Rosehill racing review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st                    Koroibete                                Nash Rawiller
2nd                    Amovatio                                Hugh Bowman
3rd                    Pit Boss                                 Tim Clark

Koroibete missed the kick a bit, and Artistic Lass had no speed at all and went back to last. Ryker led up in the first from Estoninan Princess, which put Vivid three wide on the speed.  Around the turn, Ryker still led and came off the fence.  At the 300m, Estonian Princess hit the front, Koroibete was getting up along the fence together with Pit Boss, and Amovatio was coming down the outside.  Outstrip was trying unsuccessfully to get into the clear.  In the run to the line, Koroibete held on to beat Amovatio and Pit Boss.  Artistic Lass made up good ground along the inside into fourth.

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Race 2

1st                    Relaxed And Happy                 Nash Rawiller
2nd                    Oompa Loompa                      Hugh Bowman
3rd                    Knoydart                                 Christian Reith

 Relaxed And Happy came out running in the second and went straight to the front from Centrepet which sat outside of it.  Destiny Rising and Oompa Loompa both got good runs behind the speed.  Around the turn, the jockey went for home on Relaxed And Happy with Oompa Loompa coming out from behind to to try and throw out a challenge.  It turned out that was in vain, as Relaxed And Happy kicked inside the 100m, and although getting tired late, held on to beat Oompa Loompa, with Knoydart making up pretty good ground into third fromTurbulent Jet which never looked a winning chance.

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Race 3

1st                    Masahiko                                Tim Clark
2nd                    Hunter Jack                            Nash Rawiller
3rd                    Gullible                                   Hugh Bowman

Mighty Lucky came out last in this.  Darciwood did the opposite, coming out running and went straight to the front from Masahiko.  Throughout the middle stages the jockey looked to slow up on Darciwood, but that didn’t help in the end, as when they came to the 300m, Masahiko headed him off and he was the first gone.  Inside the 200m, Masahiko had shot away, withHunter Jack mounting a challenge down the outsidee.  Hunter Jack finished off well, but couldn’t quite get to Masahiko, with Gullible running on ok into third.  Darciwood was very disappointing finishing well back.

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Race 4

1st                    Titbit                                        Hugh Bowman
2nd                    Gliding                                    Tim Clark
3rd                    Cradle Me                               Peter Robl

Miss Ready was a bit slow to begin in the fourth and settled a clear last.  Glad You Called crossed and led them, from Delzera and Happy Hussy.  Cradle Me settled in fourth, with Berrimilla caught out three wide in about fifth.  Inside the 300m, Cradle Me had the front but it looked anyones race.  Titbit was the one that finished off best to get up and beat Gliding which ran on ok and Cradle Me which kept fighting.  The run of Forarainydaywas good, as was that of Miss Ready, and both can be followed to a win shortly.

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Race 5

1st                    Said Com                                Hugh Bowman
2nd                    Mr Armstrong                         Christian Reith
3rd                    Zaratone                                  Kathy O’Hara

Zaratone took up its usual role of pace maker, with New Day Rising being ridden across from an outside gate to sit outside the lead.  The favourite, Nocturnelle got a fair way back and was out three wide and really never looked a winning hope.  At the 200m, Zaratone still had the front from Calvo which was trying to tackle it, and Mr Armstrong had moved up three wide with its challenge.  In the final stages however, it was the enigma, Said Com that came with the strongest finish to get the money from Mr Armstrong and Zaratone which kept battling away.  The run of Reuben Percival, first up, was very good, making ground in the finish without really being asked for much.

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Race 6

1st                    Sessions                                   Kerrin McEvoy
2nd                    Agent                                      Hugh Bowman
3rd                    Golden Sunshine                     Peter Robl

Velrosso missed the start about a length in this event.  It was a pretty good contest for the lead, with Anevaytaking it up from Gasquet and Hurrara which was caught three wide.  Floral Insight was even wider.  The favourite, Sessions, gave the speed about 6 lengths but was getting a cosy run near the fence.  Inside the 300m, Sessions was hooked from inside to outside and you could see him winding up and had them covered very quickly.  The horse has had a boom on it for a while, and this win lived up to that boom, as he raced away in the end and you would think will only improve.  Agent did a pretty good job to run second, with Golden Sunshinejust grabbing third.

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Race 7

1st                    Nothing Like Luca                  Nash Rawiller
2nd                    Disciple                                   Y Ichikawa
3rd                    Fireball                                    Blake Shinn

McClintock was ridden with intent from an outside gate to go over and lead clearly in race 7, from Nothing Like Luca in second and Fireball in third.  Around the home turn, McClintock was immediately claimed by Nothing Like Luca, which then looked a sitting shot for several other runners.  Inside the 200m, Disciple looked the likely candidate, but in the run to the line, to the credit of Nothing Like Luca it kept going and held on for a narrow win.  Disciple continues to hold its form, and there was nothing wrong with its second placing.  Infinite Energy made up pretty good ground after being slow to begin and should be given one more go.

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Race 8

1st                    Destiny’s Kiss                          Chris Reith
2nd                    Ghost Protocol                         Nathan Berry
3rd                    Kaypers                                   Jason Collett

Diamond Jim was slow to begin in the last.  Cantonese was the first out and wanted to lead and did just that, with Merlin Mustang moving into second, and the pace looked pretty good with the field spreading out.  Back in the field, Kaypers was caught wide.  Cantonese kept rolling in front and had a good break as they turned.  Into the straight however, Cantonese was quickly beaten, with Illo and Merlin Mustang claiming the lead, but Destiny’s Kiss was stalking them.  Ghost Protocol got the run on the fence, and Kaypers despite being wide all the way was coming home down the outside, but Destiny’s Kiss backed up its recent black book efforts with a good win here over a distance that was more suitable than his past couple.  Illo was a bit disappointing in the run to the line and I would want to see more from Cantonese before I’m prepared to back it.

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 Specials from the meeting: Hunter Jack, Miss Ready, Sessions


Moonee Valley review from Michael Mitchell

Race 1: Alternate Railway 2YO Handicap ‘ 1200m

1st       Prince Harada –  Steve Arnold
2nd     Boer – Jamie Mott
3rd      Countersnip – Craig Newitt

The odds on favourite Prince Harada was a little tardy out of the gates in the first, while Boer and Frolickedtook up the early speed. I’m Ready For This moved into third with cover, with Countersnip one horse back as they settled into stride. Prince Harada was four or five lengths away during the middle stages but Arnold was not showing any sighs of panic, after missing the start.

At the 500m Prince Harada started to make its move and Arnold was quite mindful no to go out to wide and to bide his time. Mott skipped away nicely on Boer as they hit the turn, while all others seemed to be well and truly off the bridal but not making any threat.

With 200m to go Boer was still looking good in front but then the class horse, Prince Harada came 3 wide to run over the top of a gallant Boer. Mott gave it the best chance possible to win, but Prince Harada was too good. Countersnip and Frolicked were a further 2 lengths back.

Follow: Prince Harada in the spring.

Race 2: Slickpix Handicap – 1200m

1st     Dee Bee Nine – Jackie Beriman
2nd   Overtake – Luke Nolan
3rd    Tackleberry- Daniel Moor

Overtake missed the start in an otherwise even break. Mr Make Believe started well and headed out to its customary leading position, as Tackleberry went up to put some pressure on. Sea Lord was trapped 3 wide in the early stages, with Zedi Knight nicely positioned in the box seat. After missing the start, Overtake was just behind that group with Dee Bee Nine a length further back but travelling 3 wide.

The pace was really on, with Tackleberry annoying Mr Make Believe at the front and stringing the small field out over 7 lengths. At the 600m Sea Lord made a move three wide, while Beriman was patiently waiting on Dee Bee NineLivigno was 7 lengths back after being ridden quietly throughout.

As they hit the 400m, the punters would have been unhappy to see the heavily backed favourite Mr Make Believe running under pressure, while Tackleberry on its outside was still going very well. Eventually Mr Make Believe dropped out, as Sea Lord, Dee Bee Nine and Overtake started making their moves wider when they hit the turn.

Zedi Knight is making a bit of a habit of getting held up, as it could not get clear running at the 200m again. At this stage, Dee Bee Nine and Overtake broke away from Sea Lord, fighting it out over the concluding stages. Dee Bee Nine with the nice claim from Beriman, had a little more to give, narrowly beating Overtake. Tackleberry was really brave for 3rd and for the first time this prep, Livigno showed something and flashed home for fourth.

Mr Make Believe was disappointing, but the times showed they went very quickly over the first 600m.

Follow: Tackleberry and Overtake when it finally gets a wet track

Race 3: Boscastle 3YOF Handicap -1200m

1st     Nadeem Lass – Michael Rodd
2nd   Bloomingdale Miss- Jackie Beriman
3rd    Nella Fantasia -Glen Boss

It was a perfect dispatch to start the third, with City Hall having no speed at all and dropping to last by 5+ lengths. Bloomingdale Miss was also taken back, while Kolonga pushed hard to take up the lead, joined in second place by Nella Fantasia.

Kolonga set a flying pace as the field was strung out over 12 lengths, with the likes of Nadeem Lass, Bloomingdale Miss and City Hall over 10 lengths off the leader.

Truffle was the first to make its move 500m out as the back markers started to wind up.

Rounding the turn Kolonga and Nella Fantasia were still the two to catch with Truffle posing a threat. Bloomingdale Miss and Summer Gem, from the back of the field were coming hard but were 5 wide throughout their run. Nadeem Lass had 2 walls of horses in front of it at this stage.

The concluding stages of the race were quite messy. The field split up across the track, luckily enough for Rodd on Nadeem Lass, who started to navigate his way through the gaps. It was going to be a close finish with Kolonga and Nella Fantasia still at the front, with Truffle, Bloomingdale Miss and Nadeem Lass trying to run them down in the last 50 metres. A line of 5 hit finish with Rodd manoeuvring Nadeem Lass through the field to get its head out. A fast finishing Bloomingdale miss was 2nd, and you couldn’t take anything away from Nella Fantasia (3rd), Truffle and Kolonga, who also had good runs. After showing no speed, City Hall flew home to finish only 2 lengths away (and may be worth looking at over longer distances) with Summer Gem and Easy To Look At also not disgraced.

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Race 4:  Adapt Australia F&M BM 89 Handicap- 1600m

1st     Rock Princess- Ben Knobel
2nd   Aliberani- Luke Nolen
3rd   Spin The Bottle – Michelle Payne

Moreau got away well, with Roccin Jo getting over from a wide gate to take up the lead. Rock Princess, after jumping well was settled to the back of the field. As they hit the first turn, Spin The Bottle had come 3 wide and took over the leading position from Moreau and Roccin Jo. Aliberani was sitting nicely behind the front-runners in fourth during the middle stages.

Aliberani was the first to make the move at the 500m, with Rock Princess slowly getting through runners from the back. The pressure was on at the 300m, with the leader Spin The Bottle looking the most comfortable as they turned for home.

Roccin Jo was the first to drop out (subsequently was found to have laceration on its hind leg), with Spin The Bottle, Moreau and Aliberani making a line of 3 on the straight. Outdoor and Rock Princess were coming hard out wider. Moreau and Outdoor dropped out, as the other three broke clear. Rock Princess then hit the button and drew 2 lengths clear to convincingly beat Alibarani and Spin The Bottle by 2 lengths.

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Race 5: Dominant 3YO Handicap – 1500m

1st     Ava’s Delight – Damien Lane
2nd   Hunger – Ben Knobel
3rd    Underestimation – Michael Rodd

Ava’s Delight missed the start as per usual, as Underestimation got to flyer. Hunger from a wide took up the lead and was joined by Quick Snitzel. As they got into stride Batman joined the front runners into fourth, while Ava’s delight was sitting about 5 lengths away on the rail, gradually making up ground throughout the middle stages.

As the pressure was applied at the 500m, the back markers started coming wide, which left Ava’s Delight on the fence, 3 back with no where to go. Hunger was in front but under pressure when they hit the straight, from Quick Snitzel, Underestimation and Batman, all saving ground as the wider runners looked beaten. The field split up luckily for Lane on Ava’s Delight and he took a gap 4 wide. Once Ava’s Delight saw clear running on the straight it was all over. Ava’s Delight went on to win by 2 lengths from a gallant Hunger, with Underestimation showing big improvement for 3rd. Batman didn’t get clear running in the straight and ran well with genuine excuses.

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Race 6: Dominant Handicap -1500m

1st      Spacecraft – Kayla Nisbet
2nd    Digitalism – Ben Melham
3rd    Felidea – Michael Rodd

Purettanmissed the start by a length, while Digitalism got away well. Spacecraft got away well and showed speed to take up the lead with Tenno coming across from a wide barrier to sit behind Spacecraft. Digitalism was in 3rd, with Del Palio sitting midfield throughout. Hanks was near the rear and 3 wide and Felidea was second last.

Spacecraft was getting it very easy up front, leading by over a length, while setting a moderate pace in the middle stages.

They started to apply pressure at the 400m, where Nisbet skipped 2-3 lengths away on Spacecraft, leaving all behind.

When they hit the straight Spacecraft was going to be tough to beat, leading by 4 lengths and looking a lot more comfortable than the horses chasing it. Digitalism was the closest and was looking a fighting chance. Felidea had worked itself into a decent spot after being at the back of the field during running. It was too late though, as Nisbet gave Spacecraft little shake up and it went on to beat Digitalism and Felidea by 3 lengths. There was a further 3 lengths to the rest of the field. Del Palio was the best of the rest, but was a bit disappointing and its form warrants being closer than 6 lengths off the winner.

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Race 7: Printhouse Graphics Handicap – 2040m

1st      Mr O’Ceirin – Glen Boss
2nd   De Fine Lago – Jack Hill
3rd    Westsouthwest – Jackie Beriman

The top five in the market, Mr O’CierinDe Fine LagoAuld Burns,Westsouthwest and Alrouz all got away well. Auld Burns went up to take the early lead from Alrouz and Mr O’Cierin, who was 3 wide moving into the first turn. De Fine Lago was sitting one back off the front-runners in the early stages, as Westsouthwest dropped back to the rear of the field.

Auld Burns set a strong pace in the middle stages and the field was strung out over 10 lengths with Westsouthwest a clear last. Mr O’Cierin wanted to over race a little in third place, with Alrouz on its inside.

At the 600m Darwin was the first to make its it move with Beriman still very patient on Westsouthwest, who was 8 lengths away from Auld Burns who had a nice mid race breather.

They started to bunch up at the 400m, as Mr O’Cierin took on Auld Burns and went past it seamlessly, with De Fine Lago and Alrouz also giving chase. Westsouthwest from a mile back started to make up ground wide, but it was all in vain as Mr O’Cierin jumped to a 3 length lead at the 150m. Mr O’Cierin went on to win easily from De Fine Lago who was good again, but not in Mr O’Cierin’s class. Beriman left her run on Westsouthwest to late to come home 3rd.

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Race 8: Sportingbet Mares Handicap- 1200m
1st     Draw Forward – Luke Nolan
2nd   Royal Bender – Damien Lane
3rd    Counted – Ben Melham

A good break in the last, with Mosse Diva the only one a little slow by a length. There was a fast pace set in the early stages with a battle for the lead involving over half of the runners. Draw Forward settled back in the field. Eventually Oh Teary Me got to the front from Capital CommanderAnabaa’s Legacy and Classy Chloe.

Go Katrina and Queens Delight were the first to take off, three wide at the 500m, with Draw Forward following there trail.

As they turned Anabaa’s Legacy hit the front from Go Katrina and Queens Delight, as Oh Teary Me was the first to drop out.

As they hit the straight, Capital Commander saved ground on the inside to hit the front with Anabaa’s Legacy. Royal Bender and Draw Forward started to find clear running out wide and then the two got a break on the field. Draw Forward was just too strong for Royal Bender with Counted flashing home for 3rd along with Queens Delight, who looks to have had consistent form throughout this prep.

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