Weekend Racing Review – 3rd August

Rosehill review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st            Kirov                                  Hugh Bowman
2nd          Harry Hotspur               Tim Clark
3rd           Sugar Rush                      Thomas Huet

The first starter Pinot Gris missed the kick in the first and was a couple of lengths behind them early.  Harry Hotspur went straight to the front, with a few of them dueling for positions.  Kirov went up to sit outside the leader, with Double Eagle settling on the fence in third, and Warcrusher one out one back.  The favourite in the race, Suger Rush got back to third last.  It was a fairly non eventful race in the run, and when they turned, Kirov, which had found support in betting went up and claimed the lead, with Sugar Rush coming down the outside.  In the run to the line, Kirvo was too strong for them, with all others having their chance.  Harry Hotspur managed to kick on and hold second from Sugar Rush.

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Race 2


1st           Windjammer              Hugh Bowman
2nd         Mr Entertainer          John Kissick
3rd         Pirandello                   Christian Reith

Champagne Cath had been well supported since markets went up earlier in the week, but when the barriers opened she came out towards the rear of the field, and then was quickly pushed through the field to share the lead with Pirandello and Snitzel’s Jewel which was trapped three wide.  Yupik and Certitude got nice runs behind the speed.  When they turned, Pirandello still had the front, and Champagne Cath was trying to rally along the inside, but eventually her condition and the fact she was pushed early told on her and she missed a place.  Towards the 300m, you could see Windjammer winding up down the outside with its run.  It looked impressive over the last bit running away from them, but in some ways the race was run to suit also, with those in front cutting at one another.  Mr Entertainer finished off nicely in the last little bit also.

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Race 3

1st          Velrosso               Jim Cassidy
2nd        Fireball                 Tommy Berry
3rd         Dee ‘n’ Gee           Peter Robl

Altius appeared to jump in the air a little bit at the start and was last after 50m, but Velrosso was quickly restrained and went back to that position.  Hurrara found the front as expected, with Norma Betty’s Boygoing to second and Dee ‘n’ Gee settling third on the fence.  After its poor start, Altius went around them into fourth, with a pretty slow pace on.  When they came into the straight, if you were on the favourite Velrosso, you may have been a bit worried that he was still last, but as they came to the 300m, he was making ground and it appeared Cassidy still had a very good hold on him.  When he was gunned at the 200m, he dropped on them fairly easily and came on for a good win over Fireball, which tried hard.  The run of Altius after missing the start and being used up a bit was quite good and should be followed.

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Race 4

1st           Harmonic               Tim Clark
2nd         Canny Ballad         Kathy O’Hara
3rd         The Gallows            Sam Clipperton

Sailor’s Farewell and Brayroan were the two that were a bit tardy at the start, and Eminent Domain was intentionally snagged back to last.  The Gallows, which had support in betting took it up in front from a line of them which were trying to sort themselves out behind it.  Magic In The Mix which was sent out favourite was caught three wide as Elfina kicked up outside the leader.  Eventually Magic In The Mix pushed up outside the lead and shaded The Gallows.  Falzzon looked to get a nice suck along behind the speed.  Early in the straight, The Gallows and Magic In The Mix were fighting it out, but you could see the big baldy face of Harmonic launching its run down the outside.  At the 200m, Harmonic went to them and went straight past them and came on for what looked an impressive victory.  Canny Ballad got going late, and can win soon in a race with good pace on, and Sailor’s Farewell poked up the fence after its ordinary start and gets a pass mark.  Magic In The Mix wasn’t terrible, and can be given another chance.  This could be a good form race.

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Race 5

1st            Lady La Douce              Sam Clipperton
2nd          Breakfast In Bed           Peter Robl
3rd          Omniscent                       Kerrin McEvoy

Favourite Miss from the inside marble pinged out straight to the lead, and the others were out in a pretty even line.  Lady La Douce went up to take on Favourite Miss, but she wouldn’t surrender the lead.  There was a line of three behind the leaders with Sweet Little Lies on the fence, Breakfast In Bed in the centre andImeldamay caught three deep.  Omniscient stalked the pace about three lengths from the front, and got a good trail up into the race around the turn.  Lady La Douce found the front early in the straight, and it was evident that a number of them behind her were racing very tightly.  Breakfast In Bed was probably restricted the most and Kristy Lee a little further back went for a run and was chopped and had to change course.  In the end Lady La Douce held on, but Breakfast In Bed and Kristy Lee both could probably say they may have won with more luck.  Sweet Little Lies also didn’t get a great deal of room.  Omniscient looked to be the one that had every chance but couldn’t get there in the end.

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Race 6

1st           Coup Ay Tee              Jason Collett
2nd         Bayrir                           Hugh Bowman
3rd          Kinnersley                 Tommy Berry

A pretty good line out, with Kinnersley extending itself to cross Bold Glance and Under The Sun which couldn’t find the front today.  The well supported import, Bayrir found a nice spot behind the leader on the fence.  Under The Sun looked to end up three wide.  The pace looked to slow noticeably in the middle stages, which meant Less Is More looked in a bit of strife being back last.  Kinnersley was still in front at the 300m, with Bayrir pushing clear and looking the immediate danger.  Bayrir basically found the front in the shadows of the post, but Coup Ay Tee had been stalking them looking for the way clear, and when that came late, he pinged to the line for a narrow victory.  Less Is More is still looking for clear running, and can be forgiven here.  Under The Sun is not as effective when it cannot dictate in front.  Darci Be Good didn’t do much, but may improve.  Pretty Pins ran on as it always does, but isn’t a punting proposition.  Bayrir looks a natural improver from here.

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Race 7

1st           Sacred Flyer               Glyn Schofield
2nd         Travolta                        Tommy Berr
3rd          Euryale                         Christian Reith

In a race which was pretty much void of pace, the versatile Travolta ran to the front, with Winning Glorymoving up outside of it.  Viking Legend got the run behind the leader on the fence with Sacred Flyer getting a perfect run one out and one back.  Back midfield, Praecido was caught three wide.  Prior to the turn, Sacred Flyer was off three wide, probably realising that Travolta had had a nice time in front and would be the main danger.  Sacred Flyer, Winning Glory and Travolta basically made a line of three at the 300m, with Winning Glory the first to crack, and then Sacred Flyer wore down Travolta to get the win.  Behind them there was a wall of horses trying to get home, with Euryale doing the best of those taking third in a race not really run to suit.

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Race 8

1st             Queen’s Elect                          Courtney Van Der Werf
2nd           Next The Universe               Jim Cassidy
3rd            Titbit                                          John Kissick

Acapela and Bugaboo were very average to begin here, with Acapela trailing off a clear last and Bugaboo second last early.  Recoinage on the other hand ran to a clear lead early, but was taken on by Tenby Lady, which gave Princess Layla a nice trail in third.  Back midfield, Fast And Sexy was caught out very deep.  There looked to be a number of chances as they turned for home, but it was Queen’s Elect that sprinted quickest to claim the lead at about the 300m.  In the run to the line, nothing really got near Queen’s Elect, althoughdid find the line very strongly as it can do to be the best of the beaten runners.  All credit to the winner, and it wouldn’t shock me to see her put three in a row together next time out.  Princess Layla is a very one paced horse and is hard to follow.

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Specials from the meeting: Altius, Breakfast In Bed, Bayrir

Moonee Valley

Race 1 – Cauthen – The obvious black booker from the meeting, stumbled mid race which cost it all chance of running down the winner, but was getting home very nicely and will win next time out.

Race 2 – Gregers – Stating the obvious again, but it was very hard not to be impressed with this win, and it should repeat the dose in better company than this.

Race 4 – Love For Ransom – Raced closer to the pace, but did get cramped for room prior to turning for home, another win is in store soon.

Race 7 – Broken – Doesn’t win out of turn, but I really liked the way this one got to the line on a day when a lot of winners were on pace.