Randwick review compiled by Todd Burmester

 Race 1

1st              Safeguard                    Kerrin McEvoy
2nd            Everage                        Nathan Berry
3rd            Diamond Oasis           James McDonald

Il Cavallo off the back of a strong win at it’s first start was sent out a very short favourite in the first.  He missed the kick slightly and had to muster up along the fence, which he did and ended up sharing the lead.  This left Divine Calling outside of it and Iconic caught three wide.  Back in the second group Zaba Zaba Doo was also caught wide, and pushed even wider on the turn for home.  Il Cavallo led for home but was soon in trouble with Divine Calling claiming it, and Everage joining the pair.  Safeguard which had settled well back ran up behind them looking for a run and when it came, he sprinted well for a strong win.  You get the feeling he is a horse of the future.  Il Cavallo might be worth another chance despite its seemingly terrible run here.  Everage ran well.

Follow: Safeguard looks a future topliner to me

Race 2

1st           Toydini                   Guy Walter
2nd         Hawkspur              Corey Brown
3rd         Bradman                Tommy Berry

The Carbine Club was the second event, and Proverb didn’t begin all that well.  Flying Snitzel began the best and led early, but Tatra worked across to the front after a couple of hundred and led from Lunar Rise and Flying Snitzel.  The eventual winner, Toydini, settled back third last, but made its run before the turn to be within striking distance, and he hit the front as they turned.  In the straight it was a one act affair with Toydini not really let go but still winning by 3 or 4 lengths from Hawkspur and Bradman, with Honorious running on well at the end.  The winner is a promising horse, who you would presume will go to Brisbane for the Winter and should be followed.

Follow: Toydini in QLD

Race 3

1st             Royal Descent                 Nash Rawiller
2nd           Express Power                Jim Cassidy
3rd            Unimpeachable              Josh Parr

It was a fairly even start for the Adrian Knox Stakes, with Queenstown going to the front from Gold Epona and Hold Me Tight.  Express Power was caught three wide, before moving up to get in one off the fence.  Unimpeachable was well back early but snuck forward before the turn out quite wide.  When they straightened,Royal Descent got the run through on the inside and left them standing, under 59kgs.  Express Power boxed on well to easily finish ahead of Unimpeachable which has become a non winner.  The first three winners on the card were all impressive, and it is hard to say much about the ones that finished behind them as they seemed to have every possible chance.

Follow: The first two home may be the same in The Oaks

Race 4

1st              Tremec                    Craig Newitt
2nd            Blood Brotha         Michael Rodd
3rd            Aliyana Tilde         Corey Brown

The traditional lead up to the Sydney Cup is The Chairman’s Handicap, and that was race 4 on the card.  There was a decent contest for the lead as they went to the post for the first time.  With Julienas working its way to the front and Hathras coming over to sit outside of it after being 4 wide early.  Tremec, Thy and Mourayan all got nice runs behind the speed.  At about the 1200m, Cassidy decided to go to the front on Hathras, with Julienas moving off the fence to sit on its outside.  At the 800m, Hathras was rolling, and Julienas was being asked for a bit of effort on its outside.  Mourayan was off with its move at about the 600m.  When they straightened, Julienas was the first gone, and Hathras was also gone not long after, with Tremec using its good run in transit to take the lead on the inside.  Blood Brotha and Aliyana Tilde tried hard to go with Tremec but couldn’t do so in the run to the line.  Mourayan only ground home into fourth.

Follow: Aliyana Tilde is holding her form well

Race 5

1st              Guelph                  Kerrin McEvoy
2nd            Scandiva              Peter Robl
3rd            Overreach            Tommy Berry

Overreach showed all her usual gate speed and went straight to the front, with Villa Verde moving up on her outside.  This gave Thump and Scandiva nice runs behind the speed.  The pace looked genuine.  Around the turn, and up the rise, Berry didn’t appear to have gone for Overreach, but soon after, Scandiva ran to her, and she didn’t show the same acceleration that she has in previous runs.  In the run to the line, over the last 100m,Guelph which had sat back worse than midfield finished brilliantly to pick up Scandiva and Overreach in the shadows of the post.  These three gapped the rest, but the run of Drago to claim fourth was quite good.  Villa Verde again didn’t finish its race off.  Back in the pack, Champollion worked home nicely without a lot of clear running early in the straight.

Follow: Guelph, Drago, Champollion

Race 6

1st              Skyerush                   Blake Shinn
2nd           Alma’s Fury              Hugh Bowman
3rd            Illo                               Michael Rodd

Stout Hearted came out badly, getting its head up in the air at the start, which cost it 3 or 4 lengths.  Mahisara,Skyerush and Voila Ici were the best to begin, with Havana Rey soon taking them on and running to the front.  Alma’s Fury got a nice run, one out and one back.  After they turned and topped the rise, Mahisara claimed Havana Rey, but very soon after, Skyerush and Alma’s Fury took the lead, with Skyerush doing a bit the better to go on for a narrow but strong win.  It’s the kind of horse race that you need to watch a few times and form your own opinions, however, of the beaten brigade, Stout Hearted, Illo, Scream Machine and Moriarty all worked home well.  Raspberries gets a pass mark for its run.

Race 7

1st             It’s A Dundeel               James McDonald
2nd           Phillipi                             Luke Nolen
3rd           Kingdoms                        Michael Rodd

On a day of impressive wins, none were more so than It’s A Dundeel in The Derby.  He was allowed to find his feet today by McDonald, and settled second last.  Bloodbuzz Ohio took it up from Hippopus and Bass Straight.  Along the back of the course, Kingdoms was pulling so he was allowed to stride forward and joined the lead.  Phillipi settled well in midfield, and he made his run just before the home turn, which allowed It’s A Dundeel to get onto its back.  Around the turn, McDonald had pulled It’s A Dundeel widest on the course and hadn’t even had to ask him for an effort to be within a few lengths of the lead.  From there, it was a case of sitting back and watching a very good galloper do his thing, and it was an armchair ride for McDonald as they streeted their rivals by 6 lengths.  Phillipi ran second as many expected, and the run of Kingdoms was very good in third, given he pulled and race erratically in the straight.  I’d say he will be gelded and come back an improved horse in the Spring.  The run of Gerontius was also quite good from a future point of view.

Follow: It’s A Dundeel looks special, Kingdoms next campaign

Race 8

1st            Arinosa                                  Brenton Avdulla
2nd          Miss Stellabelle                  Nash Rawiller
3rd          Forarainyday                      Blake Shinn

Speaking of impressive wins, what about this one by Arinosa.  This horse is simply flying at the moment, and will now go to Brisbane and race at the top level.  Karuta Queen did her thing and led them up as she usually does.  Altar was on her outside, with Satin Shoes on the fence behind her.  Lady’s Angel was one out and one back.  Arinosa was a fair way back, but around the turn she was hooked widest and she went bang.  Dystopia struck the front at the 200m, but was given a cold by Arinosa as she went past.  Miss Stellabelle did very well to weave her way through into second, and Forarainyday finished off well into third.  All honours with the winner here, she’s a very good horse.    New Beginning got home nicely after missing the start.  Shamal Wind was very disappointing today, and might need a spell or may be amiss.  Soft Sand is not living up to the early boom it had on it at this level.

Follow: How far can Arinosa go?  Miss Stellabelle

Race 9

1st               Black Caviar               Luke Nolen
2nd             Epaulette                    Kerrin McEvoy
3rd             Bel Sprinter                Corey Brown

And they saved the best for last.  25 out of 25 for Black Caviar, and what do you say about her.  Nolen got her safely out of the barriers (although not brilliantly), and then worked himself into a position were he could control the race.  By coming off the fence, this pushed the old boy, Hay List, three wide.  Rain Affair did its best to kick away around the turn, but she simply cantered up to him at the top of the rise and raced away for an easy win.  The run of Epaulette in second was huge, and he must be followed.  Bel Sprinter ran third, but never threatened to get anywhere near The Mare.  Sea Siren and Decision time worked home ok, and Rain Affair battled on.  It was a shame to see Hay List beaten so far, and I do wonder whether retirement is eminent and in his best interests.

Follow: Epaulette went enormous, Bel Sprinter not disgraced.

Specials from the meeting: Safeguard, Toydini, Arinosa, Epaulette


Flemington Review compiled by David Carr

Race 1 – 12:10PM Living Legends Handicap (1000 METRES)

Track Condition: Dead 4 Time: 0:56.85 Last 600m: 0:32.40

1      FLAMBERGE      Peter G Moody      Vlad Duric        $4.80
2      LANKAN RUPEE      Mick Price      Michael Walker        $4.40F
3      GENTEEL      Peter Snowden      Glen Boss        $5

The field broke in a very even line and made their way down the centre of the track. Flamberge and Day Procedure shared the front with Planet Voyage and Lankan Rupee not far away. At the 300m Genteel took a split between Day Procedure and Flamberge issue a challenge. Lankan Rupee was winding up strongly out wide on the track. At the 200m these three got away from the rest. Genteel was the first to weaken as Flamberge and Lankan Rupee moved away to fight out the finish with Flamberge holding Lankan Rupee at bay on the line.

Worth NotingVlad Duric’s great strike rate down the straight continues.

Race 2 – 12:50PM Riding For The Disabled Plate (1400 METRES)

Track Condition: Dead 4 Time: 1:22.35 Last 600m: 0:35.08

1      COINS      Peter Snowden      Vlad Duric        $5.50EF
2      MYBENZ      Stuart Webb      Ms Jackie Beriman (a3)        $26
3      NAUTICAL      Nikki Burke      Noonan        $15

Lady of Harrods burnt over from out wide to cross the field and lead Spitfire Lady and Big Chill. Zombie Dancer found a nice spot 4th on the fence. Lady of Harrods set up a strong tempo and led by 3 lengths around the home turn. Into the straight Lady of Harrods was running on empty as Spitfire Lady and Big Chill joined her but they all had littleleft in the tank. Zombie Dancer got stuck behind the tiring leaders and couldn’t get a run. MeanwhileCoins had come around them and cruised up to the leaders under a hold. When asked to let down Coins raced away to win by 3 lengths. MybenzeNautical and Catered all worked home well to fight out the minor prizes.

Worth Noting: Follow Coins who looks set to string a few together now.

Race 3 – 1:30PM VOBIS Gold Ingot (1200 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:09.66 Last 600m: 0:33.75

1      CHURCHILL DANCER      David Hayes      Nicholas Hall        $8.50
2      HARD STRIDE      Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra      Glen Boss        $3.50F
3      TONYBOY      Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes      Dwayne Dunn      $5

Another open market for the third race with Hard Stride the best supported late in the betting. Hard Stride jumped well and shared the lead with Tonyboy and Pathways. At the 400m Washington Square looked to have lots to offer but was cramped for room. Churchill Dancer started to wind up out wide and Hard Stride beat off the other leaders. Inside the final 200m Churchill Dancer and Hard Stride moved away to fight out the finish with Churchill Dancer drawing away on the line. Tonyboy held on for third. Washington Square got 4th after having little luck at the business end of the race.

Worth Noting: Follow Washington Square who will be in the winner’s circle soon. Nick Hall was severely reprimanded for over use of the whip prior to the 100m.

Race 4 – 2:10PM Galilee Series Final (2500 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 2:37.88 Last 600m: 0:34.69

1      SHOREHAM      Saab Hasan      Chris Symons        $4.60
2      BEL THOR      Wez Hunter      Jarrod Fry        $18
3      GREEN ROLLER      David Hayes      Dwayne Dunn      $11

Kemtain missed the start a couple of lengths. Shoreham and Bel Thor began quickly to share the early lead with Serpent who eventually crossed them to take up the running. When the field settled Green Roller moved up to sit second. Kemtain kept creeping forward after missing the start and sat three wide without cover. Midrace the bolter Apparos made a quick move around the field to take over the running. Kemtain continued his slow move around the field to work into second. The pressure went on from the 800m and the bolter Apparos was gine before the turn. This left Kemtain in front. Serpent was stuck behind the fading Apparos as Bel Thor and Green Roller chimed in to claim Kemtain. Shoreham who has the perfect run in transit got off the fence at the right time to come with a big run down the outside and run away with it inside the final 100m.

Worth Noting: The kiwi visitor Serpent was disappointing. Nice win by Shoreham who enjoyed the longer trip today.

Race 5 – 2:50PM Lort Smith Animal Hospital Handicap (1600 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:35.42 Last 600m: 0:34.79

1      BONARIA      Pat Hyland      Michael Walker      $7
2      LIDARI (FR)      Peter G Moody      Vlad Duric      $7
3      ALTONIO (NZ)      Pat Carey      James Winks      $101

The first started from the Peter Moody yard Lidari was all the rage late in the betting. Verdant jump away well and was ridden along to take up a forward position. British General and Callanish shared the early lead. Callanish set up a strong tempo and when Sweet Ella moved up to sit outside him that made sure the tempo was red hot. British General took the sit in third but the strong tempo was going to make it hard for him to run out the mile. Lidari and Bonaria sat midfield and the favourite Sharalam was well back on the fence. Around the turn the leaders started to feel the consequences of their early work. Verdant was looking for and out and the well tried Lidari had nowhere to go and looked to have a lot to offer. Meanwhile Bonaria found clear galloping room down the middle of the track and swept to the front in a couple of strides. Lidari eventually found a way through along the inside and tried to bridge the gap but Bonaria had the momentum. Altonio came right down the outside to grab third on the line from Verdant and Star of Giselle. British General is finally going for a spell now after only boxing on late. Sharalam  was disappointing and never really got into the race.

Worth Noting: Follow Lidari who would have made it interesting if he got out at the top of the straight. Verdant will also be winning when he gets out over a longer trip. Good luck to you if you landed the first four as it paid over $50,000.

Race 6 – 3:30PM National Jockeys’ Trust Handicap (2000 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 2:02.86 Last 600m: 0:34.57

1      BANCA MO      David & Scott Brunton      Ben Knobel (a2)      $3.60F
2      AULD BURNS (GB)      David Hayes      Nicholas Hall      $5
3      XAVI (NZ)      O’Brien      Vlad Duric      $11

Muirfield won the start and led the field up. Auld Burns crossed over to sit second and Storm Burst and Banca Mo found nice spots trailing the leaders. The tempo as fairly slow as Muirfield had an uncontested lead. Xavi was caught a little wide and Garud got well back. Into the straight Auld Burns moved up to claim Muirfield and Banca Mo was being shaken up behind him. Xavi was putting in a run out wide. Auld Burns dashed a length clear and looked hard to run down but Banca Mo wound up strong late and reeled him in. Garud and Goldoni got home well to just miss a place.

Worth NotingBanca Mo continues his good record at Flemington. Follow him especially on wet tracks. Garudwas the unlucky runner and isn’t far of a win.

Race 7 – 4:10PM Yarraville Handicap (1000 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 0:56.69 Last 600m: 0:32.65

1      GENERAL TRUCE      Ricky Maund      Sadler (a3)      $9.50
2      THAT’S THE ONE      Colin & Cindy Alderson      Nicholas Hall      $9
3      DECIRCLES      Danny O’Brien      Vlad Duric      $5.50

That’s The One jumped sideways and checked into Dash For Viz. Decircles got away fast and took up the running out wide on the track. That’s The One wasn’t far away in second. Lady Melksham was right behind the leading pair. General Truce switched to the middle of the track mid race to find some cover. At the 350m General Truce was the only one on the bit and looked set to pounce but needed to switch back to the inside to find galloping room. That’s The One got the better of Decircles and looked likely to win with 200m to go but General Truce knuckled down and nailed That’s The One inside the final 50m.

Worth NotingGeneral Truce loves the straight and is an underated horse. He has a habbit of getting up and good odds. Great ride by Sadler.

Race 8 – 4:50PM Community Raceday Handicap (1400 METRES)

Track Condition: Good 3 Time: 1:23.13 Last 600m: 0:35.19

1      THE NEW BOY      Danny O’Brien      Nicholas Hall      $4.80EF
2      LAKE SENTENTIA      Darren Weir      Brad Rawiller      $6
3      CLANGA’S GLORY      Andrew J Payne      James Winks      $13

Regular readers of my reviews will know that The New Boy is a favourite of mine and he has been in my list of horses to follow for a while now. I was pleased to see the strong market support for him late. Scaredymac won the start by a clear length but elected to take a sit. Little Bro and The New Boy crossed over from out wide to take up the running. Mecir was caught a little wide early and was force to keep pressing forward to get in. As the field turned for home Little Bro was still going well in front but The New Boy was going better and loomed up to head him. As he always seems to do The New Boy forged clear aproaching the final 200m but then hit a wall and started to paddle. Little Bro started to fight back and Lake Sententia came along the inside from a mile back to dive at The New Boy right on the line. But today was The New Boy’s day as he finally got his nose in front in a photo finish for a well deserved victory. He is such an honest horse and always gives you a good run for your money. A wall of horses fought out third with the photo going to Clanga’s Glory.

Worth Noting: If you backed The New Boy on track with bookmaker Swannie I hoped you collected in time. He was fined $250 for failing to remain on his stand until 15 minutes after the last race.