Weekend Racing Reviews – May 23rd

Flemington review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: Victorian Carbine Club Plate (1400m)

1st Dynamic Day – Dean Yendall 2nd Manhattan Light – Stephen Baster 3rd Top Ravine – Michael Dee

Manhattan Light found the lead easily from Splash Of Cristal over racing and Tigra in the box seat. Hands Up moved to fourth early around Sogno D’Oro and Dynamic Day in the clear. Kryptonian found himself second last. Manhattan Light led to the 300m but Dynamic Day sprinted very quickly to head her. Tigra couldn’t match them and Splash Of Cristal dropped off. Sogno D’Oro started to run on with Top Ravine out wider.Freedoms was looking for runs through the field with mixed success and Kryptonian had nothing to offer. Dynamic Day sprinted away late and scored easing up over a game Manhattan Light, a much improved run from her, and Top Ravine tipped Sogno D’Oro out of third in a nice effort too. Kryptonian just battled home and Freedoms was in the bunch with him. Winner too good here but you have to question the form a little.

Follow: Top Ravine backed up a very good effort at his previous start here. Stick with him.

Race 2: Tervor Clarke Handicap (1200m)

1st More Radiant – Michael Dee 2nd Face Forward – Katelyn Mallyon 3rd Northroza – Damien Oliver

Face Forward showed her usual speed to be on top of the pace with More Radiant up much handier this time to her inside. Menegatti just eased off them and Northroza had the trail. Devon Princess was buried in behind the leading bunch while Kaizaen and Bella Capri were the next pair. More Radiant and Face Forward were together at the 300m and More Radiant was just starting to get the better of her. Bella Capri ran up behind them and Northroza couldn’t quite sprint and was taking a long time to wind up. Kaizaen boxed on okay behind her. Face Forward made it within a head or so of More Radiant but that’s as close as she could get. A remarkable turnaround on their last meeting. Northroza wound up when it was all over and would have scorched past them in another 100m. Next time. Bella Capri and Kaizaen were close up, the latter a pass mark first-up. They all had their chance.

Follow: Northroza, 1400m second-up.

Race 3: Henry Bolte Handicap (1600m)

1st Thermogenic – Craig Williams 2nd Mr Pago – Stephen Baster 3rd Magic Boy – Damien Oliver

The well backed Big Boy Jackie held the front over Statton moving up and Duibio tucking in for the box seat. Magic Boy settled close in fourth and they were clear from Ferro Nero inside Pure Addiction andThermogenic striding up three deep. Warrior King had his back. Big Boy Jackie wasn’t overly pressured in the lead coming to the turn but they were bunching up behind him and Thermogenic kept his run going to move alongside Statton in a line of three up front. Warrior King was pulled out to make his run while Duibio waited and Magic Boy was momentarily held up too. Thermogenic hit the lead at the 200m as Duibio got the inside run and made a dash. Statton started to struggle and Magic Boy and Warrior King kept coming. Wider out Mr Pago started to charge from the back. Thermogenic fought them off gamely after his tough run and was too strong. Mr Pago got pretty close and Magic Boy and Warrior King were in that bunch. Duibio’s run was short lived but he wasn’t beaten far. Of the others Quedoutes made some ground.

Follow: Magic Boy had top weight and his run was solid.

Race 4: Pancare Handicap (1400m)

1st Whistle Baby – Chris Symons 2nd Sir Andrew – Regan Bayliss 3rd Sadaqa – Damien Thornton

Arctic Song made it to the fence fairly cheaply over Free Of Doubt with Majestic Duke slipping through on the inside. Tallat wasn’t settling early and Sadaqa went around him out wider as Tankster eased. Seattleitehad Sadaqa’s back and Whistle Baby was smothered away midfield. Fairly bunched heading to the turn and Free Of Doubt was first under pressure as Arctic Song looked to travel okay. Sadaqa was trying hard though a bit one paced. Seattleite and Whistle Baby came out of the pack past the 300m to chase. Arctic Song had a kick but was gone by the 100m and Whistle Baby sailed past him with Sadaqa still there. Seattleite started to paddle and Majestic Duke and Sir Andrew from near last was flying down the outside. Whistle Baby broke away late for a soft win. Sir Andrew was the eye-catcher running into second and Sadaqa as game as ever after a wide run. Seattleite and Majestic Duke just missed the placings ahead of Arctic Song. Darbadar made a little late ground first-up. One of the favourites, Wild Fire, was never in the call and proved disappointing.

Follow: Sir Andrew was excellent at his first local run.

Race 5: Banjo Paterson Series Heat (2000m)

1st Magicool – James Winks 2nd Kenjorwood – Regan Bayliss 3rd Tooleybuc Kid – Jye McNeill

Kenjorwood was first out and was left in front. Magicool worked across with Cooldini and Kesampour letting them go. De Little Engine held his spot on the fence next and Tooleybuc Kid and Word Of Mouth settled midfield. Magicool stayed about half a length off Kenjorwood in the run clear of Cooldini and De Little Engine with nice soft trails. Kesampour followed and had every chance as the second half of the field started to bunch up coming to the turn. Kenjorwood tried to slip away past the 600m and opened up more than a length’s break. Magicool stayed with him and De Little Engine ran to third. Kanjorwood was under pressure at the 200m and seemed to be holding Magicool at that point but by the 100m the margin was closing fast and Magicool finished the race off a bit better. Heady ride by James Winks who kept Kenjorwood a little busy early on and left him with no excuses late. Tooleybuc Kid hit the line nicely as he usually does for third and De Little Engine gets a pass mark second-up. Word Of Mouth wasn’t disgraced.

Follow: none in particular

Race 6: The Straight Six (1200m)

1st Lumosty – Dwayne Dunn 2nd Le Bonsir – Steven Arnold 3rd Reparations – Ben Melham

The field split in the early stages with Decircles leading the inside bunch from Sino Eagle and Aeronautical and We’re Gonna Rock following. Out wider Le Bonsir was clear of Reparations with Pago Rock to his inside. Lumosty was right behind Reparations. The inside section were in front past the 400m as Aeronautical switched over heels to claim the two leaders there. Pago Rock and Le Bonsir were starting to eat into that lead out wider and Lumosty was pulled widest to start her run with Reparations trying to go with her but being cramped for a bit of room as Le Bonsir wobbled a bit. Lumosty, as she did a couple of weeks earlier, scooted away and was far too good again. Le Bonsir just held off an unlucky Reparations for second and Good Value was charging home late from last to be in that line with Aeronatical and Pago Rock. A protest third against second was dismissed, but Reparations should have run a clear second.

Follow: Good Value’s first-up run was excellent.

Race 7: Andrew Ramsden Stakes (3200m)

1st La Amistad – Damien Oliver 2nd Sonntag – Mark Zahra 3rd Zabeelionaire – Steven King

Lucciola took her time working across from a wide gate and she ran to the lead from Sabor A Triunfo and Space improving up to second. Tanby had the box seat and Ancient Song was stuck three wide going out of the straight. Sonntag and Shoreham were centre field from Jileks Spur easing back. Zabeelionaire crept forward along the fence ahead of him. Lucciola was left alone to lob along in front with Space and Tanby following. A move from Vatuvei about 1000m out had thee field bunching a little and La Amistad got onto his back for a cart. They flushed Ancient King and Sabor A Triunfo out. Lucciola still travelled pretty well in front to the turn and the only one making significant ground was La Amistad who swept up out wider around Sonntag, who lost a length with some tightening. Ancient King was all out and Zabeelionaire weaved through to close in. Lucciola was looking strong until the 200m where La Amistad really kicked in and soon after drove away. Zabeelionaire, Sonntag and Crafty Cruiser were running on but it was all too late. La Amistad, a three-quarter sister to Makybe Diva, ran the two miles strongly. Big effort from Sonntag and much improved run from Zabeelionaire. Lucciola deserved a placing but was just tipped out.

Follow: none, though wouldn’t mind another look at Zabeelionaire over the jumps.

Race 8: Winter Championship Heat (1400m)

1st Mr Utopia – Mark Zahra 2nd Hosting – Chris Symons 3rd Chile Express – Katelyn Mallyon

Hosting was slow but it might have been by design from the outside gate. Onpicalo and Gracious Prospect showed up early with Lord Durante moving forward wider out as Gracious Prospect eased. In a bunch vying for spots were Tried And Tired, Blackie, Flying Hostess and Chile Express. Just off those were Taddei Tondo, Bippo No Bungus and Henwood caught deep. Tried And Tired moved up three wide with Lord Durante to join Onpicalo on the turn. Gracious Prospect came off their heels but wanted to duck in and was put back in a pocket by Chile Express. Wider out Mr Utopia was starting to let down and Taddei Tondo was looking for runs. Tried And Tired hit the lead at the 200m but Mr Utopia was only just warming up and he waved them goodbye. Chile Express, Taddei Tondo and Tried And Tired were all boxing on as Hosting sailed home late into second but the winner killed them. Chile Express won the battle for third over a game Tried And Tired. Taddei Tondo and Running Bull were close up. Shade disappointing was Gracious Prospect.

Follow: hard to go away from Mr Utopia.

Race 9: KA Morrison Handicap (1700m)

1st Longeron – Dwayne Dunn 2nd Pyrrolic – Luke Nolen 3rd Honourable Aussie – John Allen

Wrotham Heath made his way to the lead as Longeron crossed from wider out. Honourable Aussie worked into third and Pyrrolic landed fourth after being fairly away and raced a bit keenly. Commanding Time andTips And Beers were split by Westsouthwest just off midfield. Probably five lengths first to last coming to the bend behind Wrotham Heath but Longeron had him covered a long way out. Tips And Beers held Pyrrolic in a pocket with Honourable Aussie inside him but a gap opened up by the 400m. Longeron took over soon after and was travelling very easily. Pyrrolic was under riding to try and reel him in but Longeron was still held together 200m out. Honourable Aussie was sticking on and down the outside Siegestor made a late bid. Longeron looked the winner a long way out and he got away late to beat Pyrrolic, no excuses, and Honourable Aussie just held third over Commanding Time and Prizum running on. Siegestor’s run was short lived.

Follow: keep an eye on Commanding Time who was only second-up.

Specials from the meeting: Top Ravine, Northroza, Sir Andrew, Good Value.


Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1
1st Coys – Josh Parr
2nd So Willie – Jason Collett
3rd Skyclad – Brenton Avdulla
The first of the day was over 1200m and Ready Already sprung the gates from the outside. My Colleaguewent with it on the inside and Skyclad mustered pace in the middle. They settled one, two, three from inside to out, with My Colleague holding the fence, Skyclad sitting just off it and Ready Already being posted wide.Always Sacred secured a nice run on the fence in fourth. Around the turn and up the rise they came about five horses off the fence as Skyclad looked to get on terms with My Colleague. That was proving a bit of a task, and as that was going on, Coys was making nice ground further towards the inside. In the run to the line, Coys had the best finish and went on to beat So Willie that finished nicely and Skyclad who was just a run in third.
Follow: So Willie
Race 2
1st Tree Of Jesse – Tim Clark
2nd Eisenhower – Josh Parr
3rd Berry Delicious – Jason Collett
Dupe ‘Em was slow to go where as Eisenhower and High Above came out quickest and settled one, two in that order. Tree Of Jesse lobbed in nicely on the fence in third with Better Not Blue pulling outside of it in fourth. Again they came off the fence as they turned for home with Eisenhower holding the lead and Tree Of Jesse looking to come through on the inside. As they reached the furlong mark, Tree Of Jesse started to assert its superiority and came away to win it about a length on the line. Eisenhower held onto second, from Berry Delicious who finished off quite nicely on the inside for third. Given that Better Not Blue pulled early on, its run in fourth was not too bad.
Follow: Tree Of Jesse
Race 3
1st High Midnight – Tim Clark
2nd Rye – Jason Collett
3rd Heavy – Brenton Avdulla
They were over the 2000m for the third event and when they settled, One Touch mustered pace around the outside to go to the lead clearly from Swing Sensation and Appello who settled third. The eventual winnerHigh Midnight settled in a nice spot, fifth on the fence. There was no change in the middle stages until Military Lady took off three wide at the 600m marker, which signaled Heavy and Arigold to come with their runs from the back. Swing Sensation hit the front up the rise, again off the fence and again they were coming through inside of it. Rye and High Midnight hit the front at the furlong marker. Sebrina was in all sorts of trouble after running up behind them and then into the back and sides of them. In the run to the line, High Midnight just got the better of Rye and got the decision. Heavy ran on down the outside to run third ahead of the hideously unlucky Sebrina who did well to get going again into fourth.
Follow: Sebrina
Race 4
1st Beyond Thankful – Jim Cassidy
2nd Mirage – Josh Parr
3rd Keep Cool – Jay Ford
The fourth event was over 1400m with Mirage using an inside gate to take up the front from Boss Lane who jumped nicely from over towards the outside, with Beauty’s Beast showing pace in the middle to find second spot as they settled and Boss Lane eased. Paederos was sent out favourite and went back but was three wide. Mirage looked to have it easy throughout the middle stages as up around the turn as Paederos drifted back to last and ridden along. Mirage looked to travel nicely up the rise, but when it came to the furlong it started to drift badly off the track as Beyond Thankful came with a powerful run through along the inside. Beyond Thankful railed like a greyound in the final part to get the victory, as Mirage finished closer to the outside fence than the inside but held second. Keep Cool took third from Boss Lane, but the story of the race has to be the second horse which would have won easily if it could have kept running straight.
Follow: Mirage
Race 5
1st God’s In Him – Brenton Avdulla
2nd Charles In Charge – Winona Costin
3rd Grande Punto – Tim Clark
Six starters lined up in race five, with Charles In Charge jumping best and taking up the lead clearly. He didn’t really look to settle in front, but did travel strongly and had a clear lead in the middle stages. Up around the turn, Charles In Charge still had the lead easily by about four lengths. Loceano was in second and Forget in third doing the chasing. Inside the 300m mark, Charles In Charge was starting to put in some short ones as God’s In Him began to put in the big strides and was hot in pursuit. Charles In Charge did a good job in the run to the line to try and hold off God’s In Him, but that runner got the last stride in on the post and took the race. A space back in third, Grande Punto took that position.
Follow: Charles In Charge
Race 6
1st Sense Of Occasion – Tim Clark
2nd Singing Flame – Danny Beasley
3rd Our Voodoo Prince – Josh Parr
2400m for The McKell Cup was the sixth event and Bagman was hard ridden to try and muster some pace out of the gates but couldn’t. As they went out of the straight the first time, Singing Flame was striding around them three wide and took up the front. Our Voodoo Prince then also came around them three deep to move into second. Sense Of Occasion and Phrases settled in third and fourth spots respectively. Back in the field,Cardiff Prince was posted three wide. Singing Flame stretched them out in the middle stages, but came to the turn with the company of Our Voodoo Prince, and Sense Of Occasion looking the goods as it strode up three wide under Tim Clark. At the 300m mark, Clark went for home looking for his third winner for the day and it was pretty much assured. The last bit of the race got a bit closer than you would have initially thought as the leader turned it up a bit and Singing Flame rallied strongly, but in the last 50m, Clark really rode the leader strongly and got it home by a clear margin. Major Major who was in the market and looking for three wins straight was just not up to this class today and was never sighted.
Follow: Singing Flame
Race 7
1st Alberto Magic – Jason Collett
2nd Howmuchdoyouloveme – Winona Costin
3rd Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Kathy O’Hara
Alberto Magic was sent out an odds on favourite in race 7 and went back to about third last. Holder Sunsethad plenty of pace and went through to lead it up. Howmuchdoyouloveme was in second. Alberto Magic was back midfield and seemed to be pulling a bit as it moved up three wide towards the turn. Up the rise, Holder Sunset was tackled by Howmuchdoyouloveme and Wouldn’t It Be Nice towards the inside, but you could see Alberto Magic letting down with a big sprint on the outside and inside the furlong the race was over as he sprinted away for about a three length victory. Nothing can really be said of the beaten horses here, they were in another race, and it is just a case of how long the winner holds its form for.
Follow: Alberto Magic
Race 8
1st Berrimilla – Jim Cassidy
2nd Song And Laughter – Tim Clark
3rd Wings – Winona Costin
To the last, and it was difficult to spot an early leader. Floral Gold came across from the outside and Villa Splendido mustered speed closer to the inside to be the first two. Esprit’s Choice was in third with Karakuchiwider on the track and trying to stride forward. Around the turn, Clark was looking for four winners and pinched an inside run on Song And Laughter to also pinch the lead as they topped the rise. He still had the front as they came to the furlong, but Jimmy Cassidy on Berrimilla was ready to spoil the party. In the final 100m The Pumper rode hard and got the money from Song And Laughter who was ridden a treat. These two gapped the rest with Wings taking third spot after finishing its race off fairly well. It may pay to forgive Karakuchi, I think it is better than this run today and was caught wide which gives it some excuse.
Follow: Karakuchi
Specials from the meeting: Sebrina, Singing Flame, Alberto Magic