Review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st       Kaypers               Christian Reith 2nd     Loaded                 Sam Clipperton 3rd      Haussmann       Kerrin McEvoy

Haussmann was out well in the first, with the roughie Jet Style going up to put the pressure on early.  Keith’s Legacy was out wide, with Kaypers to his inside and Loaded up along the fence.  Keith’s Legacy didn’t really have a choice but to push on and it strode clear mid race. Jet Style took on Keith’s Legacy when they turned, which shut the door on Haussmann.  Kaypers was launching a run down the outside and Loaded was also trying to come into it.  Haussmann eventually got into the clear and tried to come at Kaypers on the inside but in the end was being safely held, and it was Loaded who got the closest to Kaypers, making it interesting on the line but not quite getting there.  In behind them,Said Com ran its regular “gunna” race.

Follow: Loaded

Race 2

1st          Hot Snitzel                Hugh Bowman 2nd        Knoydart                   Kerrin McEvoy 3rd         Aeronautical            Tommy Berry

Aeronautical was straight back to the rear, where as Emblems pounced initially on the lead before That’s A Good Idea was ridden hard to go across and lead.  This put Hot Snitzel in a good spot in third initially and then second.  See the world found a bit of trouble and had to be eased off heals.  Knoydart had found itself well back in the field and in some traffic.  Around the turn and up the rise, Hot Snitzel came at That’s A Good Idea with Knoydart looking like it would join in with a strong run.  As soon as you thought that however, he started to run in and didn’t really want to go on with it.  Hot Snitzel struck the front and went strongly to the line, safely holding Knoydart and Aeronautical who got up along the fence.  Emblems went fairly, but didn’t really finish its race off.

Follow: None to follow

Race 3

1st         Two Blue                    Damian Oliver 2nd       You’ll Never             Tommy Berry 3rd        Mount Nebo             Blake Shinn

A pretty good line out here with Casino Swoop going up along the fence to tackle Green Beret for the lead.  Those two cleared out from Boss Lane who got the sit in third.  Single Style who was well in betting commission got all the way back to second last after a slight check.  Nothing Like Luca who also found some betting support was caught three deep.  Once they turned, Boss Lane was the first one to take advantage of its good run in transit and tackled the leaders up the rise.  At this point, Mount Nebo was also poking up along the fence.  Those two were fighting it out, but in the closing 200m, Two Blue andYou’ll Never came with strong runs down the outside, and it was Two Blue getting the verdict on the line.  I don’t think there are any world beaters here.  Single Style made up some ground, but I think it is time to sack him for now.

Follow: None to follow, but sack Single Style

Race 4

1st            Arabian Gold           Damian Oliver 2nd          Pheidon                     Tommy Berry 3rd           Malice                        Kerrin McEvoy

The Frank Packer Plate was run as the fourth event with Equator running to the front from Hooked and Pheidon who settled third the fence.  Malice moved up outside the leader into second which gave Hooked some cover.  Arabian Goldgot a good run sixth on the fence.  The pace didn’t look flash throughout the middle stages.  They noticeably quicked at the 600m mark and Equator had a little break before the turn.  When they turned, Hooked and Pheidon were coming with their runs and Oliver on Arabian Gold had gone back to the fence to come with a run.  Pheidon briefly struck the front but Arabian Gold sprinted best, backing up its last start win with another good one here.  Pheidon, Malice and Hooked all ran ok in second, third and fourth.  Takewing worked home ok like a stayer in the making.

Follow: Takewing can develop into a stayer

Race 5

1st          Go Indy Go             Chad Schofield 2nd        Zululand                   Stephen Baster 3rd         Kumaon                   Kerrin McEvoy

They pretty much came out as one in the Champagne Stakes for the two-year-olds, with Unknown Destiny and Zululand settling in front once they settled.  Kumanon got a nice run on the fence behind the speed with Lucky Raquieoutside of it.  Veuvelicious was midfield and Peggy Jean found herself back last with Go Indy Go.  At the 600m mark, Peggy Jean was off around them, which put Veuvelicious in a pocket and that soon turned into trouble for her.  Go Indy Go got on the back of Peggy Jean for a cart into the race and when they straightened came widest and went straight past Peggy Jean at the 200m mark and was coming after the leaders.   At the 100m mark, Go Indy Go had them covered and came away for an impressive win over Zululand, Kumanon andScratch Me Lucky.  Peggy Jean managed to run fourth, but realistically it ran its grand final last start, and Veuvelicious found its way into fifth and will pay to see again next campaign.

Follow: The winner looks smart, Zululand and Veuvelicious will come back better next time in.

Race 6

1st            Hana’s Goal            Nash Rawiller 2nd          Weary                       Tommy Berry 3rd          Tiger Tees               Hugh Bowman

Atlante initially came out of the gates best but then Tiger Tees moved through along the inside to look for the lead.  As he did this however, Atlante wanted the front and went there from Tiger Tees and Woodbine, which left Rebel Danethree deep throughout.  The eventual winner Hana’s Goal got back to a clear last, Weary was back second last.  Tiger Tees got the run as they turned for home and Rebel Dane was being wound up down the outside.  At the 200m mark, Shamexpress was getting a run on the fence and looking a chance, as Rebel Dane was peaking on its run.  Whilst all this was going on, Hana’s Goal was coming two to their one right down the outside and went away to win it convincingly on the line from Weary who also put in a good finishing effort.  Tiger Tees backed up its last start win with another good run.  Rebel Dane looked disappointing but will improve on this run.

Follow: Rebel Dane will improve

Race 7

1st        Estonian Princess              Brenton Avdulla 2nd       Northern Glory                 Tommy Berry 3rd        Lady Lakshmi                    Stephen Baster

A few of them came out in a line here, but eventually it was Calming Influencethat led with Lady Lakshmi inside of it.  This gave Northern Glory andChampagne Cath good runs on the fence behind the speed.  Back in the field, from the 800m mark, Miniature started to get on the heals of those in front of it and the trouble basically never stopped for it.  The eventual winner, EstonanianPrincess was another to come from last around the turn.  In the straight, Northern Glory looked a big chance as it went to Lady Lakshmi and looked to hold about a head advantage over that horse in the run to the line, but Estonian Princess had come through the field and really attacked the line to get there by a whisker.  I mentioned Miniature earlier, and it really finished off well once it was all over, and the run should completely be forgotten, apart from following it at its next run as it would have been in the finish here with any luck at all (or perhaps a better ride).

Follow: Miniature   Race 8

1st          Spillway                Kerrin McEvoy 2nd        Danchai                Glyn Schofield 3rd         Slow Pace            Jim Cassidy

They took a little while to sort themselves out in the last.  It was Diametric that initially led before Strawberry Boy went around it and ran to the front.  Zephyronhad a nice run on the fence where as I’m Imposing was caught three wide and looked to have little hope of getting in as Diametric kicked up to keep it wide mid race.  Around the turn, Slow Pace and Maluckyday were the ones that were wide and coming with their runs as others had done earier in the day.  I’m Imposing put in a dash topping the rise and was then claimed by Slow Pace but Spillway was the one that was ridden with the most patience and came with the biggest finish down the outside to get the money.  Danchai was back near last around the turn, and didn’t come wide like many others through the day did but still made up a lot of ground against the fence in what was a good run.  I’m Imposing, given the wide trip it had also ran well as did Slow Pace, who perhaps just came into it a bit too soon.

Follow: I’m Imposing, Slow Pace

Specials from the meeting: Miniature, I’m Imposing


Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Catanach’s Jewellers Handicap (1000m)

1st More For Me – Linda Meech 2nd Husson Eagle – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Bondeiger – James Winks

Even line out though Bondeiger and Ramsden Street lacked early pace. Plenty of them wanted to lead and I Am The General won the battle ahead of Rough JusticeAkhlaaq and Yours Mine Ours out wider. Fifthleg Bro kicked up on the fence and in that bunch was Recalculate. They fanned a bit on the turn and I Am The General and Akhlaaq were left in front. Rough Justice couldn’t go with them and More For Me had worked through from the second half to loom up with Yours Mine Ours. Husson Eagle was the widest runner. The picture changed a bit by the 200m where Rough Justice got his second wind to challenge the leaders, More For Me chimed in and Husson Eagle looked like he was going to storm past them. Bondeiger was poking up behind those trying to get into the clear. More For Me hit the front and held Husson Eagle who had his chance and Bondeiger managed to work into third ahead of Recalculate running on. Didn’t mind the run of Ramsden Street from a provincial point of view.

Follow: stick with the first two home.

Race 2: Hyland Race Colours Handicap (1000m)

1st Legcut – Katelyn Mallyon 2nd – Nadeem Lass – Jye McNeil 3rd Hotel Sierra – Harry Coffey

Koe went down on her nose at the start and did a good job to pick herself up and ease into the second half. A line of four led them with Hotel Sierra on the fence, Just A Girl one off, Vain Queen three wide and Lateva off the track.Legcut had a perfect trail behind those. Lonhruge and Vibrant Rouge were next. Lateva was the first of the leaders to drop off, and was later found to have bled, and Vain Queen loomed alongside Just A Girl and Hotel Sierra like she was going just cruise on by but didn’t find anything. Hotel Sierra kicked again to regain the lead, Nadeem Lass saved plenty of ground on the inside and came off her heels to challenge. Vain Queen battled away before Legcut let down with a sprint and picked them up and raced away. Nadeem Lass a nice second and Hotel Sierra just held Vain Queen for third. Koe finished right on their heels. Big disappointments from the previously unbeaten Vain Queen as well as Just A Girl, can’t find any excuses for them.

Follow: Nadeem Lass was solid second-up and watch for Koe around 1400m.

Race 3: Schweppes Handicap (1800m)

1st Correggio – Steven King 2nd Trade Commissioner – Craig Newitt 3rd Kitten On The Run – Jason Benbow

Trade Commissioner was a bit casual out of the gates and settled last.Backstedt rolled to the lead as is his norm with Pin Your Hopes on his tail.Kitten On The Run was caught three wide so pushed on and ran to the lead at the 1200m or so. Price Of Glory settled well in behind the speed from Niblick in the clear. Kitten On The Run took a little while to find the fence but he kept running along, Pin Your Hopes put Backstedt in an unfamiliar pocket. Coming to the turn Correggio made a dash from second last to be loomed up four wide and Trade Commissioner was immediately on his back. Kitten On The Run was being challenged about 300m out by Backstedt but Correggio had them covered easily. Pin Your Hopes didn’t show any fight. Trade Commissioner was a bit flat footed when Correggio sprinted but he picked up gradually to be beaten a length. Kitten On The Run held third in a pretty handy effort. No excuses for the beaten brigade but like to see Kitten On The Run ridden off the pace and Backstedt when leading.

Follow: coming back from 2000m went against Trade Commissioner. Give him another chance.

Race 4: Routleys Bakers Handicap (1600m)

1st Khutulun – Jye McNeil 2nd Tear Gas – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Moonlight Magic – Jackie Beriman

An early battle for the lead with Madam Gangster holding the fence ahead ofKona Breeze and Khutulun striding up three wide. Moonlight Magic settled fourth in the clear and Tear Gas was restrained behind her as Sweet Starlettpoked up on the fence. Madam Gangster dropped her head noticeably in the lead and Khutulun settled okay outside her. Sweet Starlett worked up along the fence to be on their back coming to the turn and Kona Breeze eased out three wide to make a run. Scarlet Moretta moved Moonlight Magic out of the way on turning to make her bid, which was short-lived. Khutulun took over a fair way from home but had a good break on the rest of the field. Moonlight Magic picked herself up to chase home and Tear Gas let go with a big sprint out wide and got very close but Khutulun held on. Moonlight Magic clung on to third ahead ofNative Land and Madam Gangster. Be a little forgiving of Native Land as she got a long way back and when the pace slowed she was out of play. The winner is handy though.

Follow: Tear Gas in races around a mile, forgive Native Land.

Race 5: NZB Handicap (1300m)

1st Search Squad – Ibrahim Gundogdu 2nd Self Sense – Kayla Nisbet 3rd Tankster – Laurie Whelan

Wildebeast was ridden hard to cross from a wide gate and take up the running.Mr Backchat tried to follow him across and eventually worked up on the outside. Darney Gub had the box seat and Self Sense did a good job to land fourth off his wide gate. Intrepido was checked and that allowed Search Squadto pass him and find a good spot. Excellent Flight also moved by him to be three back on the fence. Wildebeast opened up a handy lead early in the straight but was in trouble coming to the 300m. Self Sense was the first to tackle him with Darney Gub and Mr Backchat boxing on. Search Squad came off Self Sense’s back and Tankster made his run at the same time. Search Squad finished the race off just a bit too well to grab Self Sense and Tankster produced another nice run to finish a close third. Mr Backchat fought on pretty well considering he sat on the pace. Forget By The Grace went around, was checked early on and got too far back and didn’t get a crack at them late. Not a bad run from Majestic Artie just ahead of him.

Follow: stay with By The Grace. Tankster has win in him somewhere.

Race 6: F&M Benchmark 84 Handicap (1300m)

1st Girl Guide – Jye McNeil 2nd Awasita – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Scatcat – Billy Egan

Unscrupulous missed it by two or three as she usually does. Princess Royalewas straight on the lead and Girl Guide, as she did when they clashed at their previous start, landed outside her. Evie Rose held the fence next inside ofScatcat and Awasita was being restrained to get some cover. High Designsettled next and there was a break to the rest of the field. Pace wasn’t overly strong and Princess Royale led comfortably from Girl Guide. Scatcat came up three wide before the turn and Awasita stayed on her back. About 300m out it looked like Scatcat was going to claim them but Girl Guide stayed with her and regained the lead. Princess Royale kept fighting, as she was entitled to. Holy Delusions ran up behind them on the inside but her run ended quickly. Awasita chimed in out wide late. Girl Guide kept giving and stuck her head out for yet another win. Awasita had her chance as did Scatcat. Princess Royale was close up and they beat the remainder pretty comfortably with Unscrupulous picking up all but first four.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 7: Perri Cutten Handicap (1500m)

1st Horacio – Jye McNeil 2nd Digitalism – Harry Coffey 3rd Under The Hat – Joseph Azzopardi

Belgietto was a shade slow and Under The Hat drifted back quickly. Primitive Man had a shot for the lead from his wide gate and was held out by Alrouz. A bunch of about six were next with Harveys True Heart pushing on to tackle the leaders and Quick Shakes went with him. They eventually settled in front. Just off those were HoracioSecret Toy Bizness and DigitalismAnimoso was trapped wide midfield. Harveys True Heart went for home early in the straight and found a couple of lengths. Horacio wound up well out wider and quickly claimed the lead at the 200m. Primitive Man and Alrouz were boxing on on the inside. Digitalism began to wind up and Under The Hat was weaving through the pack. Horacio was far too good though and held that duo comfortably. Note an improved run from Digitalism. Animoso had no luck at all so his fourth placing was solid and Pepin Hoaks ran on pretty well.

Follow: tricky form race, give Animoso another chance in the right race.

Race 8: Le Pine Funerals Handicap (1300m)

1st Shadow Ninja – Steven King 2nd Specter – Daniel Moor 3rd Rich Jack – Darren Gauci

Campanology was pretty slow and Soros also missed the start a couple of lengths. Rich Jack jumped straight on the lead and ran them along. Shadow Ninja stuck with him and they held a couple of lengths on Duke Of Cornwalland LightenuffZedi Knght couldn’t get near the lead and then a few more lengths to Sir Fernando. The field strung right out in the middle stages. Rich Jack and Shadow Ninja were still at it early in the straight and they were a mile in front at the 300m. The one sailing down the outside was the big greySpecter. Zedi Knight was struggling and running on late were Henwood and Campanology. Shadow Ninja got the better of Rich Jack at the 100m and he had enough in the tank to hold off Specter and a gallant Rich Jack. Henwood ran an improved race and who knows where Campanology would have finished if he jumped with them. Soros ran on next behind them. Specter has now run four seconds on end and hasn’t won since September 2011, he’s either close to a win or one of those horses that always runs on.

Follow: Henwood and Campanology are ready to peak now.

Specials from the meeting: Koe, Native Land, Animoso, Campanology.