Rosehill review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st            Bull Point                     Nash Rawiller
2nd         Mr Entertainer           John Kissick
3rd         Killcareless                   Nathan Berry

Wouldn’t It Be Nice was the one that missed the start about a length here.  Harry Hotspur raced up outsideWarcrusher to share the lead, with Warcrusher retaining the fence.  Bull Point which was the short priced favourite was about midfield three off the fence.  As they turned, Bull Point went up to them, and soon after went straight past them and came away for an easy victory.  The talking point of the race will be that Wouldn’t It Be Nice weighed in light.  It also didn’t have a great deal of room at various times in the straight.

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Race 2

1st               Relaxed And Happy              Nash Rawiller
2nd             Red Excitement                      Josh Adams
3rd              Knoydart                                   Josh Parr

A pretty good line out in the second, with Star Secret kicking up on the inside to lead Relaxed And Happywhich trailed nicely after coming across from out wide.  Knoydart and Sir Berus which were in betting got back near the tail of the field.  Clever Boy got a nice run, three back on the fence.  In the straight, Relaxed And Happy was the first challenger to Star Secret, and went to the front soon after.  Knoydart and Clever Boy tried to challenge on the inside, and Red Excitement launched its challenge on the outside.  At times Knoydart and Red Excitement looked as if they may get to Relaxed And Happy, but to its credit it fought on for a tough win.  Sir Berus worked to the line quite well and might be worth following.

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Race 3

1st             Excellent Point              Nash Rawiller
2nd           Mount Nebo                    Brenton Avdulla
3rd           Turnley                              Jason Collett

There were a few that came out of the gates here and made their intentions clear to be on the speed, which meant that Mount Nebo had to do a fair bit of work to eventually get across to the front, but it eventually crossed and led from Segue and Norma Betty’s Boy The Gallows got a nice run one out one back, as did Turnley back on the fence.  When they turned, Mount Nebo was being cuddled, no doubt due to the work it did early.  Inside the 200m, it was still doing a good job of fighting them off, but was now being asked for the supreme effort.  In the end it wasExcellent Point that got right up along the fence to gain a narrow victory, but Mount Nebo looks to be the one to follow from this race if it can get an easier lead.  There wasn’t a great deal to say about the others, but Falzzonworked home ok.

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Race 4

1st             The Great Snowman             Nash Rawiller
2nd           Bay Window                             Josh Adams
3rd            Hendricus                                Hugh Bowman

Lycra Lass and Bereft were the two that were a bit slow to go.  There was good pace from Bay Window as expected, and The Great Snowman also showed good gate speed and these two cleared out by a couple of lengths in front from Burbero which appeared to get a nice sit on them, with Hendricus trailing it up.  Around the turn, Burbero came around the leaders to challenge, but Hendricus went straight past it, and you would have taken short odds about it winning from there.  Unfortunately for Hendricus, it is not a horse with a lot of heart, and Rawiller was able to get The Great Snowman to fight back, which gave him the first 4 winners for the day.  Burbero looked to be tightened for room between Hendricus and The Great Snowman, but also appeared beaten at the time.  Bay Window was not far away in the finish, and Lycra Lass and Bereft made ground after their bad starts.

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Race 5

1st            Berrimilla                           Glyn Schofield
2nd          Cradle Me                           Christian Reith
3rd           Princess Layla                 Jason Collett

Flying Empress dipped badly at the start losing a couple of lengths.  Princess Layla and Ceasar’s Princesscame across from wide gates, with General’s Sniper kicking through along the fence to share the lead, with the pace looking strong.  Single Style got back to around midfield, with Cradle Me and Berimilla getting back near the rear but suited by the pace.  In the straight, the leaders had to stop and they stopped quite quickly.  Princess Layla hit the front, but then the outside brigade started to come and it was Cradle Me and Berimilla who came together down the outside, with Berimilla doing best to get a narrow win over Cradle Me.  Single Style was fairly disappointing as it was unable to get past Princess Layla in the straight.

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Race 6

1st             Under The Sun                Thomas Huet
2nd           Mic Mac                             Christian Reith
3rd           Coup Ay Tee                     Jason Collett

A pretty good line out in the sixth, with Under The Sun taking on Mic Mac for the lead early on.  Finding the front on Under The Sun proved to be the key to this race as Huet dominated the race from the front.  Bold Glance sat outside of it, with Mic Mac getting the trail behind the leader.  When they turned, Under The Sun looked to be traveling ok, and the others were quickly felt for.  Inside the final 200m, Under The Sun never looked in doubt, running further away from them.  Mic Mac stuck on to get second but it was a blanket finish for the minors with all credit to the winner.  Pretty Pins belongs in the sack book if you have not previously placed it there, and Kontiki Park didn’t do anything in this race, finishing last.

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Race 7

1st             Sacred Flyer               Glyn Schofield
2nd           Winning Glory            Jason Collett
3rd            Lucripetous                Christian Reith

Lucripetous, which has a habit of missing the start, came out a length behind them today.  Once they settled it was Winning Glory running to front from O’Reilly’s Prize and Wild And Proud.  Sacred Flyer got a nice run, one out one back.  Iggi Pop was trapped three wide in midfield.  Illo got a nice run back on the fence, past midfield.  At the 300m, Sacred Flyer was on the scene to tackle Winning Glory, and Illo had found its way up along the fence.  Sacred Flyer maintained a short margin over Winning Glory in the run to the line, with Lucripetous making good ground along the fence into third, but it is always running on.  Illo has done its dash also, and goes into the sack book.  Iggi Pop ran well considering it was caught wide.  Charing Cross ended up running last in this after winning its last start.

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Race 8

1st             Zaratone                   Kathy O’Hara
2nd           News Alert               John Kissick
3rd           Whitlam                     Christian Reith

The two speedsters here, Hurara and Zaratone came out best, with Zaratone crossing to lead, and Hurara sitting about a length off it.  Master Harry got a good run on the fence in third, and Whitlam had a cosy run on the fence behind it.  In the end it was barrier to box for Zaratone, who just kept running in front.  News Alert did will to finish off best of the rest to grab second, but it was another race where all credit has to go to the winner.  Choice Words was disappointing here as it has been before when sent out favourite, and won’t carry any of my money next time out.

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Specials from the meeting: Bull Point, Mount Nebo


Flemington review compiled by Michael Mitchell

Race 1: Isca 3YO Handicap – 1000m

1st It’s Poets Day – Jake Duffy

2nd Legcut – Jamie Mott

3rd They Call Me Bolt – Kayla Nisbet

It was a good dispatch in the first with Agulhas showing early speed with They Call Me BoltLegcut got away well and was on speed. It’s Poets Day settled midfield, while Walk With Attitude and Easy To Look At were at the rear with Yuleba.

They ran a good tempo throughout and at the 400m the pressure was really starting to get applied. By the 300m it was a 3 horse race, with It’s Poets Day, They Call Me Bolt and Legcut clear by 2 lengths. As they hit the 250m, It’s Poets Day grew another leg and charged away. It’s Poets Day went on to win by 2 lengths from They Call Me Bolt and Legcut. Easy To Look At was impressive for a $80-1 chance, coming from the back of the field to finish fourth.

Walk With Attitude and Agulhas were disappointing again and have not come back in the form the both showed last prep. Both riders claimed that their mounts struggled with the track conditions and subsequently Agulhas will now be retired.

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Race 2: Riverdale Inglis Bonus 2YO Plate – 1400m

1st Late Charge – Mark Zahra

2nd Traditional – Steve Arnold

3rd Resistant – Noel Callow

Mystical MissMangnaro and Worth A Ransom were the best to jump. That group went to the early lead and were joined by AvalanchesResistant was sitting nicely behind the leading group, with Late Charge a length further behind. Under The Louvre was sitting a little worse than midfield throughout.

As they were coming around the bend, Mott was the first to apply pressure to Under The Louvre as it started to try and get out into clear running. Worth A Ransom was still in front and looking comfortable, with Magnaro peeling out from behind it to challenge.

Late Charge was in clear running and as it hit the 300m, was the horse with the most momentum and was closing quickly on the leaders. Resistant was also trying to find clear running on the inside and looked to be building as the line was closing.

Late Charge continued on its run and got too far in front and went on to win by 2 lengths from Traditional, who flew home from last. Resistant was gallant for third, carrying the top weight. Razzle Dazzle Rock came home just as well as Traditional for fourth and must be noted as well. Under The Louvre was just behind them and went ok. I certainly wouldn’t be writing it off yet, as Mott declared it didn’t handle the track conditions.

Follow: Traditional and Razzle Dazzle Rock

Race 3: Polo Prince 3YO 0-78 Handicap – 1700m

1st Grand Slam Eagle – Linda Meech

2nd Tooleybuc Kid – Dean Yendall

3rd Vintage Lad – Glen Boss

Edgewood missed the start by 3 lengths, as its habit of sitting in the stalls continued. Longeron got away well and went right around the field from the wide gate to get to the front. When he got there he started to over race and looked keen to get on with it. Longeron was joined by Joplin and Tampere.

Vintage Lad and Grand Slam Eagle settled midfield and held their spots throughout with Tooleybuc kid a further length or two behind them. Edgewood was toward the back of the field, but did some early work and Space was towards the rear.

They really bunched as they hit the 600m, with Space making its move 5-6 wide.

Joplin dropped out as they hit the straight, as Quick Snitzel put its nose in front. Longeron was still battling away when the wider runners, Grand Slam Eagle and Toolebuc Kid started to build momentum. Vintage Lad was also coming home well, but couldn’t get into clear running until the 200m.

As the line drew closer, it was a two horse race between Grand Slam Eagle and Tooleybuc Kid, with Grand Slam Eagle coming home a length better. Vintage Lad was entitled to be in the finish and still ran really well for 3rd. Longeron was strong to the line and Edgewood ran well considering it blundered the start.

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Race 4: Coolalinga 3YO Handicap – 1100m

1st Falcent – Dwayne Dunn

2nd Bombsquad – Brody Loy

3rd Stick On – Glen Boss

Stick On and Caitlin’s Spirit were nicely away, while Sari was smashed between About Square and Lissomon jumping. Bombsquad and North Atlantic Ice were also away well on the inside of the track. Falcent settled midfield.

They started to apply the pressure at the 400m, where Bombsquad and Stick On had jumped to the lead, with Falcent starting to follow. Sari’s list of excuses continued, as it met a wall of horses when looking for clear running at the 300m.

At the 200m About Square joined the front-runners, as Falcent was slowly getting the better of Stick On and Bombsquad. Bombsquad gave Falcent a run for its money, but was nosed out. Stick On was a length behind 3rd, just in front of About Square. Sari, who was a further length back, was entitled to be in the finish.

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Race 5: Hiraji Handicap – 1600m

1st Clanga’s Glory – Michelle Payne

2nd Vizhaka – Craig Newitt

3rd Chasse – Vlad Duric

As the rain started to come, the favourite Road Trippin jumped away the best in the 5th. Rose Of Texas went around the field and took up the early lead from Road Trippin and DigitalsmVizhaka sat mid field with Clanga’s Glory a length back. Chasse settled towards the rear with Infinite Energy and Thumbtacks last.

Throughout the race, the runners were starting to move away from the fence because of the deteriorating track. This allowed Duric a nice path to bring Chasse to better than midfield on the inside, using little energy.

The back markers were getting away from the fence at the 600m, but with no real urgency. At the 400m, Clanga’s Glory and Thumbtacks started to show the urgency and were building strong momentum and started to chase.

Rose Of Texas was the first beaten at the 400m after leading throughout, where Vizhaka, Road Trippin and Digitalism made it a line of 3 at the front of the field. At the 200m Vizhaka beat the other two off, as Clanga’s Glory and Thumbtacks were still coming out wide. Duric was stuck on Chasse behind the slowing Digitalism and Road Trippin and he lost patience and went for an inside run. Chasse had to be steadied again and may have lost ground before going for the line.

Vizhaka was running well, but Clanga’s Glory was flying and won by a length. Chasse was 3rd but may have been entitled to be a little closer if Duric was a little more patient.

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Race 6: Gala Supreme Handicap – 2000m

1st Streets Of Seattle – Patrick Moloney

2nd Fabriano – Jye MnNeil

3rd Westsouthwest – Dwayne Dunn

The Cleaner was away well and took up its customary front running position by 2 lengths early. The group ofWestsouthwestPicture Editor and Dark Note were in toe. Exceptionally and Streets Of Seattle weren’t far away either. Oregon Spirit dropped back after jumping well and Fabriano was last.

The Cleaner was going out at a good pace and potentially setting it up to be a real staying test. Oregon Spirit started to make its move at the 800m and Fabriano took the tail and went with it.

Maskiel started to apply the pressure on The Cleaner, who was leading by 2 lengths at the 400m, as the field started to bunch up. Oregon’s Spirit started to challenge The Cleaner, continuing its long sustained run. Westsouthwest also joined in.

The Cleaner was getting tired as they passed the 200m, where Oregon Spirit took over briefly before Streets Of Seattle came bursting through with Fabriano. The two battled it out as Westsouthwest was also finishing hard on their inside. Streets Of Seatle got the nose out to beat Fabriano and Westsouthwest. Picture Editor came home really well and was worth noting. For a $50-1 chance Supremacy also came home really well.

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Race 7: Aspen Handicap – 1000m

1st Weekend Special – Adam McCabe

2nd Henwood – Stephen Baster

3rd Broken – Jye McNeil

Aregee McLaren was smashed at the start and dropped back a couple of lengths from the lead early. Day Procedure knuckled but got away and took up the early lead, with CanaliWeekend Special and Queen Delight not too far away. Henwood lacked a little bit of speed from the gate and dropped out to settle about 4 lengths away last.

Not a lot changed in the middle stages until the pressure was starting to be applied at the 400m. Aregee McLaren was starting to make ground on the inside as Day Procedure and Canali started to drop away. Weekend special was the only front runner to keep going and it burst to a 2 length lead at the 200m. It was home at that point, with Henwood and Broken flashing home for the minors. Aregee McLaren was a total forgive and last time it beat Weekend Special easily.

Follow: Henwood and Aregee Mclaren

Race 8: Wrap Around F&M Handicap – 1400m

1st Dnish Whiskey – James Winks

2nd Elfina – Dwayne Dunn

3rd Taat Sensation – Vlad Duric

Ferocious One flew out of the gates to take up the lead from Angela’s DreamElfina and Tatt’s Girl. Angela’s Dream ended up going to the front as they settled. Danish Whiskey settled midfield with Pipette and a length further to Tatt Sensation. Eliza Blues settled last after missing the start with the heavily tried Counted.

At the 600m Bia Diamond and Taat Sensation started to make there run as they peeled out wide.

Angela’s Dream still headed them on turning for home, from Elfina as the field bunched tightly.

As they hit the 400m the runners spread right across the track. Danish Whiskey started to mount an attack on Angela’s Dream, while Taat Sensation, Bia Diamond and Elfina were wider runners also staking their challenge.

Angela’s Dread had enough and dropped out as Danish Whisky and Elfina fought it out to the line. Danish Whisky was too strong and came away by a length to beat Elfina. Taat Sensation was 3rd, just in front of Bia Diamond and Eliza Blues, who was impressive after missing the start.

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Meeting specials: Henwood