Moonee Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Pendragon @ Think Big Stud (1200m)

1st Safariann – Damien Oliver
2nd Alucinari – Jamie Mott
3rd Bengal Cat – Patrick Moloney

Alucinari beat them out and came across with Dangerous Breeding though Princess Arrow pushed up between them. Safarianndropped into a good spot ahead of Trinity River around Bengal Cat. Zenon and Ayda came out three and four wide a fair way out to improve. Alucinari headed Dangerous Breeding well before the turn with Princess Arrow and Ayda putting pressure on further out. Safariann waited behind them and was being revved up for when the run came. Trinity River and Bengal Cat also looked for runs but were under pressure. Alucinari went for home at the 200m with Princess Arrow struggling to stay with her and Safariann winding up to her inside. Just as Alucinari looked home, Safariann made a late dive and tipped her out. Bengal Cat stayed on the fence and got through to run third and Ayda stuck on pretty well on debut. Trinity River came again late to be close up.

Follow: handy debut from Ayda.

Race 2: Essendon Nissan Handicap (1600m)

1st Radical – Jackie Beriman
2nd It’s About You – Regan Bayliss
3rd Act Of Valour – Patrick Moloney

Act Of Valour and Club Star from the inside two gates were left in front. Pure Addiction went forward into third around Magic Boy andRadical between them. Mondiale eased after getting a squeeze and then over raced. Mr Pago sat outside him and It’s About Youtrailed. Act Of Valour was kept busy by Club Star racing much closer this time. Magic Boy was being niggled at a fair way from home and Pure Addiction left him behind. Radical also went past and It’s About You pinched a run past the other two. Act Of Valour was off the fence on the turn and always looked to have Club Star’s measure. Radical took the inside running and It’s About You was winding up down the outside. Radical stuck his head in front just inside the 50m and he prevailed in a tight finish with It’s About You driving at him and Act Of Valour just weakening late. Club Star wasn’t far off them and the rest were well beaten. Magic Boy particularly disappointing.

Follow: It’s About You is having a good preparation

Race 3: ADAPT Australia Handicap (1600m)

1st Noela’s Choice – Regan Bayliss
2nd Coronation Shallan – Patrick Moloney
3rd Japhils – Jackie Beriman

They took some time to sort out a leader and Miss Maggiebeel crossed with Japhils ahead of Noela’s Choice. Coronation Shallanlanded outside her. Flying Hostess was caught three wide around First Bloom and Flying Aurora while Jessy Belle had the back of Flying Hostess. Japhils pulled her way past Miss Maggiebeel soon after but not able to cross. Coronation Shallan was right on their back. Flying Hostess had to keep sliding forward out wide with First Bloom keeping her out there. Jessy Belle seemed to have trouble keeping up with them. Japhils turned in front, again a few horses off the fence, Coronation Shallan loomed further out with Flying Hostess while Noela’s Choice pinched the inside run. Jessy Belle was too far back. Noela’s Choice took advantage of that run and hit the lead 100m out before sprinting right away. Coronation Shallan battled on to hold second from Japhils and Flying Hostess who had a tough run. First Bloom picked up again after looking gone and Jessy Belle was a bit plain.

Follow: there might be a race in Flying Hostess if she can get some luck.

Race 4: Cafetto Handicap (1200m)

1st Prince Rahy – Patrick Moloney
2nd Rock ‘N’ Gold – Damien Thornton
3rd Smokin’ Al – Ibrahim Gundogdu

Johnny Roo Boy had good speed to get across and Prince Rahy allowed him and followed him over. Magnaro had the box seat andSmokin’ Al also found a nice spot. Rock ‘N’ Gold over raced three wide outside those and Falcent and Nullei were next. Walk This Waytried to get onto Rock ‘N’ Gold’s back. Prince Rahy eye balled Johnny Roo Boy as Rock ‘N’ Gold kept improving wider out. Smokin’ Al was being niggled at and Magnaro waited for a run. Not much coming from the back until the turn where Spencer Street tried to circle as he did a week earlier. Johnny Roo Boy was the first beaten and Prince Rahy and Rock ‘N’ Gold got away early in the straight. Smokin’ Al was a bit flat but kept at it and Spencer Street with Walk This Way was still running on. Rock ‘N’ Gold got his head in front inside the 50m but Prince Rahy fought back, perhaps aided by Damien Thornton dropping his whip, to win narrowly. Smokin’ Al fought on for third ahead of Walk This Way. Mio Dio made a little late ground along the fence.

Follow: Rock ‘N’ Gold beat himself. Stick with him.

Race 5: Dominant Cafetto Handicap (1200m)

1st Duke Of Brunswick – Dale Smith
2nd Raposo – Jess Payne
3rd Herstory – Regan Bayliss

Wild Rain had the lead fairly easily from Alaska. A group of them just off the pace included More Radiant who pushed forward aroundWe’ve Got This easing and Oncebittentwiceshy in the box seat. Herstory also let them go. Sniper Fire and Duke Of Brunswick were the next pair and the rest were a few lengths back. Again the leaders were off the fence and Wild Rain and Alaska were still at it with Herstory coming around heels. We’ve Got This couldn’t go with them further out while Raposo and Duke Of Brunswick took the inside run on the turn and hit the lead past the 100m. They settled down to fight it out and Duke Of Brunswick got the bob in when it counted to score. Herstory was solid back in third first-up. Angry Gee made some good late ground to be just the behind them while the leaders compounded to finish further back. No excuses on face value for We’ve Got This.

Follow: Duke Of Brunswick will be even better at 1400m or so, Herstory a nice return.

Race 6: Cafetto Clean Handicap (1509m)

1st Majestic Duke – Steven Arnold
2nd Burning Front – Jye McNeil
3rd Bel Seal – Daniel Stackhouse

Tankster was first to find the fence then handed up to Majestic Duke. Arctic Song was handy and Burning Front drove forward to get up into second. Taddei Tondo eased out of the early pressure. Behind him were Bel Seal, Orientaped and To Be Honest in a line andYesterday’s Songs slotted in with cover next. Majestic Duke kept them hiking in front and Burning Front sat a length away. They were a couple clear of the field midrace. Tankster and Arctic Song seemed to travel okay and Orientaped was creeping forward further out with Yesterday’s Songs on his back. Majestic Duke was still going strongly on the turn and shook off Burning Front. Arctic Song and Tankster could do no better and Yesterday’s Songs tried to run on around them. There was no catching Majestic Duke and he ran them off their feet scoring easily. Burning Front did a good job chasing all the way and Bel Seal finished his race off nicely, getting a run through the field. To Be Honest and Tankster were next and Yesterday’s Songs never looked like a winner though pulled up with mucous.

Follow: none.

Race 7: Dominant Handicap (2040m)

1st Digitalism – Patrick Moloney
2nd Cadillac Mountain – Damien Thornton
3rd Kenjorwood – Regan Bayliss

Kenjorwood rolled to the front fairly easily from Digitalism coming across and just working a little to get up into second. Pyrrolic landed a nice third around Multilateral and Kapour racing in the clear. They were a few lengths clear of Trade Commissioner. Kenjorwood wasn’t overly pressured in the lead and he slipped a few lengths clear of Digitalism in the back straight. Pyrrolic a similar margin away with Multilateral as they strung out a little. Multilateral was the first to raise the white flag and Pyrrolic was under pressure chasing soon after as Digitalism crept closer to Kenjorwood 600m out. Kapour and Trade Commissioner made some ground and Cadillac Mountain was on their back moving into it. Kenjorwood couldn’t shake off Digitalism but they broke away on the turn from a flat Pyrrolic and Cadillac Mountain running on strongly. Digitalism hit the front 100m out and held off Cadillac Mountain with Kenjorwood battling on. Pyrrolic didn’t run the trip. Kenjorwood had no excuses though he’s proven more dynamic when having something to chase.

Follow: Cadillac Mountain looks ready to win.

Race 8: Cafetto Evo Handicap (1200m)

1st Flash Of Doubt – Jye McNeil
2nd Pathways – Brandon Stockdale
3rd Nautical – Patrick Moloney

Miss Promiscuity jumped well but there was no urgency to kick up and she allowed Pathways, Judicial Rock and Sumakaray to come across, though the latter found herself wide. Flash Of Doubt was in that bunch. Khutulun was three back on the fence inside Our Miss Bossy and Written. Nautical did everything right early on and was ahead of a few. Judicial Rock joined Pathways about 400m out and Flash Of Doubt put herself in the picture three wide. Miss Promiscuity was being hard ridden and not picking up ground. Written and Sumakaray were only battling as Vain Attraction tried to sweep into it. Pathways beat off Judicial Rock but Flash Of Doubt was still coming and she hit the lead at the 100m, holding on for a narrow win over Pathways. Nautical finished her race off well along the inside for third just ahead of Written sticking on and Judicial Rock. Whistle Baby made a heap of ground late in what was arguably the run of the race. Disappointments were Miss Promiscuity and Khutulun. Spirit Of Heaven was okay first-up at an unsuitable trip.

Follow: Whistle Baby back up in distance or on a bigger track.

Race 9: Benchmark 90 Handicap (1200m)

1st Our Nkwazi – Danny Adam
2nd Prince Harada – Damien Oliver
3rd Boomwaa – Patrick Moloney

Nearest To Pin held out Boomwaa for the early lead. A bunch of them followed with Sea Lord wide out around Royal Island and Our Hand Of Faith with Club Command wider out. Our Nkwazi and Brotherly Secret were right behind that line. Boomwaa shaded Nearest To Pin who was being ridden to hold his spot a fair way out. There was a wall chasing them coming to the turn as Nearest To Pin kicked back to join Boomwaa. Our Nkwazi for a run through with Royal Island and Prince Harada was storming down the outside from the back. Boomwaa again got the better of Nearest To Pin at the 50m but was swamped by Our Nkwazi and Prince Harada, who just failed to be the only horses to sweep home and win from the back all day. Boomwaa was game as always and Nearest To Pin also stuck on just ahead of Royal Island. Another big upset result.

Follow: none.

Specials from the meeting: Rock ‘N’ Gold, Duke Of Brunswick, Cadiallac Mountain.


Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st Spill The Beans – Brenton Avdulla
2nd Yaboroo – Jason Collett
3rd Holler – Sam Clipperton

Holler was sent out an odds on favourite in the first and began well from an inside gate, but Spill The Beanswho drew the one marble had enough pace to match it and Remunerator was out three wide going quicker than the pair to look to cross. Spill The Beans kicked up on the fence to hold it out, with Holler easing into the trail. As they came around the turn, Spill The Beans railed very professionally and had a break as they topped the rise. Holler was being asked for the effort and responding ok, and Yaboroo was getting up along the fence. There were basically three in line with 100m to run, but Spill The Beans was the one who pulled out the most in the run to the line to get the victory. Yaboroo rallied for second from Holler who just peaked on its run in the last bit.

Follow: Yaboroo

Race 2

1st Eisenhower – Josh Parr
2nd Avonaco – Jason Collett
3rd Disgraceful – Sam Clipperton

A decent line out in the second with Eisenhower running to the front. Disgraceful was coming across from out wide and Dubio had a bit of pace in the middle. That’s the order they settled in with Avonaco getting a nice run in fourth. Up to the turn, Eisenhower looked to have been well rated by Josh Parr and it and Disgraceful started to put a bit of a gap in the field as they straightened. Up the rise, those two were fighting it out, with Eisenhower finding plenty and looking to have the measure of Disgraceful. From well back, Liberty Island was looking to make ground down the outside, but the bird had flown and Eisenhower was now off and gone with the prize. This was a case of a nice ride, and none of the beaten brigade really had any excuses.

Follow: Liberty Island

Race 3

1st Magic Hurricane – Brodie Loy
2nd Pajaro – Thomas Huet
3rd Amovatio – Josh Parr

There were a few jostling for early supremacy in the third, with Fine Bubbles, Kaypers, Pajaro and Magic Hurricane all in the mix, and soon after My Sabeel was also striding up out very wide. My Sabeel was eventually let go in front and settled clear from Fine Bubbles, with Pajaro going forward in third out wide and soon ending up in second outside the leader. Fine Bubbles eased in third a couple of lengths back with Magic Hurricane on its inside. My Sabeel had it up the rise but was under fire as Pajaro moved up to it and Magic Hurricane got the inside run. Fine Bubbles was trying it’s best down the outside and Amovatio ran up behind them. In the run to the line, Magic Hurricane was the one who finished best and beat Pajaro with Amovatio winding up in third after a bit of a checked run in the straight. I thought it was a pretty good effort by the winner here, although it did have a pretty cosy run in transit. My Sabeel wasn’t disgraced after working early. Some will say Amovatio was a bit unlucky but it can be that sort of horse.

Follow: Magic Hurricane, My Sabeel

Race 4

1st Sir Mako – Rory Hutchings
2nd Word Of Mouth – Taylor Marshall
3rd Banksters Bonus – Brodie Loy

They went to the 2000m for race 4 with Banksters Bonus initially having the lead but there were three others that then came across to dispute it and Banksters Bonus eased. Lucky Liason took it up when they settled from Thurston and Too Hi Tek back over on the fence. Sir Mako and Word Of Mouth who would be the first two home settled back last and second last respectively. The first move came at about the 600m mark where Banksters Bonus came out three wide to move closer as they approached the turn. Up the rise, Lucky Liason looked to kick as Banksters Bonus put in its run. Word Of Mouth had come away from the fence but was in a bit of a scrimage early in the straight trying to get fully clear and was then badly checked and had to switch back towards the inside. Whilst all this was going on, Sir Mako had taken all the inside runs in a nice piece of riding from Rory Hutchings and ended up taking the victory from Word Of Mouth who would have won with a bit more luck early in the straight. Banksters Bonus plugged on for third.

Follow: Word Of Mouth

Race 5

1st Lovethebeaches – Paul King
2nd Our Voodoo Prince – Josh Parr
3rd Husson Choice – Jason Collett

3200m for the Stayers Cup was race 5, and Lovethebeaches took it up not long after the start from Endaxiand Turf Speedie. When they came to the post the first time, the field had strung out a bit and Lovethebeaches had about a two length margin. Things got a whole lot more exciting as they worked their way into the back as “The Duck” let the leader stride and Lovethebeaches had at least ten lengths on the field passing the mile start. Up the back straight that lead became fifteen and twenty lengths and may have been even further at the half way mark. Around the turn and up the rise, Lovethebeaches was still a mile in front and looked to still have something left for the run home. In the final furlong the winner shortened stride a bit, but still had a good five lengths left in the run to the line, and this is not the first time we have seen a tearaway leader get home in these events. It does make you wonder whether more initiative is needed at times by rival jockeys, but all credit here to Paul King and the winner.

Follow: None to follow

Race 6

1st Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Thomas Huet
2nd Avoid Lightning – Josh Parr
3rd Zaratone – Kathy O’Hara

Avoid Lightning headed the market in race six and jumped out nicely. There was an abundance of pace asZaratone took on Holder Sunset in front with Hurrara in third. Zaratone won the battle for the lead and swung the bend with a clear break over Holder Sunset. Avoid Lightning had railed nicely and was ready to strike as they came for home. Barbed who found some support in betting was out wide the whole way and trying to put in a run. Avoid Lightning went to Zaratone as they topped the rise, and favourite backers were on pretty good terms with themselves. Inside the furlong however they were going for the roseary beads as Wouldn’t It Be Nice weaved its way through over towards the fence and claimed the lead in the shadows of the post to score. Zaratone ran its usual honest race to hold third, and Target In Sight was the one booming home into fourth.Barbed and Angel’s Beach get a pass mark for their efforts here after being wide and I can see Barbed improving off this.

Follow: Barbed

Race 7

1st Private Secretary – Winona Costin
2nd Idance Brenton – Avdulla
3rd Alias – Jay Ford

Private Secretary was a short priced favourite in race 7 and began well but then drifted back towards the rear. There was a bit of pace, principally from Forget on the outside and Idance over towards the rail. As others kicked through however, Forget was posted in no mans land and drifted back a bit. Idance took it up from Alias, with Faustus in third and Alpha Beat in fourth. Idance headed up the rise looking to still have something in hand as Alias struggled to get on terms. Private Secretary was making ground along the fence but still had a bit to do up to the furlong pole. In the run to the line, those on Idance almost had the money spent but Private Secretary put in the big bounds and hit the front in the shadows and came away to win by about a half length in what was probably one of the most impressive runs of the day. Forget ran ok in midfield after a tough run.

Follow: Private Secretary

Race 8

1st Transfers – Brodie Loy
2nd Song And Laughter – Danny Beasley
3rd I’m In The Money – Linda Meech

I’m In The Money was best out in the last race with Transfers kicking up along its inside to go through and share the lead and set up a three or four length margin over Rare Fragrance. The field strung out indicating that the pace was ok. Around the turn and up the rise, Transfers traveled better than I’m In The Money who was being asked to keep up. Song And Laughter was also being asked for its effort over on the fence. Nothing else looked to be making much ground. In the run to the line, Song And Laughter and I’m In The Money both kept trying hard and did wear down the margin, but Transfers had enough in hand to get home. Sense And Reasoncame to the line nicely in the final part. All Cerise had a tough run early and wasn’t disgraced.

Follow: Sense And Reason, All Cerise

Specials from the meeting: Word Of Mouth, Private Secretary