Weekend Racing reviews – June 20th

Moonee Valley Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Friends Of Epworth Handicap (1600m)

1st Every Faith – Dwayne Dunn
2nd First Bloom – Harry Coffey
3rd Hula Lua – Jake Bayliss

Coronation Shallan headed forward as usual but Prie Dieu wanted it more and ran to the lead. They were a couple clear of Takeoverand Hula Lua handy. Flying Hostess raced in open space. Every Faith settled three back on the fence. Prie Dieu seemed to be doing it well past the 600m as they crept up behind her. Coronation Shallan moved alongside and Takeover moved up three out. Behind them Every Faith had worked off the inside and put Flying Hostess under some pressure. Hula Lua also came off the bit when the sprint went on. Coronation Shallan took over on the turn and Takeover went with her. Every Faith took a split between them and challenged quickly.First Bloom had tracked into it well and launched down the outside late but Every Faith had enough in hand to win. Coronation Shallan boxed on fairly to hold off Hula Lua for third, the latter getting going again late. Flying Hostess disappointed.

Follow: nice run from Hula Lua first-up and she has upside.

Race 2: Silver Thomas Hanley Handicap (1200m)

1st Mawahibb – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Demonstrate – Patrick Moloney
3rd Trinity River – Luke Nolen

A few challengers for the early lead until Penrhos crossed to the fence with Mawahibb coming across and eventually taking over. Trinity River and Siding Spring eased out of it to settle in good spots behind them. Limbo Star and Portion Control were the next pair,Demonstrate went back from the jump then improved quickly around them. He made it up to third but three wide for the last 800m. Mawahibb had a breather in front in the middle stages and when he was clicked up Penrhos struggled and Demonstrate kept his run going out wider. Trinity River was under the pump to follow the leader and Portion Control made a dash following Demonstrate. Mawahibb kicked away around the turn and Demonstrate couldn’t match him. They raced right away from Trinity River and another big gap to the rest. While the margin was a few lengths the run of Demonstrate was huge.

Follow: Demonstrate has ability and can atone.

Race 3: Kane Constructions Handicap (1200m)

1st Shakespearean Lass – Patrick Moloney
2nd Cataleya – Jess Payne
3rd Our Harmony – Brandon Stockdale

With little trouble Shakespearean Lass worked across to find the lead and Cataleya settled in behind her. Arabian Beauty landed third and was joined by White House Lady improving after being trapped wide. Herstory followed them around All Australian Gal. Our Harmony and Testability were back in the second half, the latter not settling well. Shakespearean Lass had them stacked right up and the field bunched noticeably as Cataleya, White House Lady and Herstory strode forward out wider. Arabian Beauty waited behind that line. Our Harmony tried to get into it pushing Cash Appraisal wider and Testability also got going from the back. After an easy run in front Shakespearean Lass sprinted away around the bend and never looked in danger. Cataleya stuck on pretty well though safely held and Herstory and the fast-finishing Our Harmony hit the line together, the latter bobbing in time for third. Arabian Beauty battled on okay first-up out of her grade. Testability didn’t come into the race at all. Very much a tempo related affair here and the winner had it far too easy.

Follow: wouldn’t hold the defeat against Our Harmony, who made good ground against the slow speed.

Race 4: Divice Technologies Handicap (1200m)

1st Raposo – Jess Payne
2nd Valderrama – Michael Dee
3rd Kansas Sunflower – Dwayne Dunn

Raposo was on the back foot at the start and was out the back early, tailing out a few lengths off the field. Gloop sprung out and found the fence ahead of Canelo with Boomwaa not pushing for the lead this time. Valderrama landed in the box seat with Bullywolfe to his outside. Sang Choi Bao was over racing out three wide with Kansas Sunflower well back on the fence. There was no waiting in front as Gloop and Canelo ran them along. Sang Choi Bao pulled his way forward three wide. Valderrama was waiting for a run but Boomwaa was the first beaten and started to drop out. Kansas Sunflower made some ground on the inside behind Valderrama and Raposo was being held up at the tail. Valderrama came off Gloop’s back and hit the lead at the 200m and Kansas Sunflower had followed him through and loomed up. Raposo was able to weave through and he sprinted home too well on the inside of Valderrama for a very big win. Kansas Sunflower battled on okay as did Gloop and they beat the rest by panels. The placegetters performed well but had no excuses. Boomwaa was too bad to be true, perhaps a hard prep has told on him.

Follow: none.

Race 5: Pantry Packer Handicap (1000m)

1st Wild Rain – Glen Boss
2nd Pilly’s Wish – Dwayne Dunn
3rd It’s Poet’s Day – Jess Payne

Pilly’s Wish blew the start and Costamoney eased back, while Minaj sprung out and crossed to lead from the outside. It’s Poet’s Daymade her work a little kicking up on the fence and Wild Rain dropped into a trail. Unique Storm settled a couple of lengths back withPathways and Flash Of Doubt was just off that pair. Costamoney and Pilly’s Wish improved past a few. Minaj, a horse off the fence, travelled okay to the turn and Wild Rain was stalking, looking dangerous a long way out. It’s Poet’s Day was still there as Flash Of Doubt sprinted up to them out wider. Pilly’s Wish was still back in the ruck. It’s Poet’s Day kicked back to lead on the turn but Wild Rain came with her run and sprinted right away. She looked the winner a long way out. Pilly’s Wish finished off the race well along the inside to grab It’s Poet’s Day for second place. Minaj stuck on well with Pathways and Flash Of Doubt both close up. Pilly’s Wish didn’t help her chances at the start.

Follow: give Pilly’s Wish another chance but hold your breath as the gates open.

Race 6: Travis Harrison Cup (1600m)

1st Alcohol – Dwayne Dunn
2nd Sadaqa – Damien Thornton
3rd King’s Dance – Michael Dee

Sadaqa ridden hard from a wide gate to cross them and found the fence in front. King’s Dance held his place off the fence and moved to his quarters while Alcohol found the box seat. Onpicalo didn’t attempt to lead settling fourth. The next line saw Lightenuff aroundTravolta and Lake Sententia on the fence. Metaphorical was eased towards the tail. Sadaqa was largely left alone by King’s Dance in the middle stages and Alcohol continued to track them. Lightenuff moved up three wide around Onpicalo and Metaphorical tried to get onto their backs. The two leaders kicked coming to the turn and Alcohol eased around their heels. He let down with a nice turn of foot and powered away. King’s Dance was looking like getting the better of Sadaqa but the last 100m Sadaqa outgunned him and kicked back for second. A big gap to Onpicalo but nothing made any ground from the back in this event. With that in mind perhaps be a little forgiving of Metaphorical who never came into it.

Follow: Alcohol is in good form and could win again.

Race 7: Brookfield Multiplex Handicap (2040m)

1st Word Of Mouth – Patrick Moloney
2nd Doctor Care – Harry Coffey
3rd Lannister – Regan Bayliss

Diamond Duke and Goldoni headed forward but Shikarpour was ridden hard out wide to cross them and did so to lead. Lannistersettled up handy ahead of Doctor Care getting into a good spot and Master’s Degree looking for one around Word Of Mouth in midfield. Master’s Degree wound up being caught wide. Shikarpour really ran them along up the back but Master’s Degree kept his run going wide and went up to join him. That gave Diamond Duke cover while Lannister and Goldoni hadn’t spent any petrol. Word Of Mouth was on Lannister’s back. Master’s Degree ran clear past the 800m but it was only a matter of when he would weaken. The runs started to come soon after as Shikarpour had another dig and Goldoni came out to run on. Word Of Mouth had worked into a spot just behind them and waited with Lannister who was looking in danger of being held up behind tiring horses. Doctor Care couldn’t go with them before the turn and Word Of Mouth pounced at the 200m. Lannister got a split at the same time but Word Of Mouth sprinted right away making up for luckless defeat in Sydney. Doctor Care got going again to grab second over Lannister and the fast-finishing Gold Medals. Master’s Degree didn’t do a bad job sticking on just behind the placings. Winner had the best run and was entitled to win as he did.

Follow: none.

Race 8: Health Science Planning Handicap (2040m)

1st Ava’s Delight – Harry Coffey
2nd Westsouthwest – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Digitalism – Patrick Moloney

Digitalism seemed to stumble at the start and missed it slightly but recovered to be just behind the speed. Use The Lot had a dig for the front with Westsouthwest, Falago and Special Miss out wide, trying to get in, and Commanding Time holding the fence and eventually the lead. They raced clear of Strike The Stars and Amaverde. Plenty of shuffling up front as Falago and Special Miss couldn’t get in while Commanding Time kept holding Use The Lot out off the fence, Falago eventually got some cover. Use The Lot edged by Commanding Time under a heap of pressure around the 600m. Digitalism was behind them looking to get in the clear but Westsouthwest was still travelling well. Falago tried to come on out wider and Ava’s Delight swept up right off the track as Special Miss dropped off a bit. Digitalism was held up as the runs came and Ava’s Delight and Westsouthwest got to Use The Lot inside the 200m, Falago was tightened up a bit and Commanding Time battling on. Digitalism eventually got through but the race was over and Ava’s Delight bobbed the head to down the jumper Westsouthwest who is ticking over nicely. Some consolation for Digitalism grabbing a place, he can be forgiven a bit for that. They were bunched behind the first two.

Follow: none, though can’t wait for Westsouthwest to return to jumping.

Race 9: Sporting Globe Handicap (1200m)

1st Sea Lord – Jake Bayliss
2nd Nearest To Pin – Luke Nolen
3rd Solsay – Jackie Beriman

Le Remas was slowly out and Desert Jeuney badly missed it, and was deemed a non-runner. On the other hand Nearest To Pin and Sea Lord broke quickly with Sea Lord holding the lead on the inside. Boristar landed next around Solsay getting into the box seat. Henwooddidn’t appreciate being restrained and threw his head around while Morant settled okay. Daytona Grey followed and they were clear of the rest. Sea Lord slowed the pace significantly and they packed up behind him as Daytona Grey took off around his stablemate Nearest To Pin to make a line of three in front. Solsay was under pressure behind them to keep up and Boristar was still in that bunch. Sea Lord had a good kick, as you’d expect, and slipped away again around the turn from Nearest To Pin holding down second, Daytona Grey’s run was ending and Solsay stuck on. Our Nkwazi, who had dashed up out wide near the turn, felt the pinch. Sea Lord kept going in a solid return to form on a track he likes. Every chance the placegetters and pretty much the others weren’t in the race.

Follow: none, these take turns.

Specials from the meeting: Demonstrate, Hula Lua, Our Harmony.


Randwick Review by Todd Burmester

Race 1
1st Backstab – Josh Parr
2nd Libidosun – Jason Collett
3rd Stalwart – Sam Clipperton
They all began pretty nicely in the first. Backstab had the most pace and ran clear in front. Stalwart had a wide gate and drifted back. Precocious was up outside the leader as Libidosun got a nice run on the fence behind the pace, whilst Sargent Doakes was caught three wide. Up around the turn, Backstab looked to have had it pretty easy in front and was a couple of horses off the fence as they came into the straight which gave Libidosun plenty of room if good enough. Up to the furlong pole and Backstab looked to have the measure of Libidosun who was trying hard and Stalwart was down the outside making ground. In the end, Backstab held off a very brave Libidosun with Stalwart winding up third.
Follow: Libidosun
Race 2
1st God’s In Him – Sam Clipperton
2nd Lunar Rise – Jason Collett
3rd I’m In The Money – Winona Costin
A great line out in the second with I’m In The Money kicking through along the fence. Off The Rails, Lunar Rise and Kaypers were all up there showing pace, whilst the short priced favourite God’s In Him was taking back towards the rear. Up towards the turn, I’m In The Money was going ok in front, whilst Kaypers outside of it began to struggle. Lunar Rise who settled on the fence behind the pace looked to also be going ok and God’s In Him still had a job to do. Around the turn, Lunar Rise quickly moved to I’m In The Money, but also saving ground and coming into a challenging position was the favourite, God’s In Him. Those two soon after had it between them with God’s In Him doing enough in the run to the line to hold off Lunar Rise. There was a mile back to I’m In The Money in third.
Follow: Lunar Rise
Race 3
1st Soviet Courage – Glyn Schofield
2nd Shubawi – Kathy O’Hara
3rd Husson Choice – Josh Parr
2600m in the third event, and I think I may have been able to keep up with the field to the post the first time. Mr Impatience was taken to the lead, Soviet Courage was outside the leader in second with Shubawi getting a nice run in third on the fence. It was only a six horse field but Planet Purple managed to be planted three wide as they turned out of the straight until it eventually moved up outside the leader. The leader had a very soft run mid race, and then some action started to happen at about the 900m mark where Soviet Courage moved off the fence and went up to eyeball the leader. By the time they reached the 600m, Planet Purple was a spent force after a tough run early. Up to the turn, Soviet Courage looked to have the measure of Mr Impatience, with Shubawi coming three wide and Husson Choice also looking to come into the race. As they ran up the rise, Mr Impatience was in big trouble, as Soviet Courage and Shubawi looked the main chances. Thereafter it was a good effort by Soviet Courage to run away from Shubawi to win by nearly three lengths. Husson Choice was a plugging effort only in third and Mr Impatience was the big flop after an impressive last start win.
Follow: None to follow
Race 4
1st Electric Power – Sam Clipperton
2nd Berrimilla – Glyn Schofield
3rd Sense And Reason – Jason Collett
Mardi and Caprossa were the two best to begin in the fourth event, with Mardi showing more pace to run clear in front. Soon after however Written moved up outside of it and they matched strides. My Sabeel and Caprossa were the two that settled behind the speed. Electric Power and Sense And Reason who were both well in betting commission got well back towards the rear. As they ran up the rise, Mardi tried to kick but soon after was in plenty of Barney Rubble as there were plenty of challengers. Sense And Reason looked a big chance as it burst through the join Electric Power just before the furlong pole, not long after that though, Electric Power found plenty and got the better of Sense And Reason. Berrimilla was making some ground down the outside but the post was looming too quickly and Electric Power found plenty for what was a very good effort in the last part of the straight.
Follow: Electric Power
Race 5
1st Berry Delicious – Winona Costin
2nd Elle Lou – Jay Ford
3rd Disgraceful – Christian Reith
They took a while to sort out their order in the fifth, but it was Disgraceful who went around the outside and led them up. Behind it was a line of three including Scratch Me Lucky, Avonaco and Tree Of Jesse planted three deep, but eventually getting one off the fence outside the leader. The eventual winner, Berry Delicious got back to last. Into the straight and up the rise, Disgraceful had a good margin on them and seemed to be going pretty well in its bid for victory. At the furlong however, the ever consistent Berry Delicious was starting to come with big bounds. It soon after had Disgraceful covered, and Ell Lou tried to go with it, but Berry Delicious had built up too much momentum and went on to win it. All credit to the winner here for giving them a start and a beating. The run of Disgraceful was also very good, after working a bit to the lead and being asked to make a fairly long run for home on the wet track.
Follow: Disgraceful
Race 6
1st Timeless Prince – Winona Costin
2nd Alias – Jay Ford
3rd See The World – Josh Parr
Wouldn’t It Be Nice didn’t begin all that well whereas Zaratone showed its usual customary pace to go through and lead. Alias moved up to be second on the outside with Speedy Squib getting a good run behind the pace and Wouldn’t It Be nice found itself in the one by one trail. Up towards the turn, although not challenged in the lead, Zaratone had the field strung out. Speedy Squib was the first to struggle in the wet before the turn, and as they came into the straight Zaratone still had a clear lead. Wouldn’t It Be Nice tried to mount a challenge as they topped the rise, but that challenge was short lived. Alias was the first to get to Zaratone, but Timeless Prince came with big bounds down the outside and claimed the leaders in the last bit. The winner looked fairly impressive but may have found some better going. See The World also appeared to finish very quickly, but may have been flattered by tiring runners. Wouldn’t It Be Nice has to be considered a flop.
Follow: None to follow
Race 7
1st Aroused – Koby Jennings
2nd Cosmic Cameo – Winona Costin
3rd Kokomo – Thomas Huet
A good line out in race seven with the exception of Kokomo who seemed to jump in the air soon after the start and went back to the rear. They went hammer and tongs in front, and it was a line of three, with Destiny Risingholding the fence, One Direction outside of it and Holder Sunset three deep. Back Behind them, Cosmic Cameo was out very wide and Bonete had found itself back in the ruck with plenty of horses around it. Destiny Rising had a clear lead up the rise but was starting to shorten stride. Aroused ran on well and had the measure of Destiny Rising inside the furlong. In the last part of the race Cosmic Cameo was the challenger and Kokomo was also ripping home. Aroused did enough to get home. Cosmic Cameo is potentially the run of the race, but again it might be hard to say whether being out wide throughout cost it too much given the state of the track. Some of these were beaten a long way, which you would have to put down to the track conditions.
Follow: Cosmic Cameo
Race 8
1st Pajaro – Josh Parr
2nd Georgey Aeroplane – Jason Collett
3rd Casino Dancer – Serg Lisnyy
On a day of pretty good starts, they also began nicely in the last with Pythagorean having the front clearly and over racing. Role Model and Vergara looked to be in Indian file behind the leader. The eventual winner of the race Pajaro had a nice run in midfield being trailed up by Magic Hurricane before it pulled out very wide towards the turn and moved forward. As they turned, plenty of them wanted to come wide, and Jason Collett onGeorgey Aeroplane said thankyou very much and darted through along the fence to hit the front. Magic Hurricane started to die a bit on its long run and Pajaro who had been stalking them drove through the middle. In the run to the line, Pajaro wore down Georgey Aeroplane and won the last by almost a length. This was a lovely ride by Josh Parr to get the money, showing patience and finding the right going. Casino Dancer was the late closer into third but was a good margin from the first two.
Follow: Georgey Aeroplane
Specials from the meeting: Electric Power, Cosmic Cameo