Randwick review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st           Streaking Comet            Peter Robl
2nd         Electric Power                Jim Cassidy
3rd         Atlantic Queen                Hugh Bowman

Electric Power missed the kick about a length.  Pinball Dawn went straight to the front but the pace didn’t look strong.  The short favourite Streaking Comet went up to sit outside of it, which gave Sun Lass andAtlantic Queen good runs behind the speed.  Just before the turn, Electric Power was off three wide, but that became four wide when Atlantic Queen came up inside of it also.  Pinball Dawn was the first gone, and the other three settled down to fight it out with Atlantic Queen just dropping off a shade.  In the end, Streaking Power got the bob on the line, but you have to admire the effort of Electric Power given the poor start, and being able to come from off a slow speed.

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Race 2

1st              Lucripetous                Nash Rawiller
2nd            Agent Bauer                Tim Clark
3rd            Diamond Jim              Christian Reith

A 2600m Draught Horse Derby was race 2.  These horses tend to take turns winning, unless there is a Waller stayer engaged that happens to have a bit more ability than most.  Agent Bauer led them out of the straight from Diamond Jim and Martinvast.  Lucripetous, which was served up at very short odds, got back about 6 lengths from the lead, with Iggi Pop behind it.  Agent Bauer put a bit of a break on them at the 1000m, but Diamond Jim took off after him at the 800m, and the runs started to come from the back.  Lucripetous was there to strike on the turn, pulled out widest.  For a couple of strides you thought he may continue to be an enigma, but in the end came away from an easy enough win.  Iggi Pop didn’t show any of the dash it had last start today.

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Race 3

1st           Hidden Kisses                       Nash Rawiller
2nd        Next The Universe              Jim Cassidy
3rd        Capital Commander            John Kissick

Follonica went straight to the lead in the third, but for a few strides didn’t really look like wanting to be there.  Capital Commander went quickly along the fence into second and Style was third on its outside.  Lilliburlero was caught three wide.  Hidden Kisses had a cosy run, whilst Next The Universe tailed off.  Follonica still led around the bend, with the eventual winner, Hidden Kisses looking to be under pressure, but was responding.  Lilliburlero was in strife and going backwards at the 200m where Hidden Kisses hit the front, and Next The Universe had worked into the clear and was finishing off well.  Those two fought it out with Hidden Kisses just getting the bob in on the line.  These two spaced the others.

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Race 4

1st           Field Marshall               Tommy Berry
2nd         Mount Nebo                  Serge Lisnyy
3rd          Whitlam                          Christian Reith

Just A Girl began quickly to lead in the fourth, with Mount Nebo beginning better today and going straight into second.  This gave Field Marshall the gun run behind them, which always looked the case on paper, but the jockey cleverly didn’t go to the fence so he was in clear running when he wanted to make his move.  Whitlamslide up along the inside of Field Marshall, getting a nice run.  Around the turn, Mount Nebo was ready to claim Just A Girl, but Field Marshall appeared to travel better outside of it.  Once it hit the front, Field Marshall hung in a bit and Mount Nebo tried to kick, but field Marshall, with a pull in the weights was too good.  Whitlam stuck on ok for third, where as Just A Girl stopped noticeably.

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Race 5

1st              Rain Affair           Nash Rawiller
2nd            Mic Mac               Christian Reith
3rd             Title                       Jay Ford

The main race of the day saw Rain Affair ping out to the lead, but staying off the fence.  Atomic Force andMic Mac were in second and third, with the others in a line of three at the tail early on.  At the 600m, Rain Affair had a clear lead, but did look to be racing pretty keenly.  Up the rise, he was given his head, and anyone who took the shorts was on very good terms with themselves as he strode away to win by 5 or 6 lengths.  Mic Mac continues to race well and easily beat the rest for second, with Title doing the best of the rest in third.  The winner was a class above.

Follow: The winner was a mile too classy, will probably win again

Race 6

1st              Eurozone                  Hugh Bowman
2nd            Dissident                 Tim Clark
3rd             Dowdstown             Charlie Jason Collett

The Rosebud was the sixth event, and looked a great competition on paper.  Eurozone jumped on the bunny today and was left in front, and this is why Hugh Bowman is the best jockey in Australia.  He slowed them up and gave them a riding lesson, turning a potentially very competitive race into a one act affair.  Northern Glorysettled second, with Watabout third but three wide.  Bull Point had a nice enough run behind the leader on the fence.  In the straight, Bowman said catch me if you can and Eurozone quickened nicely and nothing could catch him.  Dissident saved plenty of ground on the turn and managed to run into second after being back last and under pressure on the turn, and Dowdstown Charlie followed a similar path into third.  Bull Point wound up fourth but Watabout dropped out badly to run last.  Apart from racing in the same colours, Eurozone, has a striking resemblence to Saintly (chestnut with a big long stride, still working the game out etc) – But has a lot more to prove to be considered anything like the champion, and yesterday I was more impressed with the ride than anything else.

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Race 7

1st          Pretty Pins                               Hugh Bowman
2nd        The Great Snowman            Nash Rawiller
3rd         Prince Cheri                            Jay Ford

Marden was slow to being in race 7.  The roughie, Zarbu led them up from The Great Snowman andFullerton who were coming across from the deep.  Bugaboo got a nice suck along the fence in fourth, withViking Legend easing back into fifth.  Let’s Be A Star which was an alarming betting drifter was caught three wide, but the market suggested it had run its race before the gates even opened.  All the way up the straight it basically looked anyones race, with Bugaboo and The Great Snowman initially fighting it out, but then it wasPretty Pins and Prince Cheri coming down the outside to claim the lead, with Pretty Pins, a horse I had written off as a ‘gunna’ getting the nod today.  A busy blanket finish which means its worth watching the replay if you can, but the run of Punch Your Weight was worth noting, and it will be ready next start.  Hathraswas back last all the way and stayed there so the jury is out.  Prince Cheri should be fitter next time.

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Race 8

1st             Bay Window                Nash Rawiller
2nd           Eigelstein                      John Kissick
3rd            Reunite                         Kathy O’Hara

Bay Window was straight on the lure in the last event, and stayed off the fence.  Samui Lad was in second, from Liechtenstein and Hendricus which looked to be three wide, as Happy Hussy poked through in the middle.  Around the turn, Burbero was pulled widest from midfield to come with its run.  The Favourite,Eigelstein had gotten back to third last, and was still a fair way off them on turning but was weaving through in the middle.  Up the rise, Bay Window stole a march, with Eigelstein starting to emerge as the only possible danger.  Conditions suited Bay Window, and it got the money, but Eigelstein surely lost no fans with its run.  They gapped the others with Reunite running well in third and Burbero putting in a fair effort in fourth.  All I can say is, following the win of Pretty Pins earlier, at least Hendricus still proved itself as a gunna in this event, although it was three wide for a good part of the trip.

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Specials from the meeting: Electric Power, Prince Cheri, Eigelstein

Todd also cast is eye over some key runners from the Flemington meeting

Race 1 – This looks like it will shape as a very good form race.  About Square and Angels Beach are both above average and can continue to be followed.  Angels Beach will benefit greatly for the run yesterday and should win next time out.  The fourth horse Baron Douro looked unlucky not to run a place, and if he strikes a wet track up the straight again soon where he excels, he can be followed.

Race 2 – Jade’s Boy had the harder run than the winner and kept going nicely in the straight and should make amends next start.

Race 3 – Min Khai was beaten by an in form Mare, but I like the way Min Khai kept going to the line given she sustained a long, wide run, which is not easy to do at Flemington.

Race 7 – Everyone saw Pelicano.  The trick might be to wait a run or two now until it gets over further, but he looks to be in for a good campaign.  From the same race, Cavallo Nero ran out of it’s skin on ground that may not have been as good – You would think he’s a special if they opt to drop back in grade.