Rosehill review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st             Emblems                     Josh Parr
2nd           Knoydart                    Jason Collett
3rd            Darciwood                 Dwayne Dunn

1200m for the first event, and they came out in a good line.  Relaxed And Happy which missed the kick last start came out and led today from Red Dynamite, and they put a gap on Emblems which settled third.  Around the turn, the two leaders still had a good break, but it appeared they had gone too quickly, and that’s exactly how it turned out.  Emblems claimed the lead with Darciwood looking the immediate danger.  In the last 100m however, Emblems was able to keep fighting on and held off a fast finishing Knoydart, and Darciwood which was a bit green in the run home.

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Race 2

1st                Brilliant Terror                     Nathan Berry
2nd              Estonian Princess                Lester Grace
3rd              She’s Bella                                Alysha Collett

Moderate and She’s Bella began well to lead in the second, but after a couple of hundred metres, Brilliant Terror rolled to the front from The Life which sat outside of it.  This left Estonian Princess out three wide for the trip.  When they turned for home, Brilliant Terror, The Life and Estonian Princess made a line of three, and Moderate looked like making it a line of four.  She’s Bella was searching for a run and had to switch across heals quite sharply.  Whilst that was going on, Brilliant Terror and Estonian Princess had drawn slightly clear to fight it out, with Brilliant Terror getting the nod from a very gallant Estonian Princess.

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Race 3

1st                Belle De Coeur                     Kathy O’Hara
2nd              She’s A Stalker                     Chris Dell
3rd              Sweet Little Lies                 Glyn Schofield

A good line out in the third, with Give My Regards coming across and leading from Centrepet and She’s A Stalker, which left Al Nova out three wide for the trip.  When they came around the turn, the favourite in the race, Gullible had plenty of room to come through along the fence, and did so, which meant there was a line of about five or six horses fighting it out.  Soon after, Belle De Coeur which settled near last, found a split in the middle, and turned on a very good sprint to come away for a clear win.  Centrepet may have been hampered a bit for room in the straight and its run should be forgiven.  Rebel Dancer was also noticeably checked at about the 200m and got motoring again late.  The winner was impressive here despite Rebel Dancer being unlucky.

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Race 4

1st                 Hidden Warrior               Nathan Berry
2nd               Nocturnelle                        Glyn Schofield
3rd               Said Com                              Jason Collett

Hidden Warrior began the best, but didn’t want to lead, and McClintock obliged and sped away in front from Hoss Amour and Hidden Warrior which settled third.  Around the home turn, McClintock had about a six length break but had to get tired.  Inside the 300m, Hidden Warrior had sprinted nicely to claim the lead and there didn’t look to be a lot coming from the back.  Nocturnelle found the line nicely into second place, and Said Com did what it always does and ran on into third.  All honors with the winner here.  Nocturnelle is nearing another win.

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Race 5

1st                   Miss Ready                            Kathy O’Hara
2nd                 Cradle Me                               Sam Clipperton
3rd                  Glad You Called                   Lester Grace

Berrimilla missed the kick here.  Miss Ready did exactly the opposite and fired out of a wide gate to come across and lead.  The brakes looked to go on soon after, which saw a few runners pulling and caught out wide.  One of them was Glad You Called which worked its away into second place giving Imeldamay a trail in third spot.  In a nicely judged ride, Miss Ready got rolling again on the point of the turn and had a nice break inside the 400m, with the rest looking to be struggling to go with her.  She sustained her effort all the way to the line and never looked in doubt of defeat.  Cradle Me ran on nicely at the end to grab second, from Glad You Called which boxed on ok.  It may pay to give Berrimilla another chance after it missed the start and the pace was slow in the middle part of the race when it was well back.

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Race 6

1st               Prince Of Capers                                 Robert Thompson
2nd             Merlin Mustang Courtney              Van Der Werf
3rd              Illo                                                            Glyn Schofield

Not a bad start at the 1800m for the sixth event, where Honourable Aussie went up and assumed its regular front running role, from Winning Glory which settled outside of it, giving Merlin Mustang a nice trail in third, and Cantonese the one out one back sit.  Firebolt took of about 4 wide at the 600m but never really made a threat to the leaders, where Honourable Aussie still had the front inside the 200m.  Inside the 100m however he started to stop, and Merline Mustang and Prince Of Capers were making use of their good runs in transit to challenge for victory.  Winning Glory was still in the mix, and Illo flashed home out wide.  In a tight one, it was Prince Of Capers narrowly getting there from Merlin Mustang, and Illo which will go in many peoples black books following its encouraging effort.

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Race 7

1st                  Disciple                        Alysha Collett
2nd                Fireball                        Jenny Duggan
3rd                 Territory                     Patrick Murphy

Gliding was slow to begin in race seven, with Key West the first out and taking up the early lead from Oakfield Comet and The Great Snowman which had to be ridden hard to work its way into second.  Back in the field, Earnest Ernest got a check and was shuffled back further.  Skateboard was wide all the way, giving a three wide trail to Disciple.  In the straight, it was Disiple that sprinted best to take victory out wide on the track fromFireball and Territory which ran well into third but does not win all that often.  Back towards the inside, Earnest Ernest could be seen making late ground which was a good effort given the trouble it struck early.

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Race 8

1st                 Iggi Pop                              Sam Clipperton
2nd               Mighty Lucky                   Nathan Thomas
3rd               Index Linked                    Glyn Schofield

The shorty in the last was Index Linked, and he came out slowly and was well back, as he was last start.  Rule book led them up from Fill The Page and Calvo which was caught three wide.  Little Bro trailed up three wide, which meant Double Halo was pushed four wide most of the way.  Around the turn, plenty of runners wanted to get off the fence, which gave clear running to Iggi Pop and Index Linked.  At the 200m there was 7 runners with about a half length between them.  Of those, Mighty Lucky and Iggi Pop came clear of Index Linked to fight out a very close finish, with Iggi Pop narrowly getting the nod in what I thought was a deceptive finish.  Mighty Lucky may have cost itself victory by laying in just before the post.  The run of Double Halo was good after being wide throughout, and Index Linked gets a pass mark and should still be followed.

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Specials From The Meeting: Estonian Princess, Rebel Dancer, Illo