Weekend Racing reviews – Saturday August 9

Flemington Review by Ray Hickson

Race 1

1st Couldn’t Agreemore – Dom Tourneur
2nd Laohu – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Kristy Lee – Glen Boss

Fab Fevola showed all his usual speed and led comfortably from Nicholls Court with Couldn’t Agreemore angling for a trail behind the leader. Splash Of Moet tucked in for a trail. Out on their own in the centre of the track were Laohu and Beauty Cash. Fab Fevola was under pressure a fair way out and had challengers on both sides with Nicholls Court on the outside and Couldn’t Agreemore going inside to run on. Kristy Lee was following him. Out wider Laohu was right up there but didn’t quite have the sprint to go with them and Splash Of Moet had her chance in the clear to run on. Couldn’t Agreemore sprinted to lead passing the 200m and kicked right away. Laohu started to wind up and hit the line hard late to eat into the margin and Kristy Lee poked through on the inside to grab third. Much better run from her compared to Caulfield but not sure she’s a Melbourne horse.
Nicholls Court and Splash Of Moet battled on but had their chance.

Follow: Laohu isn’t really a 1000m horse and is best around a bend where he can dictate.

Race 2: Moran & Nugent (2000m)

1st Kenjorwood – Regan Bayliss
2nd Count Encosta – Ben Melham
3rd Eclair Samba – Dom Tourneur

Madam Nash had little trouble finding the lead and had oit clearly from a line of three early. Bachelor Royal raced inside Kenjorwood and Post D’France with the latter eventually moving to second. Compound was left three wide without a trail next. Eclair Samba was buried back second last on the fence and Count Encosta, who was a shade slow to step away, at the tail. Madam Nash took off midrace, like she used to do when trained in Sydney, leaving Post D’France and Kenjorwood to do the chasing. Jackie Beriman on Darlimurla Star lost some gear coming to the home turn. Eclair Samba improved along the fence to fourth and Count Encosta followed him. Kenjorwood strode past Madam Nash early in the straight but Post D’France couldn’t go with him. Count Encosta crept up to his inside as Eclair Samba ran on down the middle with Surpass making up ground. Kenjorwood held Count Encosta safely at bay and scored edging clear. Big gap to Eclair Samba who just held off surpass and the others came in at long intervals. Winner too good and no excuses for anything else.

Follow: none.

Race 3: Dray & Nield (2000m)

1st Reckless Assassin – Tom Sadler
2nd Zazparella – Patrick Moloney
3rd Anfitriona – Ben Melham

Reckless Assassin was fast away from the inside alley but didn’t lead and took a trail as Royal Amati came over with Zinone and Zazparella pushed on to get up to second. Friday Hussy settled three back on the fence with Anfitriona in the clear. Royal Amati strode along in front a few lengths clear of Zazparella and Zinone. Reckless Assassin was travelling well next and Anfitriona moved to fifth. House Of Stars got onto her back to run on as they styarted to bunch coming to the 600m. Zazparella put some pressure on Royal Amati on the turn with Zinone moving up three wide, giving Anfitriona a cart home. Reckless Assassin waited on the fence and a run appeared three wide as Zinone dropped off. Anfitriona made her run at the same time and at the 400m Zazparella took over. Reckless Assassin and Anfitriona chased with Anfitriona under more pressure. Reckless Assassin took a while to get balanced up between the two rivals but once she did she knuckled down strongly and drew away late to score a soft win over Zazparella and Anfitriona, who had every chance. House Of Stars was okay and High Design made some late ground without threatening. Winner is flying.

Follow: none outside the winner.

Race 4: Erskine & Carroll (1400m)

1st Fontein Ruby – Mark Zahra
2nd Coram – Chris Symons
3rd Beluga Caviar – Dwayne Dunn

San Nicasio landed in front with Beluga Caviar to his outside. Angry Gee took the box seat with Dupe ‘Em, who was a touch slow out, improving quickly to fourth. Fontein Ruby and Hawking were next. Coram settled second last in the clear and Raposo trailed them. Not much change to the 600m where Dupe ‘Em was the first to be put under pressure. Only a few lengths first to last at the top of the straight as Beluga Caviar moved up to join San Nicasio. Hawking pushed into the clear and Dupe ‘Em dropped off. Raposo ran up behind them and into about 10 dead ends down the straight. Out wider Fontein Ruby and Coram wound up. At the 200m Hawking joined Beluga Caviar, Raposo was still badly held up, Coram sprinted quickly and loomed as the winner. No sooner did he fleetingly hit the front did Fontein Ruby decide to go with him and she took over inside the 100m and proved a bit too good. Coram had his chance but the run was sound, Beluga Caviar boxed on but also had every hope. Raposo probably should have won, didn’t get a crack at them until the shadows. San Nicasio was headed a long way out but he wasn’t far away either. Not sure how to assess this race – the first five home all good runs and either they are all pretty smart or they are the B-graders. Time will tell.

Follow: Raposo was very unlucky.

Race 5: Hogan & Neild (1200m)

1st Play Master – Jye McNeil
2nd Marwood – Dwayne Dunn
3rd Taddei Tondo – Patrick Moloney

No-one seemed overly keen to lead but Oh To Be Rich took it up with Marwood behind her. Taddei Tondo and Onya Keithy were prominent and out wider Tycoon Express and Theatreman were right up with the leaders. Hot Mama had Theatreman’s back and Play Master was closest to the inside rail in a very bunched field. Oh To Be Rich was gone at the 400m and Marwood hit the lead on her inside with Play Master going with him. Taddei Tondo couldn’t quite match them and Hot Mama pulled out and looked to have something to give. Cross Of Gold went back to the fence and Clevadude was very one paced when he got clear. Play Master sprinted better than Marwood and held him at bay to the line,
going a lot straighter than he did a week earlier. Taddei Tondo got up for third in front of Cross Of Gold and Onya Keithy stuck on very well after being under pressure. Hot Mama didn’t let down quite as expected but made a little ground out wider.

Follow: none in particular, those in the finish are all honest.

Race 6: Nugent & Milson (1400m)

1st Eximius – Jackie Beriman
2nd Correggio – Steven King
3rd Supreme Warrior – Michael Walker

Under The Sun was fast out from a wide gate and went straight to the front, crossing Free Of Doubt and Loot ‘N’ Run who moved up to second.  Eximius dropped in behind them for a trail then Supreme Warrior on the fence. Loot ‘N’ Run didn’t let Under The Sun get away and kept him busy before hitting the lead at the 400m. But he was a sitting shot and Free Of Doubt loomed alongside him with Eximius winding up down the outside. Supreme Warrior stayed to the inside and made ground but Eximius kept the run going and broke away. Correggio came out of the pack to chase but Eximius had too big a break. He can be a bit in and out but with no weight was heavily backed and delivered. Supreme Warrior boxed on well for third and Jacquinot Bay did his best work late getting into fourth ahead of Loot ‘N’ Run. Free Of Doubt didn’t match his last effort when winning here last start.

Follow: like to see Jacquinot Bay again, he ran well first-up.

Race 7: Aurie’s Star Handicap (1200m)

1st Tiger Tees – Damien Oliver
2nd Mr Chard – Nick Hall
3rd Zamorar – Katelyn Mallyon

Grand Emperor lost any chance he had at the start. Tiger Tees and Sino Eagle were best away and shared the early lead. Smackdown strode up wider out and Zamorar tucked in behind them from Text’n Hurley and Shanghai Warrior. Smackdown looked to be in front midrace but when the pressure was on at the 400m he cracked and Tiger Tees took over again.  Zamorar tried to go with him on the inside and Sino Eagle was a bit flat footed. As was Text’n Hurley who virtually dropped out. Shanghai Warrio worked into the clear out wider and Mr Chard ran up behind Smackdown who was tiring. Tiger Tees was holding Zamorar safely but was still left in front a long way out. Sino Eagle tried hard but couldn’t reach them. Mr Chard finally got past Smackdown at the 200m and he made a dash to get very close to Tiger Tees on the line. Zamorar held on for third from Sino Eagle, who ran well up against the boys, and Road Warrior was sticking on well just behind them. Shanghai Warrior disappointed and a big eye-catching run from Text’n Hurley who got going to finish a few lengths from the winner first-up. Good placement with Tiger Tees giving them weight and winning.

Follow: Mr Chard in something easier, Text’n Hurley was excellent over unsuitable trip.

Race 8: Christopher & Walker (1400m)

1st Aliyana – Michelle Payne
2nd Whistle Baby – Katelyn Mallyon
3rd Pindan Pearl – Linda Meech

Dare I Ask went straight to the front as she likes to do and led from Whistle Baby, showing a lot more pace this time, and Girls On FilmPindan Pearl sat up fourth from Nadeem LassAliyana settled midfield and Winta Chiller and Danish Whiskey were trapped wide. Dare I Ask skipped away before the turn but came back to them quickly as Whistle Baby and Pindan Pearl grabbed her. Girls On Film tried to run on along the fence. Nadeem Lass started to wind up out wider and Aliyana went looking for runs between horses. Nothing else was running on from the back. Whistle Baby and Pindan Pearl continued to fight it out inside the 200m but Aliyana took a run to their inside and sprinted quickly to them and drove away, first run for Darren Weir. Whistle Baby ran an improved race and Pindan Pearl was only second-up. Nadeem Lass had her chance and they beat the rest comfortably. The likes of Winta Chiller and Danish Whiskey were never in the race. 

Follow: there’s a win in Whistle Baby and Pindan Pearl perhaps in midweek grade.

Race 9: Kiernan & Miller (1700m)

1st Zevada – Jake Noonan
2nd Prizum – Tom Sadler
3rd Amovatio – Michael Rodd

A bit of competition for the lead and Wrotham Heath finally managed to cross them after doing a heap of work. Clang And Bang and Shadow Ninja kept him busy for a while. Rambert was caught wide and pressed on then Vizhaka and DurnfordAmovatio was four back on the fence from Zevada.  Rambert moved up outside Wrotham Heath midrace and Durnford made a move to creep forward. Zevada found his back for a trail home. Shadow Ninja and Clang And Bang became held up and Amovatio was directly behind them. Wrotham Heath kicked back to the lead at the top of the straight but had nothing left. Zevada sprinted quickly up the middle and Amovatio worked to the outside and came off his back to chase.  Prizum wound up the widest from the tail. Amovatio loomed up to Zevada about 200m out with Prizum closing in as well and they got away from the field to fight it out. Zevada kept fighting on and had a narrow margin to spare over Prizum with Amovatio just weakening for third.  The rest were a fair way back though it must be said Wrotham Heath didn’t do a bad job to run fifth.

Follow: none in particular.

Specials from the meeting: Laohu, Raposo (short term), Jacquinot Bay, Text’n Hurley (long term).


Randwick review by Todd Burmester

Race 1

1st – Saigon Tea – Tommy Berry 2nd – Tohunga – Tim Clark 3rd – Georgey Aeroplane – Kerrin McEvoy

A mile and a half for the first event and Phrases began best but Tohunga kicked up along the fence as they went out of the straight. They raced in Indian file with the favourite Saigon Tea getting back to second last. At the 1400m Lucky Liason made the first move and went up outside Tohunga, but Tohunga wanted to hold the front, with Saigon Tea also moving a bit closer up outside of Phrases. On the point of the turn Saigon Tea came three wide with Georgey Aeroplane looking to track it up. Saigon Tea had Tohunga covered at the 200m mark with Georgey Aeroplane just grinding home. In the run to the line Saigon Tea had no trouble with the 2400m this time, and got there by about a length from Tonhunga who held second, and Georgey Aeroplane in third.

Follow: None to follow

Race 2

1st – As Needed – James McDonald 2nd – Society Man – Hugh Bowman 3rd – You’ll Never – Serg Lisnyy

You’ll Never and Coolring were not great to begin and went back to last and second last respectively. Society Man ran to the front with As Needed behind him on the rail in second. The pace looked ok and Society Man had a couple of lengths break in front and held this margin as they came to the turn. As they topped the rise, As Needed was being wound up and these two realistically looked like fighting it out, without much else making ground. In the run to the line As Needed won as he liked and looked like he could go further. It wasn’t a great turn of foot, but he went strongly to the line once he got mobile. You’ll Never flashed home to run another good race in third spot.

Follow: As Needed

Race 3

1st – Bouzy Rouge – Brenton Avdulla 2nd – Cocktail Time – Winona Costin 3rd – Specific – Choice Ty Angland

Wild And Proud was the best to begin along the inside but Imperil eventually went through to lead it after a bit of a slow get away, with Corryvreckan going up into second and Wild And Proud easing back into third. Cocktail Time got a good run one out and one back in fourth. The eventual winner Bouzy Rouge got a nice run three back on the rail. Up the rise, Corryvreckan went to the front, Specific Choice was trying to make a run down the outside and Bouzy Rouge was looking for a run. When it found enough room it burst to the lead and held a margin in the run to the line over Cocktail Time and Specific Choice who basically just ground home into third place.

Follow: Cocktail Time

Race 4

1st – Mr Scary – Tim Clark 2nd – Tarangower – Sam Clipperton 3rd – Ragtime Cowboy Joe – James McDonald

When they settled down in the fourth it was Ragtime Cowboy Joe who led from The Baronet who was pushed hard around the outside to take up its position. Magna Amica and Runhardasunwere just behind the pace. At the 600m mark, Tarangower was off three wide to get closer to the speed. Ragtime Cowboy Joe was running before the turn, and urged along with the persuader he still had a break on them as they straightened, but left the fence and Runhardasun moved through to join him and head him as they came up the rise. Ragtime Cowboy Joe raised another effort in the last 200m along with Tarangower, but it was Mr Scary that was the fresh horse on the scene down the outside and he got there for victory. Scottish Border ran ok here. Saintly Lad went terribly.

Follow: Tarangower

Race 5

1st – Scissor Kick – Ty Angland 2nd – Better Land – Kerrin McEvoy 3rd – Inkling – Josh Parr

Sarajevo was sent around favourite first up in this and came out averagely at the start to go back to second last. They took a little while to sort themselves out, but it was Nayeli who led from the flashy looker Inkling and Better Land was out three wide. They were packed up, and the pace didn’t look strong with Nayelli moving clear by over a length mid race. As they came to the turn, Sarajevo looked in a fair bit of trouble back second last and wedged away between runners. At the top of the rise Inkling was let go and ran clear looking a winning chance but the last 200m found it out with Scissor Kick coming through on its inside to claim victory and Better Land running on down the outside to get second. Inkling held third from Sarajevo who did finish its race off ok but never looked a winning chance today.

Follow: Better Land

Race 6

1st – Sweet Idea – Tommy Berry 2nd – Messene – James McDonald 3rd – Rebel Dane – Blake Shinn

The Missile Stakes was the main race of the day and it was a case of first out first home with Sweet Idea quickly assuming control from Thump outside of it. Messene and Rebel Dane got nice runs behind the speed. Boban missed the kick badly and was a clear last. In the straight, Messene looked to join Sweet Idea in the lead and Rebel Dane was winding up down the outside. In the run up the straight, Sweet Idea just kept fighting and held off Messene and Rebel Dane who got its way into third. The flashing light run was from Boban who put in the strong finish that we know he can to finish fourth, with Weary in fifth. Realistically, the run of the first 5 horses here was good and they all look on track for their Spring Campaigns.

Follow: The first 5 home all went well

Race 7

1st – Target In Sight – Hugh Bowman 2nd – Rifleman – Blake Shinn 3rd – Mount Nebo – Taylor Marshall

A one thousand metre dash for the seventh event with Earnest Ernest slow to go. They stretched out over plenty of tround with Texan Lad and Nuclear Class having any amount of speed to pair off in front from Straturbo and Mount Nebo. The favourite, Rifleman was back in midfield. Texan Lad had it up the rise but you could see the rest of the field winding up, noticeably Rifleman out wide along with Target In Sight. These two claimed them with 100m to go, with Target In Sight finishing strongest to win from Target In Sight and Mount Nebo. Reflectance was arguably the unlucky runner of the race getting cut out for a run when he was trying to come with the quinella pair. He did well to regain momentum and wind up in fourth spot.

Follow: Reflectance

Race 8

1st – I’ve Got The Looks – Blake Shinn 2nd – Oh So Adorable – Winona Costin 3rd – Miss Promiscuity – Jason Collett

Angel Bee had it as they settled down in the last albeit out wide on the track, which meant Oh So Adorable went through on its inside to take it up. Miss Promiscuity found itself third on the fence and Catseye Surprise was fourth, one out and one back. Jacinta was three wide the trip. Oh So Adorable kept kicking which meant Miss Promiscuity had to change courses back to the fence and tried to chase the leader along with Angel Bee on the outside and Jacinta was still plugging away despite the wide trip. Whilst all that was going on, I’ve Got The looks found its way through the ruck and absolutely flashed at the line to get up and win from Oh So Adorable and Miss Promiscuity. Jacinta was a good run here after being wide all the way.

Follow: Jacinta

Specials from the meeting: As Needed, Reflectance, Jacinta