Review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st         Black Jag                          Serge Lisnyy 2nd       Strike Me Lucky           Taylor Marshall 3rd        Saghann                            Jason Collett

A 2200m event to get the stand alone Scone meeting kicked off, and there were no world beaters engaged in this one.  By the time they reached the winning post on the first occasion, Black Jag had taken it up.  Plutorius was in second, with Phrases tucked away on the fence third and Retort Courteous getting a nice run in fourth.  Plutorius moved a little closer to Black Jag mid race as he had dropped the tempo, there was no change in the order though.  Inside the 800m mark, Black Jag quickened a bit, and seemed to travel as well as anything up to the turn.  In the straight, Black Jag just kept bobbing and held them off.  It is worth noting that at about the 200m mark, those behind Black Jag got into a dodgem cars demonstration, with Plutorius and Phrases copping most of it.  It was a good effort by Saghann to work its way through that and not be put off balance and then to flash at the winner late.  Raunchy Rocker also finished its race off well.

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Race 2

1st          Big Money               Taylor Marshall 2nd        Pompidou                Paul Hammersley 3rd        Rock Magic              Yusuke Ichikawa

In the second over the sprint trip, Holder Sunset showed any amount of speed to lead easily from Kreskin when they settled down.  Net Worth was back along the inside, In Top Gear looked to be three wide and Lady La Douce four wide.  Half way up the straight, Holder Sunset had given a good kick, and got away from them, but Big Money was coming with a booming run down the outside, and went to it pretty easily in the last part of the race and came away for an impressive win.  Pompidou finished off well to get into second along with Rock Magic.  Holder Sunset got tired over on the fence but still beat the rest home.  All credit to the winner here.

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Race 3

1st         Mighty Lucky              Nathan Thomas 2nd       Haussmann                  Dwayne Dunn 3rd        Emblems                       Kerrin McEvoy

Emblems had been very well supported to win this race and began well along the inside to lead from I’m In The Money when then decided to take it on and head it off.  Mid race, I’m In The Money put up a break of about 3 lengths over Emblems with Usain Prince in third along the fence.  Haussmann came around them four wide as they turned for home.  Emblems was ridden hard in the straight to find the lead with just over 100m to go, but never really looked the winner.  Soon after he was taken on by Mighty Lucky and Haussman, with Mighty Lucky bobbing on the line for victory.  Velrosso finished off ok down the outside, and Masthead didn’t look to find a lot of room in the final 100m.  The run of Emblems was ok, but the odds certainly were not justified.

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Race 4

1st         Shigeru Sendan             Tim Clark 2nd       Uratta Belle                    Christian Reith 3rd        More For Me                 Chad Schofield

I’m Chillin’ had plenty of pace along the inside and led from La Bella Rouge, with Above Suspicion back in third spot, and Shigeru Sendan was back in fourth along the inside.  In the straight, La Bella Rouge was the first to look to tackle I’m Chillin’, but Shigeru Sendan quickly had that pair and Uratta Bellewas launching with a big run down the outside from well back.  Once Clark fully wound up Shigeru Sendan it really kicked in and fought hard to the line to clearly hold off Uratta Belle who was good in second, and they put up a gap over More For Me who gets a pass mark for its effort in third.  Alpen Rose ran a good race in fourth and can definitely win something easier as this was only its second race start.

Follow: Uratta Belle, Alpen Rose

Race 5

1st          Atmospherical            Tim Clark 2nd        Fare Well                       Jason Collett 3rd        Miss Alibi                       Christian Reith

The Wesleyan used an inside gate to lead Miss Alibi and Yupik who was trapped three deep.  Atmospherical was trapped very wide but may have had some cover.  In the straight, despite being wide, Atmospherical looked to travel ok, and went up to the two leaders at about the 200m mark, with Fare Wellcoming with a good run down the outside.  In the last 100m, I think Fare Well was entitled to get past Atmospherical, but Atmospherical dug deep and held her off.  Fare Well was a good run in second, and it continues to hold its form well.  Those two came away from Miss Alibi who held third from The Messina Nymph who finished off ok without every threatening.  The first two home here were the best two runs in the race.

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Race 6

1st           Seaside                    Kerrin McEvoy 2nd         Aerobatics             Christian Reith 3rd         Myamira                 Robert Thompson

Race 6 was the Dark Jewel Classic which drew together a good field of Fillies and Mares.  It was a very good line out, with Two Blue running to the front.  Gold Eopona and Miss Stellabelle were in second and third early on and Lilliburlerowas out wide in fourth spot.  Up to the turn, Two Blue still had it with Lilliburlero going up to it out very wide on the track and was being trailed up by Seaside.  Miss Stellabelle came through along the inside as they turned to also tackle for the lead. Inside the 200m mark, the outside brigade came with their runs and it was Seaside who held of Aerobatics and Myamira.  In the end the first three home were the freshest horses in the straight and got the job done, but I very much liked the run of Lilliburlero who held on for fourth and came away from the rest of the field.

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Race 7

1st          Cosmic Endeavour            Kerrin McEvoy 2nd        Liberty’s Choice                  Josh Parr 3rd         Ryker                                      Tim Clark

The Scone Guineas was race 7 with Chataqua coming out of the gates slowly as it can tend to do so and Recife Beach made a complete mess of the start with the jockey doing a pretty good job to stay on board.  Chasing Charlie led from Ryker and Federica and they strung out a bit indicating the pace was pretty good.  Cosmic Endeavour was about 4 lengths off the lead when they came to the turn.  In the straight, Ryker did it’s best to try and claim victory after being on the speed the whole way, but Cosmic Endeavour finished very well in the last 100m to pick it up and hold off Liberty’s Choice who also tried to come with it.  Ryker held third from Just A Blur who was a good run after being wide the whole way.  Chataqua got inside runs up the straight to get itself into fifth but just gave away too much start after a poor jump, which is a habit it needs to fix and it will make a decent racehorse.  They were pretty much all over the shop in the straight so it would pay to take a look at the replay if you can.

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Race 8

1st         Testarythm             Tim Clark 2nd       Unanimously          Glyn Schofield 3rd        Barbed                       Kerrin McEvoy

Aeronautical wasn’t flash away, but Kneeling was certainly the worst  served at barrier rise and tailed off early on.  There was any amount of pace up front withSenta De Noche clearly heading Zaratone which is no easy feat and they put up a gap on Ichihara and Testarythm.  When they came around the turn, they seemed to have gone like last weeks pay, and you were looking for those able to run on.  On the point of the turn, Tim Clark was bringing Testarythm off the fence and had a pretty confident look around to see if anything else was coming.  Ichihara was into the clear and running on ok, but when he went for Testarythm, nothing was going to get near him.  UnanimouslyBarbed and Aeronautical came down the outside in that order to finish second, third and fourth, but it was quite a nice ride here from Clark on a horse who was clearly primed to win first up.

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Specials from the meeting: Big Money, Lilliburlero


Review by Ray Hickson  

Race 1: ALH Group Plate (1200m)

1st Segregation – Steven Arnold 2nd Lucky Generation – James Winks 3rd Mossbeat – Ivan Culliver

The seven runners broke well with Easy Drama going forward from the outside but was held out by Miss Mayflower and Segregation kicking up. Lucky Generation landed right behind that trio and Painting held the fence behind the leader. Mossbeat and Crimson Cape were the last two. Miss Mayflower was just kept working a little by Segregation to her outside. Easy Drama was the first under pressure out three wide. Lucky Generation was stalking as they came to the turn. Mossbeat was the widest on the bend as Segregation raced to the lead. He put a length or so on them quickly and Lucky Generation came off his back to challenge. Mossbeat ran to third but the leading two were in a different race. Segregation just had the better turn of foot early in the straight but it wouldn’t have wanted to be much further because Lucky Generation kept coming. Mossbeat is honest but the two colts look a class above her. Easy Drama had a tough run and the other three weren’t good enough.   Follow: Segregation and Lucky Generation both have a future.

Race 2: Chase Hotel Handicap (1600m)

1st Griante – Luke Currie 2nd Madam Gangster – Darren Gauci 3rd Marli Magic – Katelyn Mallyon

Inishowen didn’t show a lot of early pace and couldn’t take advantage of the inside alley. Marli Magic landed in front and Griante worked across to sit second outside Madam GangsterAbichi enjoyed a nice run next and Inishowen improved along the fence but looked to over race. Native Land drifted back near the tail from her outside alley. Not a lot of pace to speak of and things didn’t change for a fair way. Griante moved alongside Marli Magic on the turn and Abichi was the first under pressure. Madam Gangster moved off the fence as Abichi dropped off and Inishowen had worked to the outside. She made a dash but the leaders had a soft time and were able to keep going. Griante hit the front a fair way out and she gripped on as Madam Gangster made a late bid with Marli Magic fighting hard. Deserved win to Griante who gave them all weight and was there to be run down. Of the unplaced Inishowen was beaten in the first 400m when she refused to settle so she’s run okay and Native Land didn’t have a chance back near last in a slowly run race.   Follow: Inishowen is worth one more chance.

Race 3: Catanach’s Jewellers Handicap (1600m)

1st Pin Your Hopes – Katelyn Mallyon 2nd Onpicalo – Jamie Kah 3rd Tuscan Fire – Joseph Azzopardi

Spacecraft wasn’t as fast away as usual and had to be ridden hard early.Tuscan Fire and Cornell broke well from their inside gates but weren’t keen to lead and Moreau pressed on with Onpicalo coming over from out wide. Onpicalo worked to a clear lead going up the hill and Spacecraft gathered momentum to join him. Cornell and Moreau took trails and were joined by Forty Thirty who strode up three wide. Tuscan Fire wound up three back on the fence with Pin Your Hopes enjoying a perfect run. Spacecraft was first under pressure but he was going well enough to keep Onpicalo working just a little. The field bunched behind them coming to the turn and many were under riding to try and keep up. Cornell came off the fence to run on but was flat, as was Moreau and you could see Pin Your Hopes bolting but held up for a run. Onpicalo dropped Spacecraft and held a couple of lengths but by the 200m was being reeled in by Pin Your Hopes. Spacecraft battled on with Cornell and Tuscan Fire crept home along the fence and managed to grab third but Pin Your Hopes had it made to order and was too good. Some improvement noted from Bianmick who worked home fairly behind them.   Follow: none in particular.

Race 4: PFD Food Services Handicap (1100m)

1st Bel Price – Jye McNeil 2nd Halle Rocks – Jamie Kah 3rd Unique Storm – Jackie Beriman

Vain Queen jumped fast and looked likely to cross to the lead but allowedPrettyhappyaboutit and Lady Of Harrods to kick up underneath and keep her three wide. Bel Price dropped in for a trail behind the trio in front. Unique Stormfound herself three wide and Just A Girl settled on the fence next. Can’t understand why Vain Queen pressed on to try and cross after not taking advantage of jumping so well and she poured on the pressure. Prettyhappyaboutit was first to crack and she was struggling before the turn. Lady Of Harrods crossed to the fence and Vain Queen went with her, with Bel Price cruising up behind them. Vain Queen hung in behind Lady Of Harrods as Bel Price swept on by. Unique Storm kept coming and at the top of the straight Halle Rocks pulled out wide to make her late bid. Bel Price started to weaken in the last 100m but had enough in hand to hold off Halle Rocks, who seems to have found her groove in this sort of race, and a plucky run from Unique Storm saw her hold third. Funny run from Vain Queen, after hanging in she actually picked up again and was only beaten two lengths. Big run given she was set a huge task. Just A Girl and Sinhala finished just behind the placings but had every chance.   Follow: Halle Rocks in 1100m mares races at Caulfield.

Race 5: Taralye Deaf Kids Talking Plate (1200m)

1st Hard Stride – Damian Lane 2nd Churchill Dancer – Kayla Nisbet 3rd Lucky Symbol – Jye McNeil

Churchill Dancer jumped a shade slow and wound up near the tail. Hard Stride was best to begin and had little trouble getting to the lead. Ticket To Toorak came over to sit outside him early. Lucky Symbol and Moparee sat behind the speed from their inside gates and Golfing was forced to race three wide. Nobody went near Hard Stride in the lead as he just went fast enough to deter any challengers. He slipped into another gear around the turn and beat off Ticket To Toorak. Lucky Symbol came out three wide to try and chase but couldn’t sprint anywhere near as fast as the leader. Churchill Dancer had worked through the field on the inside and came out to get onto Lucky Symbol’s back and he set out after them as well. Hard Stride had too big a lead though and was entitled to keep going. Nice run Churchill Dancer to get second after blowing the start. No excuses for Lucky Symbol or anything else in the race behind him.   Follow: No reason Churchill Dancer can’t win one soon.

Race 6: Taralye Listen Learn Speak (1000m)

1st Lord Of The Sky – Kayla Nisbet 2nd Elite Elle – Jackie Beriman 3rd Don’t Get Excited – Stephen Baster

Fab Fevola sprung out of the gates and crossed to lead easily, he must be quick because he led Lord Of The Sky by a couple on settling. Vatican sat a clear third and Elite Elle raced just off his heels. In a strung out fieldStratcombe was next and in that bunch was Don’t Get ExcitedRescue Mission and Danger Close out very wide. Lord Of The Sky came off Fab Fevola’s back on the turn and cruised past him early in the straight. Elite Elle was stalking and tried to go with him. Vatican couldn’t do any better and Don’t Get Excited went back towards the inside. Awesome Bro was running up behind that bunch. Lord Of The Sky held his margin over Elite Elle, who isn’t the bravest horse, to the line and aided by a smart ride from Kayla Nisbet was too quick. Don’t Get Excited was run off his feet over the short trip but he ran well. Awesome Bro had to change course a couple of times and he will be better over more ground. Stratcombe had his chance and Morant hit the line late as he tends to do.   Follow: consider Don’t Get Excited and Awesome Bro around the 1200m-1400m mark.

Race 7: ALH Group Handicap (2000m)

1st Sonntag – Michael Rodd 2nd Khutulun – Ben Melham 3rd Word Of Mouth – Steven King

I Am Titanium was a shade slow and Tear Gas settled back. At the other endBetter Call Saul had plenty of early pace and crossed to the fence in the lead.Majestic Jazz trailed him and Tikitour strode up third throwing the head up and refusing to settle. Square Off was next until Sonntag pushed on to get across into the one-one. Word Of Mouth worked across to get on his back. After racing wide early Khutulun found cover when they strung out around Happy As Hell.Better Call Saul backed it off midrace and the field bunched. Pantuo took off before the 600m and that flushed Sonntag out three wide, Lady Tatia got onto Pantuo’s back and those on the inside like Tikitour, Khutulun and Word Of Mouth risked being held up. Sonntag raced straight past Better Call Saul at the 300m and dashed away. Khutulun was held up for a few strides and there was plenty to like about her late sprint into second. Word Of Mouth boxed on and Tikitour only ground away on the fence. I Am Titanium rushed home from the back but he does that too often for it to be significant. Happy As Hell was most disappointing and the stewards report couldn’t shed any light on him.   Follow: Sonntag is a promising stayer in the making.

Race 8: Carlton Draught Plate (2000m)

1st St Jean – Stephen Baster 2nd Freshwater Storm – Jye McNeil 3rd Bec Said No Credit – Michelle Payne

Alrouz took up the early running with Hannaford on his outside. St Jean was a shade slow and worked around them to sit up outside the lead after about 500m or so. Freshwater Storm and Oerter enjoyed cosy runs off the pace butBec Said No Credit found herself three wide up the hill. Alrouz rolled along and that allowed St Jean to settle and get a breather. There wasn’t a lot of change for a while until Bec Said No Credit started to creep forward out wide and that forced the field to bunch up and she was pushed wider at the 600m. St Jean made his move on the turn and got the better of Alrouz before going for home. Freshwater Storm ran on inside St Jean but couldn’t go with him and Bec Said No Credit just kept coming out very wide. But the further they went the further St Jean got in front and given he was slow out and worked the chasers had no excuse. Bec Said No Credit was game, though, and look for her back to mares grade. Zuma Roc had support in the race and was in the second half most of the way but made a little late ground. If he doesn’t fire next time he can be sacked.   Follow: have to stick with the winner so long as the track isn’t heavy.

Specials from the meeting: Segregation, Lucky Generation, Churchill Dancer.