Weekend Racing Review – 6th July

Rosehill review from Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st         Eurozone                                  Tim Clark
2nd       Bull Point                                 Nash Rawiller
3rd        Wouldn’t It Be Nice              Kathy O’Hara

Bull Point wasn’t the best to begin and he was ridden hard to go up to about fourth spot.  Dalton led them up from Kirov when they settled down.  Bull Point ended up getting shuffled back to near last as they headed towards the turn, together with Wouldn’t It Be Nice.  Once they turned, Eurozone sprinted well to take the lead, and then it was up to Bull Point and Wouldn’t It Be Nice to chase down the outside.  Bull Point did the best of this, running away from Wouldn’t It Be Nice but couldn’t pick up Eurozone which held on for a nice win.

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Race 2

1st         Oompa Loompa       Nash Rawiller
2nd       Mount Nebo              Brenton Avdulla
3rd        Rebel Dancer            Tim Clark

Laughing went up in the air at the start and came out last.  Oompa Loompa took up its favourite role in front. The pace looked ok, and it led from Mount Nebo and Omniscient.  I’ve mentioned before that Oompa Loompa is a better horse when it can lead, and today it fought on very well in the straight to hold off Mount Nebo, which challenged it late.  Rebel Dancer ran well in third after being wide throughout.  Caio also finished off ok off a wide run.

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Race 3

1st       Fulgur                      Nash Rawiller
2nd     Illo                             J Kissick
3rd     Winning Glory       Jason Collett

Illo came out last in this, with Fulgur the first out, but Winning Glory went around them to lead with Iggi Pop running to second.  The pace slowed and Fulgur was caught three wide.  Around the turn, Slick Sniper was off with its run about four wide but looked to be under a lot of pressure.  Fulgur tracked it into the race, and was traveling better.  Winning Glory had a good run in front, and got on its bike when they straightened, putting a couple of lengths on them.  Fulgur was the challenger down the outside, together with Illo which came through along the inside.  It was Fulgur that was too good, giving Chris Waller a double so far for the day, and the quinella in this race.

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Race 4

1st            Secessio                            J Kissick
2nd          Piazza San Pietro            Kathy O’Hara
3rd           Diamond Jim                    Jason Collett

Honours Essential was the one that was slow to go here.  As they went out of the straight, Phrases took it up from Piazzo San Pietro.  Arch Fire was caught wide so strode forward to take up the front at about the 1400m. The eventual winner Secessio was getting a good run in about 5th one off the fence.  As they approached the turn, Secessio had stalked the leaders beautifully and sprinted quickly to the front once they straightened.  It was a one act affair in the run to the line, with Secessio winning it easily, and making it a treble for waller.  There wasn’t too much to note behind the winner.

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Race 5

1st           Mic Mac                       Christian Reith
2nd         Under The Sun          Thomas Huet
3rd         Said Com                      Nash Rawiller

Under The Sun showed its usual pace, but Mic Mac which began better than previously went up to lead at a fairly slow pace, which meant that Under The Sun came off the fence.  The field packed up before the turn, and when they came around the turn, Mic Mac had about a length advantage over Under The Sun.  The pace had been slow which meant these two were able to keep going in front and it was Mic Mac that found enough to go on and win it.  Said Com was back to his usual style of finding trouble and then coming home ok at the end.  Forget thatSee The World went around here as the pace did not suit.

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Race 6

1st           Eigelstein                Nash Rawiller
2nd         Happy Hussy         Peter Robl
3rd         Bay Window            Josh Adams

Bay Window showed its usual speed to run to the front early.  He led up from Happy Hussy and Hendricus. Bay Window set up a pretty good pace in front, and when they came around the turn, it was virtually a line of three with Hendricus and Happy Hussy throwing down their challenges.  The favourite Eiglestein was hooked out wide andPretty Pins was getting clear in the middle.  Eigelstein was the one that wanted victory the most, and he went on to beat Happy Hussy.  Pretty Pins was a bit disappointing once into the clear.  This was 4 for Waller.

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Race 7

1st         Master Harry           Josh Parr
2nd       Zaratone                    Kathy O’Hara
3rd       My Destiny                 Tim Clark

A pretty good line out in the 7th with Zaratone taking up its usual role in front from Master Harry, and he had a clear uncontested lead.  Velrosso which was sent out favourite went back to last and gave the speed about 8 lenghts as they came to the corner.  Emotional Circus was caught wide and back in the field.  At the 200m, Zaratone still had it, but Master Harry was threatening danger.  Velrosso had gone back to the fence and made up ground.  In the final stages Master Harry got the better of Zaratone, with My Destiny holding onto third narrowly from Velrosso which ran well, but its racing pattern of getting back is often its trouble.  Whitlam was pretty disappointing in this race.

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Race 8

1st           Single Style           Blake Shinn
2nd         Cradle Me             Peter Robl
3rd          Party Dress          Kane Cross

Road To Scotland went straight back to last in this race, and up front it was a charge for the early lead.  Lisa Lost It took it up from Capital Commander which held the fence and Party Dress which was out wide.  With 400m to go, these three still shared the lead, but Single Style came with a good sprint and dashed clear at the 250m mark with a winning break.  Cradle Me got home well, and Party Dress held on very well after its wide run.Urgent Bells finished off its race well down the outside as it often does.

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Specials from the meeting: Bull Point, Rebel Dancer, Single Style