Warwick Farm review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st             Pitcrew                Nash Rawiller
2nd           Meteoros            Christia  Reith
3rd           Amovatio           Hugh Bowman

Meteoros began best in the first, and ran to the lead from Pitcrew which stalked it on the outside.  The pace looked slow early.  Mio Dio was caught wide, but the field was pretty well bunched with the exception of Alters which tailed off a couple of lengths behind the second last horse.  Around the turn, Meteoros looked to be traveling well, and Pitcrew was under the stick, and those who took the odds on looked in some trouble.  Inside the 100m, shares in the favourite still didn’t look great, but then Meteoros started to fall in a hole the last little bit, and somehow Pitcrew got up right on the line.  Amovatio also made up decent ground to not be far away in third.  The first three home spaced the rest, but Altered did make up some ground to claim fourth.

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Race 2

1st           Snitzel’s Jewel              Glyn Schofield
2nd         Let’s Frolic                    Yusuke Ichikawa
3rd          Dalton                             Shaun Guymer

Short Shift, although not the best to begin, did find enough speed early to take up the front from Exceleine, withSnitzel’s Jewel getting a lovely run on the fence in third.  Buttons couldn’t go with them early and was a few lengths behind the second last horse.  Short Shift looked to travel ok around the turn, but Snitzel’s Jewel was going to be the challenger, having had a cushy run in transit.  Inside the 150m, Snitzel’s Jewel challenged and went straight past Short Shift, and then was able to hold off Let’s Frolic which finished well down the outside.  Short Shift didn’t show a lot of fight once headed.

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Race 3

1st              Let’s Be A Star            Jason Collett
2nd            Queen’s Elect              Serg Lisnyy
3rd            Acapela                         Nash Rawiller

A pretty even line out in the third, however Bugaboo did get squeezed up a bit and went back to second last.  Delzera found the front, with Saramenha going around them wide to find second place outside of the leader, givingQueen’s Elect and Cloud Valley nice trails behind the speed.  Titbit also found itself in a nice spot midfield but not far off the lead.  Just before the 600m, Delzera went for a sprint and got away a couple of lenghts in front.  Around the turn, Queen’s Elect was the first challenger to Delzera, and Bugaboo had pinched inside runs to also challenge.  Titbit was coming with its run down the outside, and they were spread across the track inside the furlong pole.  All of a sudden it was Let’s Be A Star bursting through between Queen’s Elect and Titbit to get the money with what was a pretty impressive finishing sprint.

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Race 4

1st              Masahiko                Tim Clark
2nd            Clever Boy             Nash Rawiller
3rd            La Pieta                    Kerrin McEvoy

They took a while to sort themselves out in the fourt, mainly because Masahiko didn’t begin as well as many would have expected.  Strength found the front, at what looked like a pretty strong pace.  Masahiko worked its way around them into second, with Loch Level settling third.  Around the turn, Strength was under very heavy riding, with Masahiko looking to have its measure and running to the front as they straightened.  Masahiko looked a sitting shot in the straight, but did a great job to keep fighting on and somehow get the nod in a very tight photo finish.  Clever Boy made good ground along the fence to run second, and La Pieta which looked the likely winner at the 100m, rand third, only beaten a whisker.  Canny Ballad although finishing back in the field, did well to make a long sustained run after missing the kick.

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Race 5

1st              Prettyfamous          Lester Grace
2nd            Ciao                             Blake Shinn
3rd            Gullible                       Hugh Bowman

Prettyfamous jumped straight on the bunny in this event and took it up from Give My Regards and Ciao which was trapped three deep early.  Ciao eventually ran clear at the 600m but you had to wonder how long it could keep going for given the work it had done.  Around the turn, and into the straight, Prettyfamous came around the heels of Ciao and claimed it very quickly to go on and win running away.  The effort of Ciao to still beat the others comprehensively was very good given the work it did early.  Not much else to note about the others here, other than to say that Gullible looked very disappointing, although eventually claiming third on the line.

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Race 6

1st          Charing Cross                  Nash Rawiller
2nd        Sacred Flyer                     Glyn Schofield
3rd         Wild And Proud               Sam Clipperton

Bereft, Mr Armstrong and Too Hi Tek all came out slowly and went back to the rear.  Wild And Proud led them up from Clavo, with Namsarai and Charing Cross racing together a couple of lengths back.  Around the turn, Wild And Proud and Calvo still shared the lead, but Charing Cross had been pulled three wide and looked the immediate danger.  In the run to the line, Charing Cross never looked in any danger, but the effort of Sacred Flyer, who was second up from a long break was good to take ground off it in the run to the line.

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Race 7

1st             Madam Nash                     Nash Rawiller
2nd          Knead The Dough             Nathan Berry
3rd           Platinum Jack                    Jason Collett

A 2200m staying event was race 7, which was a “cup of tea” race for me.  Straight out of the gates, Rawiller onMadam Nash made his intentions clear that she would be taking up her usual role in front, and out of the straight she led from Martinvast and Knead The Dough, which looked to be pulling in third.  It was a lovely ride by Rawiller, who wound up the pace from about the 1000m mark, and by the time they reached the 700m, Madam Nash had a five length break, which was about the margin she maintained all the way to the line, with nothing ever looking like getting near her.  Knead The Dough stuck on well in second, and Platinum Jack made up ground along the inside to run third.  All credit to the winner here.

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Race 8

1st           Upshot                  Hugh Bowman
2nd         Snitzky                  Blake Shinn
3rd          Emblems              K McEvoy

Snitzky came out best on the outside in the last race, but it was McLintock taking up its usual role in front, with Snitzky sitting outside of it, with River of Salvation getting a good run behind them.  As they came around the turn Snitzky kicked clear, with Upshot coming to the outside appearing to be the danger.  It was only in the last bit of the race that Upshot was able to get level and get past Snitzky, and these two put a gap on the others, with not much else to report.

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Specials from the meeting: Let’s Be A Star, Ciao, Sacred Flyer

Caulfield review compiled by Michael Mitchell

Race 1: Procal Dairies 2YO Handicap – 1000m

1st Lord Of The Sky – Kayla Nisbet

2nd Monkstone – Luke Nolen

3rd Gallant Express – Dwayne Dunn

Monkstone missed the start by 2 lengths, as ThiamandiChrystal Ruby and Lord Of The Sky pushed to the lead. Miss Steele was ridden a little quieter and settled just behind midfield with Mount Zero.

Nisbet controlled the race on Lord Of The Sky, setting a good pace throughout with no one wanting to mount any early challenges.

Chrystal Ruby was the first to pressure Lord Of The Sky as they turned for home, As Miss Steele and Gallant Express peeled wide to start their runs. By the 200m Lord Of The Sky clearly had something left in the tank and snuck away by over 2 lengths. Once it got that break it was always going to be hard to beat. It didn’t stop and powered home to win by 3 lengths from Monkstone, who finished of really well after missing the start. Gallant Express was solid for third.

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Race 2: Yarra Valley Farms 3YO Plate

1st Vicario – Daniel Moor

2nd Octavia – Kayla Nisbet

3rd Valid Contract – Andrew Mallyon

Octavia was away well with Vicario, while Love For Ransom was a little slow out. Octavia went straight to the front, showing some early speed with Nella FantasiaLegcut and Klishna in close check. The back markers, including Love For Ransom, Kukla and Nadeem Lass were only 6-7 lengths away as they settled into stride.

As per the first, Nisbet controlled the race on Octavia and it looked as it was going to be a similar result in the second. As the passed the 300m Octavia jumped to a 2 length lead and the field started to spread. The back markers started to try and catch Octavia as the line drew closer. Nadeem Lass was coming from a long way back and was powering home, as was Vicario, who didn’t have as much ground to make up. Legcut was the only frontrunner managing to stay with Octavia, but it was the challenge wide from Vicario that was going to make it a close battle to the line. In a very close finish and Vicario just got its nose in front of Octavia. Valid Contract was really impressive, flashing home for third and Nadeem Lass, again, just got too far back.

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Race 3: Ecoresignagesystems Mares Handicap – 1100m

1st Captivating Lady – Andrew Mallyon

2nd Serene Star – Luke Nolen

3rd Bel Price – Daniel Stackhouse

Johannapine and Shiny And New jumped away well and showed early Speed, with Slewsay going hard early to take the lead. Serene Star was away evenly and then dropped out to sit mid field with Captivating Lady, Flash Of Doubt and Queen Delight. 

They seemed to be going at a fast pace in the middle stages and as soon as they hit the straight Slewsay, who provided the pace, was the first to drop out. Johannapine, who had the sit behind Slewsay, started to make a run, while Shiny And New was the first to come to the lead. Serene Star was close enough this time and joined Shiny And New in the lead with 200m to go. They were then shortly joined by Bel Price. Serene Star was just trying to hang on, as Captivating Lady was coming wide along with Queen Delight. Captivating Lady was eating up the ground and got past a gallant Serene Star, who was carrying 60kgs. Bel Price held on for third, from an impressive run from Queen Delight 4th, and Counted (who was held up) who flashed home for 5th.

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Race 4: Ascend Sales Trophies 3YO Handicap -2000m 

1st Nisos – Chris Symons

2nd Ava’s Delight – Jake Duffy

3rd Use The Lot – Ibrahim Gundogdu

Ava’s Delight missed the start again, as Tunisia Traveller was eased early and taken straight to the inside running at the back of the field. Dubai To Dublin, Use The Lot and Mendivil took up the early speed and strung the field out in the early stages. b sat nicely behind the leading group with UnderestimationSpace and Nisosjust behind it.

The field was strung out over 12 lengths in the middle stages, as Gundogdu on Use The Lot, then slowed the tempo to get a mid race breather. As they hit the 600m Underestimation and It’s Fred took off and challenged for the lead as the pace had slowed too much for their liking. It really started to heat up from that point, with Nisos, Space and Ava’s Delight also chiming in, as they turned for home.

It’s Fred and Underestimation turned home in front after beating off most of the front runners with the exception of Use The Lot. Nisos and Space were the two wide runners starting to build momentum. Space was checked as was Ava’s Delight, while trying to get clear running in the straight. Meanwhile, Nisos got a clear run wide and really started thundering home. Ava’s Delight came home really well and ran the 2000m out, but couldn’t get to Nisos in the concluding stages. Use The Lot hung on well for 3rd and Space was just behind it.

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Race 5: M & J Chickens 0-89 Handicap – 2000m

1st Rock Princess – Michael Walker

2nd Fabriano – Jye McNeil

3rd Midnight Glory – Brad Rawiller

Montgomery missed the start by 3 lengths, as Done Nothin Wrong got a flier from the inside barrier. Palasportand Budai showed early speed to take up the lead, while Constant Force sat nicely behind them with Done Nothin WrongTanah Lot sat just behind them, but was over racing in the early stages. Mertens released Tanah Lot and went around the leaders and take up the lead. Rock Princess settled midfield with Pretty Adamant, who advised it would be ridden closer.

Mertens was having trouble containing Tanah Lot and it was setting a strong pace in the middle stages, stringing the field out over 15 lengths.

As they hit the 600m, the back markers started to come off the bit, with no real result apart from Ulundi, who stared to make ground from the back of the field.

They bunched as they hit the turn, with Constant Force, Midnight Glory and Fabriano coming wide to challenge for the lead. Rock Princess was only a length behind as they got to the 300m, where Constant Force dropped out. It was a 3 horse race from that point, with Rock Princess having the momentum and running the 2000m out well. Fabriano and Midnight Glory were strong to fill the minor positions. I don’t think Pretty Adamant was disgraced either, coming home pretty well after not being ridden to plan.

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Race 6: Polytrack Sir John Monash Stakes – 1100m

1st Pago Rock – Chad Schofield

2nd Elite Elle – Jack Hill

3rd Second Effort – Brad Rawillwer

Elite ElleZedi Knight and Mrs Onasis went hard early to take up the speed, while ZamorarSecond Effortand Skytrain settled backwards. Pago Rock got a really nice sit fourth from the speedy front-runners, withHappy Galaxy on its outside.

Nothing changed throughout until they hit the turn. The field opted to race wide to avoid the fence, as Mrs Onasis started to make its move around the out side of Elite Elle and Zedi Knight. Pago Rock, having a charmed run throughout, was sitting behind the leaders biding time. Elite Elle beat Mrs Onasis and Zedi Knight off, as Pago Rock got clear running and started to chase. The two broke away from the field and as Pago Rock was starting to close. Schofield was having a nightmare trying to steady Pago Rock up, as it ducked in behind Elite Elle, but once it was steadied, it was all over and it went on to win by a length to Elite Elle. Second Effort came home really well and was 2 lengths behind 3rd, with the old boy Stanzout 4th.

Happy Galaxy and Mrs Onasis were not favoured by the track softening due to the showers prior to the race.

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Race 7:  Richmond FC 60K Member 3YO Handicap – 1400m

1st Pillar Of Creation – Damien Lane

2nd Committed – Vlad Duric

3rd Hai Lil – Brad Rawiller

Kings Palace and Winta Chiller were both slowly away, as LaohuPillar Of Creation and Haussman went to early lead. Grand EmperorCommitted and Hai Lil were sitting behind the leaders as they got into stride.

Pillar Of Creation took up the lead and set a faster than moderate pace that strung the field out by over 12 lengths at the 600m, leaving the back markers a lot to do.

As they turned, Winta Chiller from 8 lengths back started its move 5 wide, as did Hai Lil and Committed, who were inside of it and a lot closer. It was still Pillar Of Creation on the straight, who beat off Laohu and Grand Emperor, as Hai Lil and Committed started to build momentum out wide. Pillar Of Creation, after doing a lot of work throughout was still holding on from Committed and Hai Lil. Pillar Of Creation just kept on fighting to win by a length. Mr John and Winta Chiller (after missing the start) also ran on really well.

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Race 8: Bib Stillwell BMW Handicap – 1400m

1st – Offenders – Vlad Duric

2nd Under The Eiffel- Jamie Mott

3rd Alpha Proxima – Dwayne Dunn

Under The Eiffel wasn’t away as well as expected, with Luckyimbarefoot and Cornwall Park also slow to begin. Corvadae got away well, as Loot n RunAlpha Proxima and Cellarmatser took up the lead. Corvadae was over racing early and settled 4th with Mr Griswold in toe. Offenders and Lord Pyrus were the next group back and travelling well.

It was pretty uneventful until they hit the home turn, as Loot n Run and Alpha Proxima got away to a 2 lengths lead, with Corvadae, Mr Griswold and Cellermaster all under pressure. Offenders was going around them and building momentum, as Under The Eiffel was having trouble finding clear running, although Mott seemed to still have a lot of horse under him. Alpha Proxima burst clear at the 200m, as Under The Eiffel started eating up the ground when it found clear running. Then again Under The Eiffel ran up the back side of Alpha Proxima and then bounced into Loot n Run. Alpha Proxima died on its run and while this was happening, Offenders was flying home in the clear and went on to win by half a length from a very unlucky Under The Eiffel. Luckyimabarefoot flew home out wide and is worth following.

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Meeting Specials: Monkstone, Second Effort and Committed.