainbow Park and Thunder Down Under bringing up the rear. Panya let Dubaiinstyle pass and take the lead which didn’t seem to please her charge, Zero to Ten jumping about a little in second before settling and also being passed by Dowdstown Charlie.

Rainbow Park remained next back and outside Dure without cover, while at the front the leaders took a breather. Bowman stayed quiet on Dubaiinstyle right into the straight, as Dowdstown Charlie stepped out to make a run with Thunder Down Under travelling well out wider. The three staged a solid contest to the line, Dowdstown Charlie getting there first between them.

Watch: Dowdstown Charlie, Dubainstyle


1st SWEAR – Tommy Berry
2nd HIGH MIST – Hugh Bowman
3rd SKYLIGHT GLOW – Rory Hutchings

Skylight Glow settled in front from a fast starting Swear, followed by Shazee Lee third on the inside of Bit Dusty. A gap then to High Mist and yet again to Taj Mahal a long last.

They closed up a little but it was fairly orderly going from there, Bit Dusty the first to move as they approached the turn, improving up the outside to sit on Swear. The leader handed the inside run to Shazee Lee up the straight, Bowman also trying to shove High Mist through before running into the back of them and being denied. Berry got into Swear on the outside, and edged out a gallant Skylight Glow and a finally clear High Mist.

Watch: Swear, High Mist.


1st GRAND ROUGE – Tommy Berry
2nd GALAXY WARRIOR – Blaike McDougall
3rd NEW DIVIDE – James McDonald

Good battle for the front here with Panya getting Coming in Hot to the front from a mustering favourite Galaxy Warrior. Grand Rouge was next from New Divide as they stretched out a little, then Squiddensqizz and Know When To Hold Em outside of Flaming Commodity, High Tec, Lostasock and Assurity.  Trying was caught deep outside Vella Lonchick, and Eurella Flight whipped them in.

Know When To Hold Them was pretty keen and moved forward after getting some rein from Adkins, settling behind the leading pack as they made their way to the side of the course. Pushing through also was Assurity, whilst up front Coming in Hot was quickly swamped as they straightened, New Divide and Galaxy Warrior moving up either side. Next outside however was Grand Rouge, who lengthened the better to cruise past and take the line. Eurella Flight hit the line nicely further back.

Watch: Eurella Flight


1st BURNING PASSION – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd TORGERSEN – Rory Hutchings
3rd TSARITSA – Hugh Bowman

A neat line of four shot out of the gate, Testashadow from deepest having to put in a big effort to take the lead narrowly from Zin Zan Eddie and Burning Passion on the inside, Shinn conceding on Gold Symphony and tucking behind them. Forget was next outside of Torgersen whilst Bowman and Tsaritsa had a leisurely start at the back.

The pace steadied with Burning Passion heading Testashadow and Zin Zan Eddie sitting back, as Tsraitsa woke up and convinced Bowman to get around the outside and meet the leaders. Forget got wide and trailed into the final turn, making a tight bunch into the straight, Burning Passion with the rails run. A strong kick then from the leader had him away, nobody catching Burning Passion despite a late rally from Torgersen, who savaged the line.

Watch: Burning Passion, Torgersen


1st FOXPLAY – Hugh Bowman
2nd BACARELLA – Tim Clark
3rd GLOBAL GLAMOUR – Tommy Berry

Bacarella eventually got the best of a messy start, taking the lead from Overstep and Rather Sweet. Rebel Miss was next on the inside of Honesty Prevails and I Am A Star deep, then I’m Imogen outside of Global Glamour, Foxplay and Quick Feet, and Awoke, Smart Amelia and Chipanda at the back.

A very tight journey for the relatively big field, I Am A Star and I’m Imogen going right out wide in the turn as a wall of horses pursued Bacarella, who pulled away nicely in the straight and looked a good thing. But it was Foxplay finally finding stride to run down the leader impressively, Global Glamour also hitting the line well.

Watch: Foxplay, Global Glamour.


1st HARTNELL – James McDonald
2nd GRAND MARSHALL – Jason Collett
3rd STORM THE STARS – Brenton Avdulla

Avdulla hustled Storm the Stars out of the gate to take an early lead from Prized Icon, short favourite Hartnell getting along the rails inside of Preferment, with Who Shot Thebarman next and Grand Marshall back last after missing the start. Prized Icon looked very keen as O’Hara fought to keep things in check, stretching out with Storm the Stars and leaving Hartnell to cruise along unbothered.

McDonald just shifted Hartnell out in the turn, getting outside of the two leaders, the three of them briefly greeting each other before the favourite sped away with little encouragement from McDonald. He kept going to absolutely slaughter the field, hitting the line some eight lengths ahead of a nice finish from Grand Marshall.

Watch: Hartnell


1st HAURAKI – James McDonald
2nd LE ROMAIN – Kerrin McEvoy
3rd DIBAYANI – Blake Shinn

Sons of John from deep headed off favourite Dibayani to lead with Cosmic Cube in third and It’s Somewhat fourth. Next was Le Romain from Happy Clapper, then Gust of Wind outside Hauraki and Sadler’s Lake last.

Little change in the order with Happy Clapper just sneaking up outside Le Romain. Sons of John led the into the straight with Dibayani looming just outside, whilst Le Romain rushed up the inside to threaten. But it was Hauraki outside further who rushed to them both and had too much, just getting them in time to take it out.

Watch: Le Romain, Hauraki.


1st FELINES – Jason Collett
2nd FEDERAL – James McDonald
3rd CRAFTINESS – Blake Shinn

Hidden Pearl won the start ahead of Craftiness and Felines, whilst both Hurrara and favourite Japonisme were caught deep outside them. Gocup Belle was next with Federal and Wouldn’t It Be Nice whipping them in.

Japonisme and Hurrara remained wide as Federal moved up behind them to look for a run, Hidden Pearl leading it into the straight from Craftiness and Felines. The latter moved up between them and went for the line, Federal leading the chase and lengthening with every stride, Felines ultimately proving too strong to take it out.

Watch: Federal.

Horses to follow: Signposted, High Mist, Torgersen, Foxplay, Hartnell.

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