Weekend Racing Review – 27th July

Randwick review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st             Watabout                            Nash Rawiller
2nd           Sanzio                                 Jason Collett
3rd            Northern Glory              Tommy Berry

El Sasso jumped best, but it was Meteoros that took up the running as it did last start.  This gave Northern Glory a nice run behind the speed.  Watabout was three pairs back, and moved off the rail in order to find room and be able to challenge in the straight.  Once they turned, Watabout pushed its way into the clear and went on for a pretty impressive victory.  Sanzio ran on ok into second from Northern Glory.  El Sasso stuck on ok in fourth, with Meteoros stopping noticeably in the last bit as it did last start.

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Race 2

1st              Arabian Gold         Peter Robl
2nd           Stamina                      Josh Parr
3rd             Quayside                  Jason Collett

Token led them up initially in the second race, but then Heresdecasino burnt it off which allowed Houston to cross and be outside the lead.  This meant that Token settled on the fence behind the leader.  The eventual winner, Arabian Gold got back to midfield, but was in the clear.  Around the turn, Stamina had found its way into a challenging position up three wide, but was being stalked by Arabian Gold, and when they came to the 200m, Arabian Gold appeared to be jogging as it challenged Stamina.  To the credit of Stamina it didn’t give in without a fight, but in the end Arabian Gold went on for a fairly soft victory, and the first two streeted the rest.

Follow: The first two were a mile superior

Race 3

1st              Queen’s Elect              Nash Rawiller
2nd             Recoinage                  Tim Clark
3rd             Ameliorate                  Kathy O’Hara

Prettyfamous began well but couldn’t get across as Pinocchio and Star Secret kicked up, and Kissescame across from out wide to run to the front.  Prettyfamous found the spot outside the leader once Kisses crossed, but had worked a bit.  When they turned, Pinocchio got an inside run to claim the front, but there looked to be a number of chances.  Recoinage launched its run down the outsie, but Queen’s Elect came wider and ran it down in the last 50m in what was a pretty nice ride by Rawiller.  Gullible and Ciao were both disappointing in this and go into the sack book, in particular Ciao who had a nice run, went through to basically hit the front but then found nothing in the last 100m.

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Race 4

1st             Mount Nebo                      Serge Lisnyy
2nd           Field Marshall                  Tommy Berry
3rd            Red Dynamite                   Yusuke Ichikawa

Mount Nebo was the “on paper” leader before the race, but that went out the window when he missed the start by 4 lengths.  Party Rocker took up the front from Rastro outside of it and Another Lovechild which was on the fence behind the leader.  Windswept which found support in betting was caught wide early and went right back but was still out wide with Field Marshall also wide in front of it.  They were pretty much all over the shop at the 200m, and it was Field Marshall who found its way to the front despite being wide and looked set for victory until Mount Nebo came from what looked an impossible position to claim a narrow victory on the line.  Maybe they won’t lead on it next time out given the way it found the line.  The jury is out on Windswept but it could improve.

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Race 5

1st           Follonica                       Hugh Bowman
2nd         Hidden Kisses            John Kissick
3rd         Total Attraction         Nash Rawiller

A good line out in the fifth with Lady La Douce going up outside Party Dress to share the lead.  The pace looked pretty good at the 600m with Lady La Douce clear but off the fence with Party Dress still kicking up inside of it. Merryanna was trapped wide, and made the turn 4 off the fence.  Lady La Douce was still in front topping the rise, but was claimed at the 100m by Follonica which went onto victory, giving Bowman one back in the jockeys premiership.  Hidden Kisses and Total Attraction chased well down the outside but were never going to get the winner.  Cradle Me ran on ok, but is one of those horses whose racing pattern is going to always be its biggest challenge.

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Race 6

1st             See The World             Nash Rawiller
2nd          Master Harry                Sam Clipperton
3rd            Griffon                            Brenton Avdulla

Master HarryPentasia and Border Rebel out three wide contested the lead, and although the pace looked ok, it was interesting to see See The World a lot closer to the lead today and pulling.  Master Harry retained the fence, with Pentasia on its outside and Border Rebel three wide as they came around the home turn.  See The World was trailing up three and four wide.  Once they turned, My Destiny looked like it might be the one when it pushed into the clear.  See The World looked under a bit of pressure, but then picked up very nicely in the last 200m to run clear from Griffon which finished off well well down the outside to get second from Master Harry. Sainthood and Funtantes finished off well down the outside also.

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Race 7

1st             Iggi Pop                      Tim Clark
2nd            Lucripetous              Christian Reith
3rd            Yulalona                        Hugh Bowman

A mile and a half event for race 7, with Madam Nash running to the front as expected as they went out of the straight.  She led from O’Reilly’s Prize, Bag Of Nickels and Trajet.  In the back straight Madam Nash lifted the speed but didn’t get away with a huge lead as she has done previously.  Inside the 1000m she had a couple of lengths break from O’Reilly’s Prize, and still had that lead on the point of the turn, but the runs were starting to come.  Once they turned, Madam Nash was gone, with Yulalona finding the front and The Bigiamcoming through along the inside to take a share of the lead.  At the 300m, Iggi Pop came with its run and took the front, and kept going to the oline for a well deserved win due to its consistency of late.  Lucripetousdoes what it does and ran on late into second, but never tends to win, and Yulalona stuck on in third.

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Race 8

1st              Eigelstein                Nash Rawiller
2nd             Hendricus              Tim Clark
3rd             Marden                    Brenton Avdulla

Samui Lad missed the kick and went back to near last.  McClintock took it up as it usually does and led fromRiver Of Salvation and Fireball which was three deep.  Zakynthos Imprintz got a nice run behind the speed, as did Hendricus. As it did last start, Hendricus hit the front at the 300m and looked a chance of victory, but it does not find much under pressure, and it was Eigelstein who pounced and went on for victory.  Mardenmade good ground down the outside into third and can be followed, and the run of Burbero should be forgotten as it found no luck at a vital stage in the straight.

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Specials from the meeting: Watabout, Mount Nebo, Field Marshall

Additionally, here are the ones to follow out of the Melbourne meeting that Todd has found for the future.Zuma Roc (Race 2) – Cramped for room a bit in the straight and may have gone better with clear running.

Are There Any (Race 3) – Extremely unlucky when looking for a run and never gave up in the run to the line.

Octavia (Race 5) – Will always be hard to beat in a race where it can find the front uncontested like this.

Sterosonic (Race 7) – Ran on particularly well from near last.

Reparations (Race 8 ) – Was running away from them on the line and can win again.