By pro punter and Greyhound Guru analyst Greg Lethe The greyhound members live page has raised a few requests on how to get the most from the service. The major focus with these requests is the spectrum of bookmakers to use. Due to the complexity of the answer the live page isn’t the ideal medium as it is designed for a rapid response. I will attempt to address the situation below: With any situation in life the more choices a client has, the better the result. Therefore with any punting position the best result will be gained by using as many bookmakers as possible including Betfair. It is imperative to understand that each position is working to an individual cycle. The more bookmakers used the unit outlay will increase, the spikes and troughs will be steeper, the global cash position will be larger and the balancing effect will take longer. To not accept the cycle is a flawed position. Each individual bet, race and meeting is nothing more than part of the cycle. The only result a punter should look at is the global position. The global position includes ALL bets with no start or end point. The global position eliminates the effect of luck. Luck exists but has no effect on performance as over time it balances itself out. Luck only has an effect on snapshots. Any serious punter makes considered decisions and luck isn’t considered in those decisions. Why? Because they know it won’t effect them. Another critical consideration is understanding yourself. Punting can be profitable and enjoyable but will only be so when stress levels are controlled. Every punter needs to find a position that suits their personality profile. I was once told by a very successful punter of the roller coaster analogy. Imagine a number of roller coasters. They all have a different degree of danger in their design. Now imagine the most dangerous and most popular. It maybe widely acclaimed but the waiting time exceeds every other ride and doesn’t suit clients with health issues. So choosing to use it will mean a longer wait to get any enjoyment and clients with health issues may not get any enjoyment. That doesn’t make it a bad ride just the wrong choice for the individual. Let’s look at the greyhound service official results which use Tabcorp and Tatts as the price source. With a starting punting bank of $10,000 after eleven weeks the balance would be $14,916. The lowest balance has been $9572 and the highest $15,188. Which shows a 10.54% POT extends out to 49.16% return on initial investment. To fund and maintain accounts with the full spectrum including Betfair would raise the POT but significantly reduce the return on initial investment. Even if the starting punting bank remained at $10,000 increasing the spectrum does not see it simply divided across the spectrum because each account requires a minimum balance to capitalize on price opportunities. In summary when considering what position to take every punter should assess: 1. Their individual punting personality. Understand how they cope with risk and what outlays they can be comfortable with. 2. Understand and accept the cycle, understand spikes and troughs WILL occur. Absolutely accept luck doesn’t play a part in the long term result. 3. Evaluate what cash position is required to fund accounts with the chosen number of bookmakers. In other words what is the cost of having a full spectrum of choice. It is imperative when comparing returns on investment it’s NOT profit on turnover alone. It is profit on all cash used to fund all accounts. 4. Learn to TRACK performance over reasonable time frames and ignore snapshots. No successful punter I have known counts their money whilst in battle. The famous saying “never count your money when you’re sitting at the table” is so true. 5. Find a position and stick to it. Don’t be concerned about missing a price or getting a price due to the spectrum, it’s simply irrelevant to you. Imagine if professional punters worried about not getting on with the corporates they’re banned with. It would do your head in.