Weekend Racing Reviews – 8th June

Randwick racing review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st             Northern Glory                  Alysha Collett
2nd           Everage                                 W Costin
3rd            Ryker                                     A Hyeronimus

Bernabeu was sent out favourite in the first, and began well but it appeared the jockey didn’t want to lead, with Sweet Serendipity going through and taking it up initially.  Bernabeu stayed out wide and wanted to pull so was eventually let stride to the front.  It set up a clear lead from Sweet Serendipity and Everage which was back along the fence.  The eventual winner Northern Glory settled well back.  Around the turn, Bernabeu came away from the fence giving the run to Everage, which claimed the front at the 250m, and Bernabeu was quickly gone.  Northern Glory launched down the outside and quickly claimed Everage to go on for a nice win and there was a gap to Ryker in third and Mamwaazel which looked to run on ok into fourth.

Follow: MamwaazelRace 2

1st             Madam Nash                               Glyn Schofield
2nd           Sweet Talkin Woman                Jay Ford
3rd            Ireland’s Teardrop                   A Hyeronimus

Over the 2000m in the second there were a few that began well, but it was eventually Madam Nash that crossed over and set up a 3 or 4 length break inside the 1600m.  The story of the race was that Madam Nash kept going further in front throughout the middle stages to be about 12 lengths in front at the 800m from Sunday Too Far and Trick Shot which had to chase.  Around the turn, Madam Nash would still have had about 8 lengths to spare, and you started to wonder if she was going to stop.  Sweet Talkin Woman was the one that eventually came right down the oustide, with Island’s Teardrop to eat into the margin a bit, but Madam Nash still had 4 lengths or so to spare at the judge.  It’s always hard to know what to follow when races are run like this, but all credit to the winner who brained them.

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Race 3

1st              Red Excitement                      Josh Adams
2nd            Single Style                               Nathan Berry
3rd            Chewychop                               Glyn Schofield

The Waterhouse trained Scarborough crossed and led the third race from the stablemate Masahiko, giving the favourite Chewychop a nice run behind the speed in third, from Ashamar in the one out one back trail.  Throughout the middle stages Scarborough pulled in front but maintained its advantage, until just before the bend when Masahiko joined it and Single Style had moved up to them but had been wide all the way.  Single Style ran a huge race to hit the front inside the 200m, but was soon claimed by Red Excitement which went on for about a half length win.  Chewychop wound up third after not having the clearest running.  Hunter Jack got home well and is again worth following.

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Race 4

1st                Oakfield Commands                Sam Clipperton
2nd              Eigelstein                                    C Dell
3rd              Eminent Domain                      Jay Ford

Falzzon didn’t begin well, coming out a clear last.  Carmine King which was well supported jumped very well from an outside gate, but there was pace inside of it, from Howdiddydoit, which crossed and led.  Turf Hero and Burbero also went forward which left Carmine King wide before easing to get in closer.  Howdiddydoit led up the rise, but River Of Salvation was quickly up on the inside to tackle him once they topped the rise.  Oakfield Commands had been smoking its pipe along the fence most of the way and came out to launch its run inside the 200m and went on to claim back to back wins.  Eiglestein came home nicely down the outside into second, with River Of Slavation holding onto third, and Carmine King not giving up in fourth.


Race 5

1st               Peal Of Bells                          Robert Thompson
2nd             Thubiaan                               Glyn Shofield
3rd              Piazza San Pietro               Nathan Berry

Unchain My Heart came out a clear last over the 3200m in the fifth event, with Sky Raider also going back to the rear.  The Offer led them into the straight on the first occasion, from Piazza San Pietro in second, and Peal Of Bells getting a lovely run third on the fence, which would pay dividends in the end.  They chopped and changed a bit in the lead with Thubiann taking the front down the back and putting a bit of speed into the race.  The one constant throughout was that Peal Of Bells continued to get a lovely run.  Around the turn, Peal Of Bells took advantage of its good run throughout to claim the lead, and soon after the race was all over.  In the run home, it was a case of how far, with Peal Of Bells winning by about 5 lengths from Thubiann which boxed on ok as did Piazz San Pietro.  Realistically, the best horse and the best ride here led to a space job.

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Race 6

1st            She’s Clean              Jason Collett
2nd          Neeson                     Jay Ford
3rd           Upshot                     Nathan Berry

The June Stakes was the main race of the day, and She’s Clean was the first to begin from the outside, but didn’t want to lead.  Zaratone showed its usual speed from the inside and ended up sharing the lead with Neeson.  She’s Clean went right back to second last in order to get closer to the fence.  No Looking Back kicked up between Neeson and Zaratone, putting Neeson three wide and News Alert took a sit just behind them.  Despite sitting wide Neeson burst clear at the 200m, and for a little while looked like hanging on, but had sat wide all the way, and started to paddle inside the 100m.  Neeson stopping combined with She’s Clean being very determined, saw She’s Clean overhaul Neeson in the final part of the race.  Upshot ran on ok into third, but you would have to say Neeson was the run of the race, particularly given where the others that were on the speed finished.

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Race 7

1st            World Wide                  Kathy O’Hara
2nd          Destiny’s Kiss              Nathan Berry
3rd           Scottish Border          Josh Adams

Lucrepitous made a meal of the start and came out at least 10 lengths behind them.  Holy Moly on the other hand came out running and set up a 3 or 4 length break by the time they came to the 1200m.  Kaypers was in second, with Lebrechaun in third.  World Wide settled closer than he usually does in fourth, though the field was spread out and the pace looked good.  Around the turn, Holy Moly still had a length or so to spare, but plenty were getting on their bikes to come after it.  The first to do so was World Wide which hit the front at about the 300m and went clear.  This turn of foot proved the difference, as Destiny’s Kiss came home well as it did last start, but realistically was never going to make up the ground.  There wasn’t a great deal to say about the rest, although Lucrepitous did make up good ground after its hopeless beginning.

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Race 8

1st                Under The Sun                T Huet
2nd             Coup Ay Tee                     Jason Collett
3rd              Pretty Pins                         Lester Grace

They took a little while to dispute the lead here with Samui Lad and Bay Window eventually taking it up.  Under The Sun moved up into third out wide, but nobody looked too keen to go over near the fence in this event.  Samui Lad was clear around the bend, but Under The Sun came after it quickly as they topped the rise.  Under The Sun, which found support in betting looked to be traveling pretty well inside the 200m, and set up enough break to hold of Coup Ay Tee which came through along the inside, and it was hard to miss the run of Pretty Pins which flew home with a red beacon flashing as it did last start and you would think it is nearing a win.  Pippette was just a run, but it is worth noting that it did not begin all that well so can be forgiven.

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Specials from the meeting: Single Style, Neeson, Pretty Pins


Flemington review from Michael Mitchell

Race 1: Murray Cox 2YO Handicap – 1400m

1st Lady Lakshmi – Daniel Stackhouse

2nd Riverina Red – Stephen Baster

3rd Theodora – Damien Lane

A good even break to start the first, with only Riverina Red a little slow away. Lady Laksmi was the best out and the speed was created Celeritas, Vintage Cognac and Gracious Prospect. The pace was fast until they eased off for a breather at around the 800m and the field began to bunch.

Just before the bend, the back markers started to make their move with Katespur coming around the field with Theodora. Riverina’s Red, who settled last throughout, got on the tail of these two horses and also started making its move.

When hitting the straight Gracious Prospect pushed the button and moved 1-2 lengths clear, while Lady Lakshmi was moving out to find clear running. Once Lady Lakshmi found clear running it was all over, as it went on to win by 2 lengths to the Riverina Red, who is a black booker and Theodora. There was a further 2 lengths to the rest of the field.

Gracious Prospect was disappointing and went backwards after the 200m. It clearly looked as it was at the end of a long prep for a 2YO.

Daniel Stackhouse’s ride on Lady Lakshmi also deserves a mention.

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Race 2: Birthday 3YO 0-78 Handicap – 1400m

1st Catered – Chad Schofield

2nd Ava’s Delight – Ben Melham

3rd Mrs Hadlee – Jackie Beriman

A perfect start to the second with Jackie Beriman making it pretty clear that she wanted Mrs Hadlee on the speed in the early stages. In what was a little bit of a surprise, Our Cellardoor got moving with haste to take the lead after they had travelled 200m. Mareeza was sitting behind the frontrunners, with Coins not too far away as they settled into stride.

The pace didn’t slacken throughout and as they turned for home there were already a few horses that were visibly beaten. Coins and Catered both had nice runs with cover throughout and when they turned for home, the field broke open, giving both free runs to the finish.

Mrs Hadlee got a length clear with about 300m to go, when an extremely disappointing Our Celleadoor had enough and dropped out.

Mareeza and Valid Contract were still Battling on, but then came Catered wide, who was gobbling the ground up. Coins dropped away at the 150m, unfortunately bleeding through both nostrils and will miss a mandatory 3 months from the track.

Catered kept on coming and looked the winner until Ava’s Delight, who was quiet throughout, got an inside run and started to look for the line. Catered had the momentum though and held on from Ava’s Delight and a gallant Mrs Hadlee.

Follow: Mrs Hadlee improved out of sight here.

Race 3: Banjo Patterson Series Heat 3 – 2500m

1st Cooldini – Chad Schofield

2nd Aggregator – Daniel Stackhouse

3rd Outback Joe – Vlad Duric

Readings jumped well and took up the lead with Monkey Briscoe and Val Mondo. The favourites, Cooldini and Shiny Buttons were sitting in 4th and 5th positions as they hit the first turn. Readings strung the field out throughout the race, setting a stronger than moderate pace.

Brungle Cry was the first to take off at the 1000m but nothing seemed to follow. It took up the lead at the 800m after being worse than midfield.

The field bunched on turning for home and then started to spread on entering the straight. Brungle Cry was narrowly winning after making its long sustained run from the 1000m. Cooldini, who was sitting just of the speed throughout with cover moved into clear running and took the lead with Readings at the 350m. Shiny Buttons was clearly beaten at this point, but was hindered by sore hind leg, which was adjudged to have been lame in a post race review by the vet.

When they hit the 300m, Chad hit the button on Cooldini and went away to make this field look like moderate stayers and jumpers. Aggregator fought on well, as did Outback Joe to get the minor prizes.

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Race 4: A.R Creswick 3YO Stakes – 1200m

1st She Can Skate – Rheece Wheeler

2nd Spending – James Winks

3rd Winta Chiller – Dale Smith

She Can Skate jumped well to lead, with Magnus Reign and So Wotif prominent in the early stages. La Tikka Rosa was a bit slow, as it was checked on jumping from the barriers.

There wouldn’t have been 2 lengths between the field as they hit the 400m. The pace really picked from that point and most of them hadn’t come off the bridle until they hit the 300m, where the field started to break apart. Magnus Reign was the first to be beaten and Crookhaven looked to be under a lot of pressure but was boxing on.

With 200m to go, She Can Skate broke to a clear lead, with only So Wotif, Winta Chiller, La Tikka Rosa and Spending posing as a threat. She Can Skate was tiring out as line came closer and Winta Chiller and Spending were coming hard. In a great finish, She Can Skate got the nose in to beat the other two narrowly. Both Spending and Winta Chiller may have both left there run a fraction too late. La Tikka Rosa and So Wotif were also impressive and they left a 2-length gap to the rest of the field.

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Race 5: Leilani Series Mares Heat 2 – 1400m

1st Koe – Matt Neilson

2nd Spot On Maggie – Peter Mertens

3rd Rememba Howe – Daniel Stackhouse

Ominous Quality got a flyer from the inside barrier and was quickly joined by Gybe, who went to the early lead from Orlando’s Bride. Vain Attraction was also pushing forward. The next group of Koe, Champagne Ruby and Girls On Film were about 3 lengths off the lead and were having a charmed run with cover. Spot On Maggie was caught wide throughout and wanted to over race.

Girls On Film was the first of the one to make a move at the 500m, coming wide to progress its run. Spot On Maggie caught the back of Girls On Film and Rememba Howe also followed from the back.

Gybe continued to lead past the 400m, coming off the fence and allowing Ominous quality room on the inside to start its charge.

At the 300m they were right across the track in a line of 12, then Mertens commenced a run on Spot On Maggie to get a length in front, as Ominous Quality dropped out. Koe from the inside started to get through to chase down Spot On Maggie, With Rememba Howe who was the best of the wider runners, flashed home.

Koe was too strong, as Spot On Maggie had enough after doing a lot wrong during the race. Rememba Howe ran well for 3rd. Champagne Ruby, Girls On Film, Dayita (who came home really well) and Unscrupulous were all worth noting. Streets Of Seattle will naturally be wanting further and came home really nicely.

Follow: Danish Whiskey and Champagne Ruby look like they will get some kills this prep.

Race 6: Rod Johnson 3YO 0-78 Handicap 2000m

1st Star Rolling – Rheece Wheeler

2nd Nisos – Damien Lane

3rd Backstedt – Chad Schofield.

Star Rolling got a little bit of a squeeze at the start, as Backstedt went to the lead with Here To There following it into second place.

Backstedt set a decent pace that strung the field out over 20 lengths, leaving the back markers, including Nisos and Gold Medals a lot of work to catch the leaders. At the 1000m Backstedt settled the pace, which brought the field closer.

By the turn they had really bunched, to the point that they were all within 4 lengths at the 400m. At this stage Chad snuck away again on Backstedt and got out by 2 lengths with nothing else putting any pressure on. Backstedt was looking good until Star Rolling steadied up and commenced its run at the 250m to loom as the only danger. Backstedt had done all the work throughout and died on its run, with Start Rolling eating up the ground to win convincingly from the maiden, Nisos, who looks to have a bit of talent. A gallant Backstedt held on for 3rd and Avinghna was the best of the rest and worth noting as it came home really well.

Follow:  Star Rolling and Nisos 

Race 7: All Victoria Sprint Series Heat 5 – 1000m

1st El Magico – Jake Duffy

2nd Planet Voyage – Jason Benbow

3rd Broken – Damien Lane

Planet Voyage veered at the barriers and checked Belfast Boy badly. It didn’t seem to effect Planet Voyage as much as it did Belfast Boy, as Planet Voyage went to the early lead along with Big Buddie.

The pace was on and Planet Voyage was really putting the heat on with Big Buddie throughout. The group of General Truce, Rifleman, Broken and El Magico were biding there time about 2 lengths away.

As the hit the course proper, they started to come off the bit with Planet Voyage and Big Buddie still holding the lead.

Big Buddie was the first to drop off, as the wide runners, Rifleman, El Magico and Broken, who got into clear running, started to make their moves. General Truce was severely hampered by the heavy weight and couldn’t produce its usual devastating turn of foot. El Magico on the other hand steadied up and started flying as they hit the 100m.

Planet Voyage was tough and hanging on, but El Magico had the race wrapped up and went on to run down a brave Planet Voyage from Broken. General Truce was only 2 lengths away with 60 kilos and he finished with Rifleman, Shellscrape and Serene Star, who were also strong runs.

Follow: El Magico and Broken was really good first up.

Race 8: Luxbet Winter Championship Heat 4 – 1400m

1st That’s The One – Ben Melham

2nd Another Prelate – Craig Robertson

3rd By The Way – Jason Benbow

Blackie blew the start by 10 lengths, as the rest of the field was away to an even start. Utah Saints and Testascanna went to the early lead with Felidea coming across from a wide gate to settle close to the speed. By The Way was last throughout the middle stages of the race.

Our Freed Man travelled wide throughout, with That’s The One also 3 wide, but getting some cover.

As they turned for home, Utah Saints, Testascana and Filadea still led and started the push for the line, but all three had spent too many tickets early. That’s The One got into clear running at the 300m and the writing was on the wall. Under The Hat and By The Way flew home from the back of the field (as they clearly got too far back), but it was all in vein, as That’s The One finally knocked up a win from Another Prelate, who was gutsy to the line.

Blackie was super impressive, only 4 lengths away after missing the start by 10 lengths. It seems to love Flemington.

If you have been following By The Way, it would be fair to be frustrated. It was over 5 lengths away the winner in the straight and lost by a length. It got too far back and started its run to late.

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Race 9: All Victorian Sprint Series Heat 6 – 1200m

1st Bello – Vlad Duric

2nd Club Command – Jake Duffy

3rd Magnifique Soleil – Ben Melham

Club Command pinged away nicely to get to the lead with a fast starting Solsay and Pago Rock. Vlad opted to ride Bello a bit quieter at the back of the field with cover. Club Command ran the race wide and away from the rest of the field.

When they hit the track proper every horse bar Grey Monarch was a chance. They started commencing runs at the 400m, where Pago Rock and Club Command were still the front-runners, with Bello, starting to chime in. Dash For Viz was moving around trying to find clear running and loomed as a threat to the front-runners. Club Command dropped Pago Rock and Solsay and went head to head over the concluding stages with Bello. Bello put its nose out on the line, carrying 60 kilos in a great finish. Magnifique Soleil was a cracking run for 3rd, coming from the tail of the field. Dash For Viz was good for fourth and it might be time to get out to 1400m.

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Race 10: L.V Lachal 0-89 Handicap – 1700m

1st Fulgur – Steve Arnold

2nd Micken – Lisa Whelan

3rd London Stripe – Damien Lane

Fulgur and Mi Hungi were away well in the last with Imoto, as they set a blistering pace early. The New Boy who started fairly then went aroundto take up the lead.

After doing some early work, The New Boy slowed the tempo dramatically as the field bunched up at the 800m. Upbeat and Gail got going at this stage from the rear, as the pace was too slow. They both came 4 wide as they hit the 600m as the field was all over the place. During this time Imoto seemed to be shuffled back on the rail with no clear running.

As they hit the straight Upbeat hit the lead with The New Boy, but both had spent a lot of energy to this point. Upbeat started to push on from the 300m, before the quietly ridden Fulger showed its hand and ate them up as they passed the 200m. Two roughies in London Stripe and Micken came home really well to put pressure on, but glue on shoes and all, Fulgur was too strong.

Imoto was disappointing along with Gail. The race was quite messy and both horses may not have appreciated the way the race was run.

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Weekend specials: Cooldini and Winta Chiller