Caulfield Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Noel Elizabeth Barter (1000m)

1st Just For Starters – Craig Newitt
2nd Corsica Lad – Damien Oliver
3rd Sunday Escape – Craig Williams

Copernicus, a noted on-pacer, blew the start and settled a clear last. Glowstick flew out from a wide gate and tried to cross but Sunday Escape and Cobblestones kicked up to hold it out. Just For Starters railed up behind them into the box seat with Corsica Lad handy to them. Sunday Escape seemed to travel okay to the turn with Cobblestones on his outside, Glowstick dropped off and Corsica Lad peeled out to run on. Further out Jersey Whistler tried to chime in as well. Sunday Escape kicked a couple clear near the 200m and allowed Just For Starters to come off his back. He was starting to paddle by the 100m and just as it looked like Corsica Lad was about to sweep past, Just For Starters knuckled down and finished his race off just a little better. Sunday Escape managed to hold on for third ahead of Jersey Whistler and not far from them was a nice return by Audino running on. Sunday Escape seemed to have his chance and isn’t quite able to finish off when he leads.

Follow: Corsica Lad will be fitter and keep an eye on Audino.

Race 2: David Hopwood Handicap (1400m)

1st Starsi – Chris Parnham
2nd Mail It In – Chad Schofield
3rd Red Alto – Michael Walker

Red Alto was about midfield away and didn’t try to punch through from the inside gate, settling off the speed. Starsi and Central Witnesspaired off early ahead of Precision Timing in the clear. Red Alto and Zandarral were the next pair as they started to string out. Mail It Inwas caught three wide and had to improve to midfield. Central Witness probably backed it off a bit too much as Mail It In went up quickly three wide around Starsi to join them. Zandarral ended up on Mail It In’s back as Parallel Lines improved between him and Red Alto nearing the turn. Starsi took over at the 300m with Mail It In going with him, Red Alto was bailed up looking for a run and Zandarral came down the outside. Starsi held about a neck over Mail It In all the way down the straight and did enough to score. Game effort from the runner-up though. Red Alto didn’t look comfortable between horses and his effort to run third was good ahead of Parallel Lines and Zandarral. Race turned into a sprint home so be a bit forgiving of a few of these.

Follow: Red Alto has a win in him.

Race 3: Greg Williams Handicap (1400m)

1st Volcanic Ash – Craig Newitt
2nd Volontiers – Jye McNeil
3rd Benny Dee – Katelyn Mallyon

Benny Dee and Arabian Beauty were easily the best out and they led early until Lazyaxl speared across from out wide and landed outside Benny Dee. They fired up in front and left Arabian Beauty a couple of lengths back trailed by Volontiers and with the speed onVolcanic Ash landed in a perfect spot. Tatamagouche settled midfield ahead of Dollars Not Sense who was being ridden up to stay in touch. Coming to the turn Benny Dee shook off Lazyaxl, who must have overdone it, and Arabian Beauty moved around him three wide. Volontiers was being stoked up waiting for a run and Volcanic Ash was just stalking. Benny Dee was giving a good sight down past the 200m but Volontiers and Volcanic Ash were closing in fast. Appreciating the easy run in transit, Volcanic Ash sprinted past the two inside and went on for a soft win. Volontiers continued his good form this time in while Benny Dee was gallant in setting up the tempo. They were clear of Liberty Island who ran on well from last without ever looking a threat. He’s racing well and he could pick one up in Melbourne soon.

Follow: Liberty Island.

Race 4: Aaron Barnett Handicap (1200m)

1st Japhils – Katelyn Mallyon
2nd Mossbeat – Craig Williams
3rd Comic Miss – Chad Schofield

Comic Miss was a bit slow and Cinnamon Carter went back while Japhils managed to find the lead very softly as she and All About Rhythm came over from centre gates. A line of three behind them with Chiavari inside Courtside and Thelittleracketeer caught deep. They were very bunched and Comic Miss made it to midfield easily around Northern Fury and All Aussie. Japhils was pretty much uncontested and past the 600m she slipped away from All About Rhythm and Thelittleracketeer wider out. Chiavari was on the leader’s back and waiting. Comic Miss was starting to run on out wide on the turn and looking for runs through them was Mossbeat. Japhils was still going well past the 200m a couple of lengths clear and Chiavari couldn’t go with her despite the cold trail. Mossbeat got through in time and was running on hard with Comic Miss but Japhils simply had it all too easy up front and was entitled to win. Chiavari boxed on to hold fourth but disappointed overall while All About Rhythm came again to be with her and Northern Fury was spotted hitting the line nicely late. But it was handed to the winner. Be a bit forgiving of Thelittleracketeer first-up and wide.

Follow: Comic Miss over 1400m and Northern Fury.

Race 5: Fillies And Mares Handicap (1200m)

1st Forgeress – Katelyn Mallyon
2nd Iggimacool – Tom Sadler
3rd Northern Saint – Damien Thornton

Bring A Ring showed a heap of pace from out wide to cross to the fence in front of Liberated Rose with Aware and Flash Of Doubt up handy. Pilly’s Wish followed them and Forgeress, who jumped very well, eased into a spot off the speed but three wide as Young Tigers Jeuny held the fence. Bring A Ring went for home around the bend and kicked a couple clear of Aware getting off her back. Flash Of Doubt put herself there and Pilly’s Wish and Forgeress swept down the outside. Bring A Ring was all out at the 200m and Forgeress picked her up and raced away. Pilly’s Wish couldn’t match her and working through the pack to run on was Iggimacool. That dash from the 200m proved decisive as Forgeress held off a determined Iggimacool to win. Northern Saint arrived in time from the second half of the field to cut Pilly’s Wish out of a place. No excuses for anything as the winner sat deep but plenty to like about the runner-up’s effort.

Follow: Iggimacool is just about ready to win after two runs back.

Race 6: Ascend Sales Trophies (2400m)

1st Monteux – Brad Rawiller
2nd Gilago – Michael Dee
3rd Heavy – Damien Oliver

Zahspeed sprung out and was first to the fence while Heavy was taken back to last off the outside alley. Plenty of competition early on asGilchrist and Temps Voleur pushed on and Chasing Liberty eased out of that battle. It’s About You settled a lot closer after jumping well as did Kaizaen and Arizona Rose was stuck wide so pushed on towards the front. Zahspeed held the lead as Arizona Rose worked up outside him and they kicked away up the hill with Esprit De Sol working overtime to get around Temps Voleur and Gilchrist. Zahspeed had shaken off the early challengers by the 600m and Esprit De Sol was staying with him but runs were coming from the back as Get Ya Kicks was stoked up and tracked into it with Cuban Fighter on his back and Heavy following. Gilchrist was coming again on the fence and Kaizaen was running on with him. Zahspeed was reeled in before the 200m as Temps Voleur and Cuban Fighter momentarily took over but Heavy claimed them quickly. No sooner did Heavy hit the front did Monteux, who was following him for much of the last 600m, pounce and in turn held off a fast-finishing Gilago to win narrowly. Heavy had his chance in third but the wide alley didn’t help. Cuban Fighter and It’s About You were next.

Follow: none.

Race 7: Bletchingly Stakes (1200m)

1st Smokin’ Joey – Chris Parnham
2nd Platinum Rocker – Craig Williams
3rd Petrology – Damien Oliver

Lord Of The Sky didn’t jump that great again but was revved up to recover and get on the speed with Rich Jack alongside. Angels Beach made them work a little before taking the trail. Inspector enjoyed good cover with Decircles outside and Written Dash withPlatinum Rocker behind them. They opened up about four lengths on Petrology. Rich Jack worked about half a length clear of Lord Of The Sky near the turn that put Lord Of The Sky under immense pressure and he cracked. Angels Beach eased out to run on and wider outSmokin’ Joey started his run around Decircles. Petrology, who was ahead of Smokin’ Joey at the 800m, began to pick up and as Rich Jack started to weaken Platinum Rocker burst through on the inside. Lord Of The Sky dropped right out. Smokin’ Joey made the move at the right time and he powered away for a strong win. Nice first-up run by Platinum Rocker and Petrology just blew out in the last furlong. Clearly Rich Jack and Lord Of The Sky brought each other undone but the latter pulled up lame and gave in meekly.

Follow: hard to knock the winner but Platinum Rocker is open to plenty of improvement.

Race 8: VOBIS Gold Heath (2000m)

1st Refulgent – Brad Rawiller
2nd Tre Dieci – Craig Robertson
3rd Word Of Mouth – Craig Williams

Za Za Zoom threw the rider at the start. Tre Dieci found the early lead but handed up to Lannister and Pompeius who improved ahead of Radical. Refulgent worked into a good spot outside him and Word Of Mouth wasn’t far away with Manageress on his outside. Lannister took off going up the hill and opened the field up with Pompeius staying a few lengths behind. Tre Dieci spent no petrol and Refulgent improver to fourth in the middle stages. The gap was closing near the 600m until the riderless horse fired the leader up again and Lannister stole another break, putting Pompeius under pressure. Refulgent came around the riderless horse and momentarily pocketed Tre Dieci with Radical and Manageress coming out to run on. Refulgent took the lead inside the 200m and wasn’t afraid to hit the line this time and held a length on a game Tre Dieci getting going to tip Word Of Mouth out of second and Manageress closing off late after a bit of a flat spot. Couldn’t see an excuse for Radical and a big flop from Clairvaux who was out the back and never made an impact. Perhaps the strong tempo took the gas out of him.

Follow: none.

Race 9: Champagne Pommery Masters (1800m)

1st Miss Rose De Lago – Katelyn Mallyon
2nd Falago – Craig Williams
3rd Good Value – Michael Walker

Onpicalo was best out but didn’t want to lead and Miss Mossman joined him as Miss Rose De Lago worked across to take up the running. Commanding Time, who led by a big space last start, settled fourth with Lightenuff outside and Eximius underneath. Good Value was around midfield and Falago eased into the second half. Once she got to the front Miss Rose De Lago was rated very well and looked comfortable striding along a length or so clear of Miss Mossman and Onpicalo. Most of those in the middle of the field were being slapped up before the turn and while Miss Rose De Lago led a line of five cornering she was going by far the better of all of them. Miss Mossman couldn’t match her and Onpicalo pulled out in plenty of time to run on but made no impact, Eximius ran up behind them and Falago got through some traffic to be out in time to sprint. Further out Lightenuff was dropping off and Good Value picking up. Miss Rose De Lago had it too easy in the middle and she booted away and held the closers Falago and Good Value for a strong win, atoning for a poor effort last time. Commanding Time boxed on behind them and Diametric made some good late ground to be close up. He can be enigmatic but might be worth another look.

Follow: Diametric if you’re game.

Specials from the meeting: Red Alto, Iggimacool, Liberty Island.


Canterbury Review by Todd Burmester

Race 4

1st Brook Road Brenton Avdulla
2nd Burbero Brodie Loy
3rd Kencella James McDonald

When the starter hit the button in race four, Kencella was out like a greyhound and led from Zaratone which is not easy to do. Those two settled clear of Decision Time who used an inside gate to take up a nice trail, withStraturbo outside of it. The pace looked strong, and Burbero was tailed off about three or four lengths astern of the field. As they came around the turn, the field packed a bit, and Zaratone was in strife under the stick trying to chase down Kencella who traveled ok. Kencella led to well inside the furlong, but from there on, Brook Roadfinished brilliantly on the inside and came away to win easily. The winner had a good run in transit and the strong pace suited. The effort of Burbero from a clear last shows that it is in for another good campaign, and Kencella held third which was not a bad effort. This looks a decent form race to me.

Follow: The first three can all win races

Race 5

1st Burnt Bridges Hugh Bowman
2nd Grunderzeit James McDonald
3rd Roaring To Win Tim Clark

It was a very good line out in the fifth, and they took a while to sort themselves out. When they did it was Global Domination who led from Grunderzeit. Conarchie and Roaring To Win got nice runs in behind the speed, whereas the favourite Way We Go was trapped out in no mans land. Again the pace looked ok, and as they came up around the bend Grunderzeit was putting the acid test to Global Domination, and Way We Go had plenty of work to do, pushed along still out wide and three lengths or four lengths back. Inside the furlong, Grunderzeit was doing enough to have a margin over Global Domination and Roaring To Win who was trying hard, but at the 100m mark, Burnt Bridges finished brilliantly from well back, swept up and went straight past them for a pretty impressive victory. Don’t give up Way We Go out of this, the circumstances gave it no chance today and it wasn’t disgraced.

Follow: Burnt Bridges, Way We Go

Race 6

1st Boss Lane Sam Clipperton
2nd Kristy Lee Nash Rawiller
3rd Coolring Hugh Bowman

When they jumped in the sixth, although there were plenty up contesting the front, nothing looked overly keen to take it up. Boss Lane and Alias made their way across from out wide to pass Breakfast In Bed andCoolring who looked happy to let the other two go. Boss Lane held the fence and supremacy in front and looked to get away with some cheap splits mid race. Before the turn, Alias was off the bit, with Cool Ring traveling ok behind the leader and looking it’s main danger as they swung for home, but it too was soon off the bit. Boss Lane kicked early in the straight and set up a three or four length break and looked very hard to run down. Kristy Lee was the one who started to emerge quickly with a big finish, but it was all too late despite the winner getting tired in the final 100m. Coolring held third from Forget who basically got lost today but finished off well.

Follow: Forget

Race 7

1st Miniature James McDonald
2nd Awasita Kerrin McEvoy
3rd Hard To Hold Hugh Bowman

Il Mio Destino began well from out wide, but Miss Tenpins held the fence and led equally, with the pace looking pretty good. Awasita was trapped out three wide, whilst Hard To Hold and Echo Gal got nice runs behind the speed. Miniature was in a three wide trailing position. Around the turn, Miss Tenpins and Il Mio Destino still had it but soon after Hard To Hold went through to hit the front and Awasita and Miniature ran on out wide. In the run to the line, it was heads up and heads down with Miniature getting the nod narrowly from Awasita, who ran well given it was three wide facing the breeze, whereas the winner had the trail up behind it. Echo Gal finished back towards the rear, but did get shuffled back on the turn.

Follow: Awasita

Race 8

1st Foreign Prince Jess Taylor
2nd Great Esteem Hugh Bowman
3rd Keepit To Yourself Danny Beasley

Foreign Prince jumped straight to the lead in the last, I’m In The Money went to second at its girth, and those two in front gave Great Esteem and Off The Rails nice trails behind the pace. Well before the turn, Blake Shinn on Hollywood Bound realised they had not gone hard and sitting back last was not helping so he was off around them in a big hurry three wide. As it headed towards the front, Great Esteem came out of its trail and went with it. Into the straight, Foreign Prince did as the last winner did and kicked off the bend and set up a big lead. Great Esteem and Hollywood Bound were the chasers but they had plenty of ground to make up. In the run to the line, although Great Esteem tried hard, and dropped off Hollywood Bound for second money, nothing was every going to get to Foreign Prince, who was rated nicely by Jess Taylor. Keepit To Yourself finished it’s race off ok to pick up the tiring Hollywood Bound who was set a pretty big task to circle the field a long way from home, so it still gets a pass mark.

Follow: Hollywood Bound

Specials from the meeting: Awasita