Flemington review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Dorevitch Pathology (1600m)

1st Audino – Jordan Childs
2nd Epic Saga – Damian Lane
3rd Tallat – Regan Bayliss

Tallat was sent straight to the front with Audino trailing early. Epic Saga raced outside Moscow Pearl. Tramcar Johnny raced a bit ungenerously and pulled his way up three wide. Zlatan and Godfrey were at the tail. Audino moved alongside Tallat midrace to share the lead and Tramcar Johnny kept going up to third. Moscow Pearl continued to get a nice run with Epic Saga dropping back a length or two. Audino was asked to go past the 400m but Tallat still had a kick and Epic Saga was emerging out wide, while this was going on Moscow Pearl couldn’t get a clear crack at them and seemed to give up a bit as she didn’t dash at all when she found room. Audino kept going and just held off Epic Saga to make it three wins on end. Tallat was entitled to box on for a place and he did while Godfrey ran on along the fence without threatening ahead of Moscow Pearl, who has to be regarded as disappointing. Wasn’t a fast run race and that played into the hands of the winner.

Follow: hard to knock the winner but a city win mightn’t be far off for Epic Saga.

Race 2: Building Engineering (1400m)

1st Petite Diablesse – Jessica Payne
2nd Calming Influence – Damien Oliver
3rd Young Tigers Jeuney – Jye McNeil

Calming Influence bounced out quickly and took up the running with Young Tigers Jeuney on her outside. Koe and Coronation Shallan landed in good spots just off the speed. There was a couple of lengths to St Chloe with Petite Diablesse on her inside. They didn’t look to be going overly fast as Calming Influence controlled the race with her 60kg. Young Tigers Jeuney was still being held together at the 400m and Coronation Shallan looked like posing a threat as she loomed up. Petite Diablesse was held up in behind them as Eruption made her run outside St Chloe and Petite Diablesse had to go back towards the inside to get a run. Calming Influence pinched a couple of lengths break going to the 200m but they were closing on her. Young Tigers Jeuney couldn’t quite get there and Petite Diablesse drove through between them and stuck the head out on the line to win, the 9kg weight difference proving decisive. Coronation Shallan just battled behind the placings and Eruption wasn’t bad considering the tempo.

Follow: stick with Calming Influence.

Race 3: Lanec Services (1400m)

1st Tips And Beers – Michael Walker
2nd Galway Warrior – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Corporate Takeover – Nick Hall/Silent Man – Jye McNeil

Plenty of competition for the early lead with Majestic Artie, Magic Tom and Melting Moment making a line of three. As Melting Moment ran to the lead Written Intent kept moving around them to go up to second. Tips And Beersand Corporate Takeover enjoyed good runs around midfield. They really packed up coming to the turn and early in the straight it was like a straight race as they fanned across the track. Melting Moment was still giving a sight but was under pressure at the 300m and Tips And Beers and Galway Warrior made their runs together challenging. Corporate Takeover got up on the inside and Majestic Artie couldn’t go with them. Right down the outside Rich Rivermade a dash at them from the back while Written Intent got his second wind and Silent Man charged along the inside. Tips And Beers stuck the head in front at the 50m and managed to hold them off with a wall of horses lining up for the minors. Galway Warrior held second and Corporate Takeover and Silent Man shared third but there was probably a long neck between the six of them, a nice run from Rich River and Royal Glance was close up.

Follow: blanket finish but a handy first-up run from Rich River.

Race 4: The Sunshine Kids (1600m)

1st Spanish Love – Craig Williams
2nd Native Land – Matthew Allen
3rd Lilly Dazzler – Michael Walker

Native Land ran to the lead early as Spanish Love handed it up from her inside alley. Mumbai Rock was handy and Kiss Me Ketut pressed on to take up the running at the first turn. She spread the field out a bit in the middle stages. Miss Nimble and Miss Maggiebeel were a long way off the speed in midfield. Kiss Me Ketut clearly was overdoing it in front and Native Land enjoyed a great cart up behind her with Spanish Love getting similar favours. Miss Maggiebeel got to Mumbai Rock on the turn with Chabelle and Lilly Dazzler peeling out wide. Native Land cruised past Kiss Me Ketut at the 300m with Spanish Love under a bit of pressure to chase. They got away from the rest headed by Lilly Dazzler sailing down the outside. Spanish Love took a long time to wind up but she finished her race off too well in the last 100m or so for a strong win. Native Land ran a much improved race second-up though did have every chance. Lilly Dazzler was the best from the back but was never a winning threat. Miss Maggiebeel disappointed.

Follow: Spanish Love is a very progressive mare, stay with her. There’s also a win in Native Land this prep.

Race 5: Spotless Western Health Cup (2000m)

1st Phantom Brew – Glen Boss
2nd Extra Zero – Michael Walker
3rd Tuscan Fire – Tom Sadler

Phantom Brew wasted no time in taking up the running and rolled along ahead off Lightenuff. They got away a few lengths on Fat Al with Tuscan Fire following him. Magnapal and Darbadar were together midfield. Not a lot of change for a fair way as the leader had them stretched out and Extra Zero was the first to pull out from the back to creep forward at about the 800m. Phantom Brew still travelled okay on the turn but Lightenuff was being heeled along. Fat Al couldn’t sprint with them and Tuscan Fire started his run. Extra Zero was the widest and winding up. Phantom Brew was still a couple clear at the 300m and Tuscan Fire was the one setting out after him. Lightenuff and Darbadar were beaten and Magnapal tried very hard. Extra Zero kept coming out wide but just failed to pick up Phantom Brew who staved them all off. Big run from Extra Zero from last but he’s again fallen short and has now been placed seven starts on end. Tuscan Fire had every chance and Magnapal wasn’t disgraced, he was tightened up at about the 50m but it didn’t cost him a place.

Follow: none.

Race 6: Johnstaff Handicap (2000m)

1st Golden Mane – Jye McNeil
2nd Wyoming – Craig Williams
3rd More Rewarding – Jordan Childs

More Rewarding and Polkaface held the early lead with Kinesthetic and Solomon’s Song also in the firing line. Wyoming dropped in behind them with Heater and Golden Mane a few pairs back. As they sorted themselves out Solomon’s Song ran to the front from Kinesthetic and Polkaface took the box seat. More Rewarding wound up with a perfect trail around Wyoming. More Rewarding was flushed out before the turn as Heater started to stride forward and there was a line of four at the top of the straight. Wyoming came off the fence and was poised behind them while Golden Mane crept forward into the spot she vacated. Kinesthetic and More Rewarding took over by the 400m but were sitting shots. Wyoming started to hit top gear while Polkaface and Golden Mane had a bumping duel closer to the inside. Wyoming got to More Rewarding past the 200m but Golden Mane sprinted a lot better on their inside to hit the lead soon after. Wyoming had her chance but ran well and More Rewarding was game after doing a bit of work. From the back God Help Her ran on well for fourth as she often does.

Follow: More Rewarding’s effort was big.

Race 7: Western Health Foundation (1700m)

1st Qadir – Damien Oliver
2nd Sadaqa – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Scelto – Regan Bayliss

Stratigraphy was a shade slow to begin. Scelto jumped quickly and was sent to the lead ahead of Sadaqa. London Stripe was trapped wide and went forward as Constant Force eased to look for a trail. Me Hungi sat up behind them and Stratigraphy improved to midfield. Kingdom Of Dreams was forced back to last. Scelto travelled a lot better than London Stripe on the turn and Me Hungi was also under pressure. Sadaqa loomed up quickly soon after. Stretched right across the track again, Scelto led in the middle with Me Hungi trying to stick on along the fence, Sadaqa and Practiced were wider and Kingdom Of Dreams made his run down the extreme outside. Qadir andMightiest came through closer to the fence. Scelto was still in front with 60m to run but Qadir was the one finishing quickly and he arrived in time to win from another wall of horses. Sadaqa and Scelto hit the line together to share second just ahead of Kingdom Of Dreams, Practiced and Stratigraphy with Me Hungi only a length or so from the winner and Mightiest another length away. The rest were beaten a long way.

Follow: none

Race 8: Lola’s Gift Handicap (1400m)

1st Mighty Like – Dean Yendall
2nd Ringo – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Garud – Damian Lane

Mister Milton was snagged back to last from his outside alley and Tax Evader also went back. A bit of a battle up front with Decircles holding the lead ahead of Spacecraft and Our Hand Of Faith. Tried And Tired landed in the perfect trail with Mighty Like on his back for a while before sliding up three wide. The field bunched pretty quickly coming to the turn. Decircles still led at the 400m but Tried And Tired sprinted up out in the middle to challenge and Mighty Like went with him. Spacecraft dropped off while Garud and Mister Milton were warming up, Ringo was the widest. Yet again they stretched across the track, Mighty Like got past Tried And Tired who found nothing, Mister Milton was there and Ringo kept coming down the outside. Garud dashed through late as well. Mighty Like held them all off though and was a little too strong. Ringo and Garud both ran very well first-up while Tried And Tired had his chance but did box on with Mister Milton just behind the placings. Big gap to Tax Evader who ran on without threatening. The winner is very honest.

Follow: Ringo was a nice first-up run and has upside.

Race 9: Gifte Handicap (1400m)

1st Madam Gangster – Craig Williams
2nd Profit Share – Michelle Payne
3rd Making Mayhem – Dwayne Dunn

Gracious Prospect was a bit slow out but improved to midfield. Australian Venture was sent to the lead ahead of Rock ‘N’ Gold and Ilgattino. Madam Gangster found herself in fourth and Making Mayhem improved to her outside. Dancing Rose was about midfield on the fence and Profit Share followed her. Madam Gangster was shaken up on the turn and moved to the leaders early in the straight. Rock ‘N Gold went back to the inside to get a run and Profit Share had to wait before switching to the outside about 300m out. Making Mayhem made his run at the same time. Madam Gangster burst clear and established a winning break over Profit Share who could only get within two lengths and seemed to have his chance. Making Mayhem ran another honest race for a place while Berisha finished his race off strongly again late. Rock ‘N’ Gold battled on okay but the first two home were clearly superior.
Follow: Berisha over a mile or more.

Specials from the meeting: Rich River, More Rewarding, Ringo.


Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st Dupe Em’ – Glyn Schofield
2nd Minnesota – Taylor Marshall
3rd Va Va Veni – Tim Clark

The first event was hotly contested for the lead early on, with Minnesota going through to lead from Felines. Lockroy landed third but was stuck three wide, with Bold Circle railing through after a bad start into about fourth. Around the turn and up the rise, Felines came at Minnesota, with Bold Circle trying to make ground on the fence. It was a hotly contested race inside the 300m mark, with Dupe ‘Em coming with a run down the outside. In the run to the line, Dupe ‘Em and Minnisota were the two that settled down to fight it out with Dupe ‘Em going home a bit the better to beat Minnestor and Va Va Veni.

Follow: The winner might repeat the dose

Race 2

1st Beyond Thankful – Samantha Clenton

2nd Plutorius – Koby Jennings
3rd Darci Magic – Tim ClarkLove Takes Over led them up in the second event from Barge And Charge, with Darci Magic settling third on the fence and Beyond Thankful outside of it. At about the 700m, Byond Thankful was the first to make a move, coming out three wide to be in a challenging position by the time they turned. Three were basically in line as they came around the turn, with Barge And Charge going up to join Love Takes Over, and Beyond Thankful going up to the pair. Beyond Thankful led at the furlong with Darci Magic coming through along the inside to just about join it. Plutorius was also coming with a run down the outside. In the last bit, there was not much between the three of them, with Beyond Thankful getting the money from Plutorous and Darci Magic. And yes, I was the bloke who sacked Beyond Thankful last start!Follow: None to followRace 31st Saigon Tea – Glyn Schofield
2nd Terai – James McDonald
3rd Metaphorical – Kerrin McEvoyThe Christmas Cup was was three and Permit was ridden to go up towards the lead, but World Wide went up and led after being initially stuck wide. Into the back straight, World Wide had it by a clear margin and was looking to slow up in front. Permit moved to second with Metaphorical in third. Terai got the one out and one back trail in fourth. At about the 800m World Wide got the speed going a bit and that meant a few started to make their runs. The main on was Metaphorical who was challenging for the lead around the bend. Terai was also coming with a run and Saigon Tea had been hooked to the outside. World Wide was quickly beaten off and the other three looked the main chances. That soon became two, with Terai and Saigon Tea fighting it out. They went to the line in a good struggle, with Saigon Tea maintaining a margin to beat Terai. They absolutely spaced the rest, headed by Metaphorical back in third spot.

Follow: None to follow

Race 4

1st Odyssey Moon – Ty Angland
2nd Kimberley Star – Tim Clark
3rd Let’s Make It Rain – Sam Clipperton

Fashion Model and Double Good both missed the kick. There was a charge for the lead with Domanus leading from Hot Snippety over on the fence. Oddyssey Moon and Swift Reply were both caught out wide. Let’s Make It Rain had a nice run in behind them and by the time they came to the 300m, it had used that good run in transit to burst through and hit the front. Kimberly Star was doing its best to come after it. No sooner did Kimberley Star wear down the leader though, and Odyssey Moon came at it and went home a little bit the better for the win. All credit has to go to the winner here for sitting wide and proving too strong. Dane Slugger worked home best of those back in the field, in a good debut run.

Follow: Dane Slugger

Race 5

1st Our Boy Malachi – James McDonald
2nd Dothraki – Blake Shinn
3rd Cradle Me – Sam Clipperton

Howmuchdoyoulove me led them up from Our Boy Malachi who was a short priced favourite to record yet another win. Dothraki pushed up three wide which kept Fare Well four wide. The pace didn’t look strong in this event which meant Our Boy Malachi was always in a controlling position, and when they turned he was traveling well and soon ran to the front with Dothraki looking about the only danger. At the 200m mark, James McDonald asked Our Boy Malachi for another gear and he found one. If you had take the short odds you were on good terms with yourself from there on as he strode clear and put three or four on them in the run to the line. There is no reason at all that he won’t keep winning, particularly if they let him get away with this type of sit and sprint tactic.

Follow: Our Boy Malachi (winners keep winning)

Race 6

1st Rudy Luke – Tarrant
2nd I’m Imposing – Ty Angland
3rd Strawberry Boy – Jim Cassidy

Strawberry Boy was best to begin and led them up early on. Rose Of Choice came across outside the leader and Keep Cool was out three wide in about third. Aomen and Monton got nice runs behind the speed. Sir Moments had three wide cover. Around the turn, Strawberry Boy still had it and came well away from the fence. He kicked up the rise, but inside the 200m mark was struggling as Estonian Princess went through to hit the front. Rudy and I’m Imposing were the two finishing off well down the outside. Those two had it between them soon after and it was Rudy who finished best to beat I’m Imposing. Estonian Princess held onto third. Scream Machine was the closer from the back, but was never a winning chance.

Follow: Scream Machine may have one run left in it in something easier and is at its peak

Race 7

1st Ball Of Muscle – Glyn Schofield
2nd Miniature – Blake Shinn
3rd Holder Sunset – Jason Collett

Ball Of Muscle seemingly under its own steam worked out to lead from Holder Sunset who held the fence. Master Gaze was trapped out wide in about third spot. Around the turn it still looked like Ball Of Muscle was traveling well, and he was asked for the effort after they topped the rise and seemed to be holding them. The second pick in betting, Miniature had worked through along the inside after being last early on and looked to be the only possible danger. Ball Of Muscle knows how to win, much like Our Boy Malachi earlier in the day, and found plenty in the run to the line to come away and take it by close to a length from Miniature who should lose no admirers after this effort. Holder Sunset held onto third, with nothing really coming from the back.

Follow: Miniature (ran into a smart one today and had to come from last)

Race 8

1st Peace Force – Brenton Avdulla
2nd Mamwaazel – Hugh Bowman
3rd Whitten’s Delight – Matthew Neilson

Passion Flower was slow to begin along with Nisroc. Peace Force was keen to lead and did so. Mamwaazel was in third with Doubtful Miss back along the rail in fourth spot. Dublin Lass was caught three wide and didn’t look like getting in. Around the turn, Peace Force traveled pretty well in front with Mamwaazel struggling to get on terms. Before the furlong mark, Peace Force was asked to extend and did just that. It never looked in any danger throughout the whole race in all honesty, and must be said to be another impressive winner on the day. Mamwaazel stuck to its guns in second, on a day where it did seem hard to make ground in some races, mainly due to the pace.

Follow: Peace Force

Specials from the meeting: Miniature, Dane Slugger