Hawkesbury Review by Todd Burmester  Race 1 1st         Ganeralife                Josh Parr 2nd       Imperil                      Christian Reith 3rd        Suit                             Kerrin McEvoy Net Worth came out best in the first and led early from Norma Betty’s Boy.  Suit, Imperil and Generalife were next, with Suit being caught three wide.  Turbulent Jet who found support in betting got well back.  Around the turn, Imperil got a run and Suit was putting in down the outside, however soon after, Generalife was on the scene, and as they ran to the line he got the better of Imperil with Suit in third, giving Peter Snowden the trifecta.  Turbulent Jet gets a pass mark for its finishing effort. Follow: None to follow Race 2 1st       Meursalt                    Christian Reith 2nd     Farolitos                     Kerrin McEvoy 3rd      Rhodin Drive           James McDonald Meursalt began very well from the inside and led from its stablemate Farolitos.  Thelittleracketeer was caught wide and went up to make a line of three, and the pace looked pretty good.  Mr Lebrock got a nice run on the fence behind the speed.  Mid race they tried to slow the speed and the field had packed right up as they came around the turn.  Into the straight, Meursalt was still traveling nicely and had the measure of Farolitos.  Inside the 200m mark, Meursalt put about three lengths on them, and extended that margin to about 4 on the line from Farolitos who stuck on ok although under pressure as soon as they turned for home.  Rhodin Drive finished its race off pretty well, but it was a smart win by Meursalt and you would have to expect it to repeat the dose. Follow: Meursalt should repeat Race 3 1st       Harmonic                  Tim Clark 2nd     Casino Dancer         Glyn Schofield 3rd     Cushy Number         Brenton Avdulla A sensation at the start with Rowie getting rid of the jockey as the gates opened.  Liberty’s Choice began well and took off in front with about a 5 length break after a few hundred metres.  The riderless horse thought it was a game and went after the leader, which may have meant he was unable to apply the brakes to the leader which kept getting further in front, and he led by about 7 lengths inside the 800m.  Up to the turn, Liberty’s Choice still had a big break but was coming back to them, with Cushy Number and Harmonic looking to come out after him.  At the 250m mark Liberty’s Choice was getting tired and the riderless horse also caused it some interference.  It soon became apparent that Harmonic was the one and he ran away to score by 4 or 5 on the line fromCasino Dancer that finished off ok and Cushy Number.  A pretty impressive win again here. Follow: Harmonic is another winner who should repeat Race 4 1st        Grand Marshall              Jim Cassidy 2nd      Pleasurena                       Glyn Schofield 3rd       Retort Courteous          Brenton Avdulla Noteably, Senta Desert missed the kick here and was a clear last early on.  Blag Jag led up from Retort Courteous and Magnetron on the fence.  Viking Legend was positioned up fourth in the run.  The favourite, Grand Mashall got well back along the fence.  They got going before the turn, and when they rounded it, Retort Courteous was going up to challenge Black Jag.  Pleasurena and Kukri were joining in with their runs down the outside, and Grand Marshall had been cleverly ridden to make ground on the inside behind them.  At the 100m mark, Pleasurena had it, but Grand Marshall was hitting the line strongly and claimed victory in the shadows of the post.  Retort Courteous went pretty well here to drop off Black Jag in the run to the line and go with the first two. Follow: Retort Courteous Race 5 1st       Aerobatics                           Christian Reith 2nd     Plucky Belle                        Linda Meech 3rd     Cosmic Endeavour           James McDonald Commanding Wit and Belle De Coeur were the two slowest to begin.   There were plenty that wanted to initially go forward here including Plucky Belle, Such A Princess, Aerobatics and The Messina Nymph.  The Messina Nymph worked a bit to get to the front and then Miss Stellabelle put some pressure on it in front.  Aerobatics and Such A Princess ended up getting the cushy runs behind the speed, with Cameo out three wide.  Into the straight, The Messina Nymph showed some fight and Miss Stellabelle initially couldn’t get past it, but soon Aerobatics was on the scene and ran away from them in what was a big day for Peter Snowden as he steps down from leading the Darley team.  Plucky Belle got going into second, but really is a “gunna” and Cosmic Endeavour finished off nicely to take third from Miss Stellabelle. Follow: Cosmic Endeavour Race 6 1st        Leebaz James         McDonald 2nd      Wistful                      Kerrin McEvoy 3rd       Keep Cool                Christian Reith Iggi Pop and Court Connection went back to the tail straight afer the gates opened.  It was near impossible to find an early leader for about the first 400m of this race until The Great Snowman and Malavio went to the front, givingLeebaz a great sit in third.  Malavio kept the pressure on and wrestled the lead from The Great Snowman, which still left Leebaz smoking his pipe in third and they looked to slow up mid race.  Around the turn, something went wrong with Malavio and he began to drop out sharply, and into the straight Leebaz was coming with its run and still looked to be under a hold.  He went for him at the 200m mark and Wistful was making a race of it trying to chase him down, however in the run to the line, Leebaz packed too many guys and held off Wistful which was a very good run.  Keep Cool made its way into third.  Malavio was virtually pulled up in the straight. Follow: Wistful Race 7 1st       Chautauqua           James McDonald 2nd     Katie’s Cove          Jason Collett 3rd      Barbed                    Kerrin McEvoy Katie’s Cove was noticeably slow to begin and Chataqua showed now speed at all to be back with it at the tail.  Dubawi Dream found the front from Ryker on its outside and Fuerza who was trapped three deep.  King’s Tariff was enjoying a nice run behind the speed.  Northern Glory was 3 wide but did have some cover.  Early in the straight, Dubawi Dream and Ryker still had it, with Northern Glory and Barbed trying to come into the finish.  Northern Glory was soon making heavy weather of it and the action was back along the inside where the seas had parted for Chataqua from second last who hit the front just as Katie’s Cove also got into the clear after a bit of a checked passage.  Katie’s Cove looked like she would challenge Chataqua but in the run to the line I really like the way Chataqua dug deep and came away from them.  Last start I said this horse didn’t measure up, today it looked impressive, although it did get all the breaks go its way in the straight.  Barbed ran an honest race to get into third. Follow: None to follow Race 8 1st       Hurrara                Linda Meech 2nd     Ichihara               Brenton Avdulla 3rd      Masthead            Glyn Schofield An 1100m dash in the last with Ichihara using its inside gate to go through and lead with Hurrara.  Limes and Inside Job settled third and fourth behind the speed.  Into the straight and up to the 250m mark mark and Ichihara and Hurrara had settled down to fight it out.  Agent was trying to come on down the outside but had plenty of ground to make up.  There was nothing in it in the run to the line, a great two horse struggle with Hurrara proving he is as tough as old boots and getting the better of Ichihara in the closing stages.  Masthead used the inside running to gain third place.  Agent really didn’t finish its race off. Follow: Ichihara Specials from the meeting: Meursalt, Wistful



Caulfield reviewRace 1 1st      Under The Lourve               Jack Hill 2nd    Hard Stride                             Katelyn Mallyon 3rd     Consorting                              Brad Rawiller The first was a 1200m dash for the 3yo’s and the track was rated a dead 5.Hard Stride and Villopoto jumped fast and went about ensuring a solid tempo out in front. Vero Beach and Aragonese paired up behind the two leaders,Consorting was a further two lengths back with Under The Lourve on his outside in a nice spot, while Fast’n’Rocking settled at the rear about seven lengths off the lead. The order didn’t change until the 400m when Villopoto who had gone too hard out in front was the first one beaten, Hard Stride then took up the running gave a good kick on straightening and looked every bit a winner. Consorting and Under The Lourve set out to reel him in but still had a big job in front of them at the 250m. They both kept coming though and Under The Lourve found something extra during the final 100m jumping out the ground to win hard held in the end in what was a very impressive display. Hard Stride who was caught on the wrong part of the track held on for a strong second with Consorting a close third. Follow: Under The Lourve. Race 2 1st     Tooleybuc Kid         Jye McNeil 2nd   Escado                         Jamie Kah 3rd    Mujadale                    Dean Holland Mujadale pinged out of the barriers before being eased off the lead leaving Justthewayyouare to take up the running while Tallage mustered some speed to sit outside the leader. Stable Star got into the one-out-one-back position and Escado sat on his back getting lovely run in transit. Mujadale was now on the inside trailing the leader and Tooleybuc Kid who was smashed in betting settled four pairs back and one off the rail. Justthewayyouare was bowling along out in front setting a solid tempo. Tullage was gone at the 800m. Mujadale was being hard ridden to stay in touch, and Tooleybuc Kid was swooping around the lot of them and making good ground. Justthewayyouare and Stable Star stuck on only momentarily as they entered the home straight. Tooleybuc Kid who was coming four wide rounded them up with ease hitting the front at the 300m and sprinted away to score easily. Escado kept fighting all the way to the line collecting a good second, and Mujadale grinded out gutsy third, but the winner with only 52kg on his back was always going to be tough to beat. Follow: The winner has a promising career. Race 3 1st        Griante               Dwayne Dunn 2nd      Jessy Belle        Jye McNeil 3rd       Riva Delta        Shaun Guymer River Delta landed in front after jumping well and the heavily backed Griantesettled a length further back two horses off the fence. Leia was in the leaders slipstream another length in arrears with Jessy Belle fourth on her outside getting the run of the race. Of the back-markers Inishowen was the only one that looked comfortable in the conditions as the rain started fall, she made a move at the 600m coming wide and pressing forward but the leading division was always going to be hard to catch. As they entered the straight Leia quickly faded out of it and it quickly became clear that the three favoured runners would be fighting this one out. Griante was travelling beautifully and when asked for an effort he responded well picking up River Delta quite easily at the 300m. Jessy Belle looked to be producing a very strong run but wanted to roll in behind Griante was doing herself no favours. Griante won well in the end but if Jessy Belle had of ran straight she would have gone very close. River Delta held on for third from Inishowen who was hitting the line strongly. Follow: The first two are pretty smart. Race 4 1st       Pressing                  Brad Rawiller 2nd     Petrology               Jake Noonan 3rd      Easy Drama           Daniel Stackhouse Was an even start with Manhattan Avenue wanting to over-race in the early stages. Hunters Grace railed through to lead leaving Armada trapped three wide up on the pace. Easy Drama took the leaders back. Petrology sat fifth on the fence and they were very bunched from first to sixth with the well supported favourite Pressing another two lengths last. At the 600m Manhattan Avenue and Hunters Grace started to weaken as Easy Drama cut the corner making ground up the inside. Petrology sat fifth behind those runners, and Pressing looked beat still three lengths last and being scrubbed along. As they fanned turning into the straight Pressing stuck to the inside saving ground. Easy Drama was fighting on and had something to offer. Inkulu and Armada were widest and looked threatening also. And still Petrology was behind them and searching for a run. Halfway down the straight Pressing picked up the bit knuckled down and started to draw away. The run finally came for Petrology who got out and hit the line well, but Pressing dashes away to win comfortably by 3.5 lengths from Petrology with Easy Drama another head away third. Big run by the winner. Follow: Pressing did a lot wrong and was still extremely dominant. Race 5 1st      Crucial                          Josheph Azzopardi 2nd    Serene Tanie              Dean Holland 3rd     High Aims                   Dwayne Dunn The rain was now very heavy and the track was down-graded to a slow 6. The despised outsider Serene Tanie found the front easily from barrier one with Red Fez pressing forward three wide to sit on her immediate outside. Crucialrailed up and box seated behind the leader. High Aims was trapped wide and the jockey decided to push forward luckily landing in the one-one. Miss Outshine was three back on the rail and the favourite Bec Said No Credit was on her outside. Love For Ransom who was travelling next in the run was the first to make a positive move, rolling up the inside at the 500m as the rest were searching for the better ground out in the middle of the track which allowed her to join the front runners when entering the straight. Serene Tanie and Crucial gave a kick and dug in for the fight while High Aims came widest and was running on presenting a real threat. Miss Outshine was making ground also but became blocked behind a wall of horses looking for the split between runners. It turned into a real dog fight in the final 100m with Crucial just holding on from Serene Tanie. High Aims hit the line really well for a close up third, while Miss Outshine was badly held up and probably should have won. Follow: None Race 6 1st     Reparations              Dwayne Dunn 2nd   Loot’n’Run                Katelyn Mallyon 3rd    Dany the Fox           Brad Rawiller We were now running on a slow 7. Both Loot’n’Run and Horacio showed good early speed and led the way, but soon after they put the brakes on and slowed the field right up throughout the middle stages. Dany The Fox sat behind the leader getting a soft run, Coronation Shallan was on his outside. The well backed favourite Reparations was fifth and three wide and the rest were never in it. The leaders tried to pinch a break at the 600m, exposing Haracio who had nothing to give but Loot’n’Run certainly did and swinging around the turn he kicked clear and was going to be tough to run down from there. Dany The Fox and Reparations swung wide, balanced up, and set out chasing Loot’n’Run, and those three put a big gap on the rest of the field. Reparations was producing a big run and started pulling away from Dany The Fox just as Loot’n’Run was running on empty. Reparations really lengthened stride when it was required sticking his head out to beat Loot’n’Run it what was a very good win. Dany The Fox got third and the rest were in a another race. Follow: Id like to see Reparations get out to the mile. Race 7 1st      Onpicalo                          Dwayne Dunn 2nd    Pin Your Hopes            Katelyn Mallyon 3rd    Freshwater Storm        Jye McNeil Onpicalo found the front without any trouble, Harveys True Heart went with him and shortly after those two had put a three length gap on third. Pin Your Hopeswas next getting a beautiful run. Freshwater Storm sat fourth on the fence, While Digitalism moved up on his outside into fourth. Onpicalo was looking extremely comfortable out in front and was just bowling along whilst being hard held. Harveys True Heart attempted to raise an effort to stay with the leader but was struggling before they even entered the straight. Onpicalo stuck to the inside around the turn still with a big lead, and he still appeared to be doing it easy. Freshwater Storm, Pin Your Hopes and Digitilasm all ranged up at the 300m trying to produce an effort and chase down the leader, and although Pin Your Hopes pulled away from the others he was never going to catch Onpicalo who was incredibly dominant in the end, scoring by five lengths eased up. Pin Your Hopes got second, 2.5 lengths in front of Freshwater Storm. Follow: Onpicalo on rain affected tracks. Race 8 1st       Bring Back        Daniel Stackhouse 2nd     Lady Tatia        Jason Benbow 3rd      Khutulun          Jye McNeil Jades Boy, Carillo and Razzle Dazzle Rock all wanted to lead with another four gallopers bunched up just behind those three in the second division. The favourite Synthetic jumped well but was eased back to second last. Bring Backwas also back near the rear but he was on the fence and under a good hold.Lady Tatia was last another length away and only six lengths separated first to last. Khutulun moved up into third outside of the leaders as Jade’s Boy weakened and at the 800m the field started to bunch right up. Sweeping around the home turn the favourite was under extreme pressure and no chance. Bring Back was saving ground right up along the fence, and Khutulun hit the front as they entered the straight. Bring Back saved a lot of ground and was looming as a big danger, he found the front at the 100m and recorded a determined win. Lady Tatia finished fast right down the outside to snatch second. Khutulun was also brave in third. Follow: Lady Tatia in similar grade. Specials from the meeting: Jessy Belle, Pressing, Reparations.