Ballarat review by Ray Hickson

Race 1: People @ Work Handicap (2300m)

1st De Little Engine – Chad Schofield
2nd Murphy’s Delight – Regan Bayliss
3rd Dark Lochnagar – Jarrod Fry

Monte Carlo showed pace from a wide gate to cross and lead. Dark Lochnagar was given a nice cart across and landed in the box seat with Flash Of Heart going on ahead of him. Firpo was handy and Final Folly was trapped three wide around De Little Engine and Murphy’s Delight. Final Folly improved to second midrace as the field strung out. Not much change coming to the 600m as Monte Carlo tried to pinch it. Final Folly was the first beaten and Dark Lochnagar went around him with Murphy’s Delight getting up on his inside. Out wide De Little Engine swept up and sprinted to the lead by the 200m. Cadel Triomphe tried to match him but couldn’t and De Little Engine broke well clear and won pulling up by a big space. Murphy’s Delight battled on well ahead of Dark Lochnagar but both had their chance. Cadel Triomphe and Supremacy were next but a long way off the winner, who was far too good.

Follow: nothing outside the winner.

Race 2: Easy Waste Plate (1200m)

1st I Love It – Stephen Baster
2nd Counted – Craig Williams
3rd Danestroem – Jackie Beriman

Danestroem broke quickly and crossed to the lead with I Love It racing handy. Sentfromthestars was behind them on the fence from Suite Success. Flash Of Doubt and Vain Attraction were the next pair while Kristy Lee andCounted trailed. Danestroem stayed off the fence in front and Sentfromthestars joined her on the turn. I Love It went straight past that pair near the 200m and despite rolling around had their measure though Danestroem tried to kick back. They broke a couple clear of a wall chasing them with Counted getting through the middle and Vain Attraction down the outside. I Love It edged clear in the closing stages and had about a half length to spare over the fast-finishing Counted with Danestroem holding on for third. Kristy Lee made late ground along the inside to be just behind the placings and Vain Attraction seemed to have every chance. Winner was too good.

Follow: Counted looks close to a win now after two runs back.

Race 3: Eureka Concrete Handicap (1400m)

1st Magnus Effect – Danny Adam
2nd Mannopoly – Jordan Childs
3rd Gracious Prospect – Michael Walker

Tax Evader eased out the back from his outside alley. Magnus Effect jumped well and Beauty’s Beast immediately took him on for the lead, eventually crossing. Gracious Prospect seemed to find a nice spot third a couple of lengths ahead of Hunger and Mannopoly. Bon Rocket settled midfield in the clear. Beauty’s Beast ran along and was tracked everywhere by Magnus Effect. Gracious Prospect eased out to run on nearing the turn and Hunger looked to have something to give. Mannopoly followed Gracious Prospect and Bon Rocket started his run. Tax Evader hugged the fence to make ground. Magnus Effect took over at the 200m and kicked away from Beauty’s Beast who went too hard in front. Gracious Prospect was under pressure and Mannopoly went by him easily inside the 100m. Tax Evader kept creeping along the rails and Hunger just one batted. Magnus Effect did it easily at the finish. Mannopoly held his form and Gracious Prospect came again to get a placing but had every possible hope. Tax Evader ran a nice race fresh and no excuses for the beaten horses.

Follow: Tax Evader a nice return.

Race 4: Magic Millions 3YO Classic (1100m)

1st Murt The Flirt – Chris Symons
2nd Boundary – Linda Meech
3rd Guajeo – Craig Newitt

Reigning Meteor didn’t begin well and was near the tail early with Guajeo easing from the outside gate. Euchre Star showed pace to lead them with Betcher kicking up on the inside to join him. Lock And Load was three wide on the pace around I Am The General and Wild Rain punching up. Crinklecut was in traffic behind them inside Murt The Flirt and coming to the turn Boundary took off around them. Euchre Star took a narrow lead early in the straight and as that happened there was plenty of interference back in the field with Crinklecut copping a check as Murt The Flirt started to run on and Lock And Load battled. Reigning Meteor was trying to run on but couldn’t match Boundary and Crinklecut was knocked over again. Murt The Flirt sprinted very quickly to race past Euchre Star as Boundary chased. Wild Rain and Guajeo were closer to the fence but no match and Reigning Meteor kept coming but Murt The Flirt had the momentum and was too strong. Nice run from Boundary who was back in distance and Guajeo a nice run too third. Reigning Meteor didn’t help himself but was fair and Crinklecut charged home late and probably should have won the race.

Follow: Boundary and Crinklecut will both win races.

Race 5: Eureka Stockade (1400m)

1st Making Mayhem – Chad Schofield
2nd Profit Share – Brad Rawiller
3rd Durendal – Damian Lane

Nightcraft was on the back foot early but improved to be about midfield on the fence. Devon Princess showed early speed but Durendal sped around them out wide to lead from Making Mayhem and Devon Princess. Orlando Jacklanded in a good spot ahead of We’ve Got This and Shaf. Profit Share settled four back on the outside. Durendal appeared to settle okay in the lead but Making Mayhem was right with him while Devon Princess was pulling. Durendal came away from the fence on the turn and Devon Princess took that run but couldn’t make ground and Making Mayhem challenged strongly. Shaf had worked through to loom up out wider and they got away from Orlando Jack, who was struggling, and Profit Share. Making Mayhem had a heap of trouble getting away from Durendal as Shaf continued to close with Profit Share but he proved superior in the last 50m for a solid on pace win. Profit Share just left it far too late but ran very well. Shaf and Durendal boxed on nicely and We’ve Got This was a strange ran as he was battling on the turn but picked up along the inside late to finish close up.

Follow: Profit Share, We’ve Got This.

Race 6: Clockwise Classic (1000m)

1st Carriages – Craig Williams
2nd Prompt Return – James Winks
3rd Moral Outrage – Dwayne Dunn

Rise To Fame missed it by a length or so and Moral Outrage was a shade tardy as well. Carriages was ridden hard to take up the early lead from Captain Crackerjack with Prompt Return improving. Atalanta Miss settled a few lengths back and Moral Outrage recovered to be next ahead of Old Trieste who didn’t show much early pace. Carriages kept them running to the turn and Prompt Return snuck closer. Captain Crackerjack couldn’t go with them and the leading two kicked right away. Moral Outrage came to the outside of Atalanta Miss on the turn. Prompt Return got within a length of Carriages early in the straight but the filly kicked strongly and got the better of him, edging clear again. Prompt Return had every chance and wasn’t good enough. Moral Outrage clung on to third ahead of Old Trieste who got too far back to be any chance but hit the line well. As in this race last year there were huge margins to the rest of the field.

Follow: this race is no guide to the Gold Coast Magic Millions.

Race 7: City Of Ballarat Tonks Plate (1200m)

1st Mighty Like – Craig Newitt
2nd King Buddy – Damian Lane
3rd Tildy Lad – Dean Yendall

A fair bit of competition for the early lead. Ventic held the fence with Pago Rock and Limes outside him. Tildy Lad recovered after a fair start to be behind them and Henwood was in the box seat. Mighty Like settled between horses and King Buddy was on his back. Ventic had a pretty good time in front as Pago Rock didn’t challenge and Limes was gone before the turn. Mighty Like pushed him out of the way to improve shoving Tildy Lad right off the track. Henwood stuck to the inside when he couldn’t get around the leader and hit the front about 250m out. Mighty Like quickly chimed in out wide. Rebel Truce made a dash following Henwood through but the action was out further as Mighty Like hit the front and King Buddy tried to match him and Tildy Lad getting balanced and running on as well. Mighty Like did a little too well for a solid first-up win. Behind the placings Written Intent ran on without threatening as did Kosciuszko’s Side. Henwood and Rebel Truce died on their runs.

Follow: Mighty Like is a handy type up to a mile and has come back well.

Race 8: Ballarat Cup (2200m)

1st Mujadale – Kevin Forrester
2nd At First Sight – Brad Rawiller
3rd Fat Al – Craig Williams

The favourite Spinderbella was a late scratching at the gates. Mujadale wasted no time in striding to the lead and Fat Al followed him over to sit up second. Tuscan Fire and The Inventor settled behind them from Happy As Helland At First Sight was about to get one off the fence around Vilanova but he held his ground and forced At First Sight three wide. So he pressed on to fifth. Tanby and You Think So were around midfield. Mujadale had the field strung right out by the time he got to the back straight and strode along a couple clear of Fat Al and a similar margin to Tuscan Fire. At First Sight was still three wide until about 1000m to go. Mujadale went further ahead at that point and really had them chasing. At the 600m he led by about four and was being urged to keep going. Fat Al closed to within a couple by the turn but Mujadale responded. Tuscan Fire and At First Sight tried to run on, Tanby got up along the inside of them and Hurdy Gurdy Man and The Inventor were battling away. But Mujadale ran them off their legs and bolted in. At First Sight did a big job to grab second after racing wide and merit in Fat Al’s third given he did all the chasing. Tuscan Fire and Hurdy Gurdy Man were close up, the latter a much improved run, and The Inventor also battled away. Nothing made any significant ground, not surprising given the leader broke their hearts.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 9: Isuzu Handicap (1600m)

1st Zuma Roc – Chad Schofield
2nd Eximius – Regan Bayliss
3rd Backstedt – Michael Walker

King Of Dudes missed it and Freshwater Storm seemed to dip as the gates opened. Eximius was first out but didn’t want the lead and let Sadaqa and Backstedt slide past. Our Hand Of Faith was three wide around Eximius. Backstedt assumed control but stayed off the fence with Sadaqa to his outside. Freshwater Storm was in the clear on the inside and Eximius raced between him and Our Hand Of Faith, King Of Dudes improved along the fence fromFulgur, Outlandish Lad and Zuma Roc was at the back. Backstedt tried to slip clear before the turn but was being ridden along at the same time. Freshwater Storm claimed him soon after turning and Eximius joined in with King Of Dudes along the inside. Our Hand Of Faith couldn’t sprint with them and Zuma Roc made his run right up against the inside rail. Eximius was in front with 100m to go but Zuma Roc was too strong for him in the run home and raced clear. Backstedt came again to grab third from King Of Dudes and Our Hand Of Faith. Nice win first-up by Zuma Roc given he was in the no-go zone.

Follow: none in particular.

Race 10: Redbank Handicap (1600m)

1st Tashbeeh – Kerrin McEvoy
2nd Miss Maggiebeel – Katelyn Mallyon
3rd Smashing Doubt – Regan Bayliss

Human League was a tad slow out and was ridden up to be in the first half. Scaredymac went straight out the back. Tronador assumed the lead early from Tashbeeh up on the outside. Miss Maggiebeel had the box seat fromAurora Lights. Seul Spirit strode up three wide, Savvy Henry, Human League and Astro Damus were in that bunch as well. The field bunched a bit coming to the turn as Tronador tried to steal a couple of lengths break. Tashbeeh went straight past Tronador at the 300m with Seul Spirit trying to go with him. Miss Maggiebeel had to go back to the inside to try and make ground while Smashing Doubt came from well back right up along the rail as well. Nothing else was making any headway. Tashbeeh was all out at the 50m but clung on to about half a length’s break and held off Miss Maggiebeel and Smashing Doubt. Seul Spirit was game after racing wide and they were well clear of the rest of the field headed by Corporate Takeover who did hit the line hard very late. Winner too strong against older horses.

Follow: Corporate Takeover has upside.

Specials from the meeting: Crinklecut, Profite Share, Mighty Like, Boundary.


Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st Agean Sea – Sam Clipperton
2nd Denpurr – Tim Clark
3rd Chloe’s Comet – Glyn Schofield

Agean Sea had plenty of pace in the first and led them clearly. When they settled it had about a length break over Domanus with Chloe’s Comet running third and Denpurr settling fourth. Around the turn at the 400m mark and Agean Sea traveled well, and kicked off the bend to get out by about two lengths. Denpurr looked the only danger as it started to wind up with its run on the outside. In the last 200m, it did eat into the margin, but Agean Sea was always going to hold on and it scored by about half a length on the line. Denpurr looked a likely improver on this run.

Follow: Denpurr

Race 2

1st Terai – Sam Clipperton
2nd Lucky Lucky Lucky – Ty Angland
3rd Saigon Tea – Glyn Schofield

The second was over the mile and a half, and Majestic Beast and Surpass shared the lead out of the straight the first time. Terai and Reigning were in third and fouth. Saigon Tea who was sent out favourite got back to second last. Into the back straight the pace slowed with Majestic Beast having just over a length break. There was no change in the order right up to the 600m mark where Blazing Dragon came out three wide to try and make a run. Soon after, the jockey on Saigon Tea was getting nervous and urging her along. Inside the 300m mark Terai hit the front, with Lucky Lucky Lucky launching a run down the outside. Saigon Tea was not a winning chance by this point. In the run to the line Terai kept kicking on and held about a head margin on the line from Lucky Lucky Luck. Saigon Tea managed to take third by the time they reached the line.

Follow: None to follow

Race 3

1st Peace Force – Brenton Avdulla
2nd First Class Ticket – Taylor Marshall
3rd Made To Order – Ty Angland

She’s A Girl and Crooked Stick were slow out in the third event. When they settled, Peace Force had the front from First Class Ticket. Casino Dancer and Sensualism settled third and fourth. They stayed in this order up to the home turn, and as they came around it, Sensualism and Made To Order were coming wide with their runs. Peace Force still traveled ok up inside the 300m, with First Class Ticket coming up to within half a length of it, but Peace Force had plenty in the locker and kicked on to win from First Class Ticket. Those two gapped the rest with Made To Order running third.

Follow: Peace Force

Race 4

1st Eisenhower – Sam Clipperton
2nd Redoutable Heart – Jason Collett
3rd Good Project – Brenton Avdulla

Eisenhower had the inside gate and used it to full advantage to lead from Redoutable Heart with Good Project stuck out very wide in third. Conarchie was getting a nice run behind the speed as was Cyclone. Federal was three wide with cover. Into the straight, Eisenhower and Redoutable Heart were locked in battle and just had about a half length margin over Good Project who was trying hard. Federal was looking to run on down the outside, but was soon passed by Testashadow to its outside. In the run to the line Eisenhower lifted enough to get home from Redoutable Heart, with Good Project running a good third after being wide. Federal was pretty disappointing in the straight.

Follow: Good Project

Race 5

1st Skarsgard – James McDonald
2nd Surge Ahead – Jason Collett
3rd Off The Rails – Blake Shinn

Magic Dallas was slow to begin in the fifth. Perfect Weapon was out best but soon after, out wide on the track Skarsgard zoomed to the front and ran a couple of lengths clear from Underestimation who went to second, meaning Perfect Weapon settled third from Sinjoren. Surge Ahead was back in the field and three wide. Into the straight, the money that came for Skarsgard looked good as he kicked inside the 300m mark. In the run to the line it was a one act affair with Skarsgard a mile too good for Surge Ahead who was a good run after being wide all the way. Off The Rails ran home ok to get third.

Follow: Surge Ahead

Race 6

1st Resurrect – Glyn Schofield
2nd Paris Match – Josh Parr
3rd Slivovitz – Ty Angland

Paris Match and Perplexity had no speed here and went back towards the rear. The pace looked pretty strong up front after leaders had been getting home in previous races. Sir Bigglesworth led them up with Mr One Eleven wanting to take it on and working very hard in doing so. Barge And Charge got a good run just behind the speed. Past the 800m, Slivovitz decided to move up and take the leaders on and go to the front. It was as if there was a prize to be first to the home turn in this race, and plenty of them were under pressure by the time they came to that point. Inside the 200m mark, you could see the swoopers down the outside coming into it, and at the 100m mark Resurrect and Paris Match from last were the two to fight out the finish. Resurrect was the one who went to the line slightly stronger and got the win. Back in third, Slivovitz was a good run after taking off before acceptances. Mr One Eleven also ran pretty well given the run it had.

Follow: Slivovitz

Race 7

1st Medcaut – Blake Shinn
2nd Centre Pivot – Jason Collett
3rd Magical Stance – Sam Clipperton

Phrases went straight to the front in race 7. When they settled, it led from Medcaut and Magical Stance. Meticulously was next and trapped wide. They raced in that order up to the turn where Medcaut had joined and gone past Phrases who looked a spent force. The rider on Medcaut came wide around the turn, getting right out to the middle of the track. The jockey was nursing him up to the furlong pole, and then when he asked for the effort, Medcaut responded and went away to win by about three lengths from Centre Pivot who ran on from the back. Magical Stance finished third. All credit to the winner here for an impressive win.

Follow: Medcaut

Race 8

1st Senta De Noche – Koby Jennings
2nd Mohave – James McDonald
3rd Mr Jackman – Ty Angland

An 1150m dash to finish the day, and Senta De Noche had the pace to come across from out wide and lead, and it brought Kudero across with it. Turf Hero settled third with Good Job Bro out wide in fourth. Encostanati who was well in the market came around the home turn second last. Senta De Noche railed like a greyhound around the turn and had a couple of lengths to spare over Turf Hero, who had Burbero coming up on its inside and Mr Jackman running on on its outside. Inside the final 200m however, nothing was going to get near Senta De Noche and it went on to record about a three length win from Mohave and Encostnati who ran on down the outside. They were spread over plenty of ground here, and you have to give credit to the winner for a sustained effort of speed.

Follow: Senta De Noche, Mohave

Specials from the meeting: Good Project, Surge Ahead, Slivovitz