The industry’s best analysts

Thriving in the volatile Australian betting industry is no easy feat, but at Champion Bets we’ve successfully met that challenge since 2006. We’re proud to have produced consistent high-quality results over a huge volume of bets while building a strong community of more than 26,000 horse racing and sports betting fans.

Mark Rhoden

Mark spent 17 years with IASBet and Sportsbet where he was Head Trader for NSW Racing. He is a highly respected full time professional punter who focuses solely on NSW Metropolitan & Provincial racing.

Trevor Lawson

Surviving as a professional punter for 15 years is a wonderful achievement. Trevor watches race replays many times over, studies sectional times and generates custom-developed ratings for each previous run. Those figures are the basis for his rated prices, but he also finds a good edge by walking the track prior to any meeting he’s betting on.

The Professor

The Professor is a very successful punter with a long-term track record of winning. Like most of our team, he specialises in one state.

Because of his position in the industry he’s not able to disclose his full identity, but we caught up with him prior to launching to shed some light on what you can expect from him.

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Data Scientist

The brains behind our very popular DataBase Ratings also runs an advanced model that identifies standout selections each day. These bets are horses that meet the strict parameters developed by a very successful data scientist and horse racing punter.

The DataBase Ratings use 40 runner, race and track-specific factors across 25 separate models to come up with an overall prediction. The strongest qualifiers each day are released as DataBase Bets. The model is retrained on a weekly basis to ensure it keeps up with any trends or changes in racing.

Scott Kellen

Scott’s NFL betting model has been a consistent winner over the past 16 years.

He combines a mix of time tested technical, fundamental and statistical handicapping to stay ahead of the game over the long-term.

Brett's Syndicate

In 2009 Brett surveyed the investment landscape and made an assessment that sports betting offered the most bang-for-buck for return of capital. Because if you can find an advantage in the sports betting market, your so-called return bearing period is the duration of one single game, whereas in conventional financial markets that can be weeks, months, even years for long term investments. He likes engaging with sports betting markets, given the frequent cycling of capital with that asset class.

Mark Van Triet

Mark has been a highly respected jockey manager for more than a decade. He’s been very successful in managing some of Australia’s best hoops including Damien Oliver, Brenton Avdulla, Glyn Schofield and Chad Schofield. He’s also worked with Racing Australia, Lee Freedman and as a professional punter.

Mark has developed a definite edge by focusing his betting on one state and now you can make the exact same bets that he does.

Steve Green

Steve has worked for international and local bookmaking firms before developing his own statistical database and player rating system which achieved very good results. He analyses player, team, referee and weather statistics to help identify the best bets each week. But Steve isn’t just a number cruncher, he takes notes while watching every second of every single game and relies on both knowledge and hard work to spot angles that other punters miss.

Dean Evans

For a number of years now, Dean has shown an amazing ability to find horses with above average ability purely from barrier trials. He has developed and fine-tuned a revolutionary approach to an area of form assessment that many punters either ignore or under-value. Many have tried to copy his approach, but no-one has come close to matching Dean’s record of better than 10% profit on turnover from close to 7000 bets.

Chris Robinson

Kiwi professional punter Chris Robinson is one of the quiet achievers on the Champion Bets roster. The NZ Tips membership started in February 2013 and has won every year since.

Kiwi Chris. An expert form analyst and experienced professional punter who exploits bookmaker mistakes. There are only one or two NZ TAB bookmakers pricing the markets, then the Aussie corporates just follow suit. When they get a price wrong, Chris pounces and releases the bet to members.

Chris never chases the limelight, but he clearly excels at the most important thing which is making money for our members.


Rod is a professional punter with a focus on the mathematics of betting and a sharp eye for value. Bookie promotions and special offers have long been a means for bookies to lure in mug punters. Rod has utilised the undeniable value in these offers and taken it to a new level.

The Syndicate

Our analysts source excellent form and track going information and combine that with strong stable mail gained from managing horses, syndicates and owners’ bookings. Custom ratings are blended with an intimate knowledge of stables, horses and conditions to make for a powerfully profitable formula.

Ryan's Betting Syndicate

Ryan and his data science team have analysed millions of data points to develop a number of models that create and optimise baseball predictions. They believe in their algorithms and track performance daily to re-train their models and improve their predictive ability. Analytics, data, and information from multiple sources is aggregated and the result is a proprietary blend giving a significant statistical edge over analytic-only services.

The overall strategy is designed to yield returns over the course of a regular season. 2018 was exceptional with 15% profit on turnover on the main head-to-head market.

Cameron O'Brien

Cameron O’Brien has been producing weight ratings since the age of 15, learning the Don Scott method and then continually refining his own approach to doing the form over time. Cameron trained as a form analyst under legendary bookmaker Mark Read and has now been a professional punter for more than 10 years. He focuses on standout selections in VIC, QLD and WA racing.

Golf Insider

Hailing from England, the Golf Insider has been advising his bets to British clients since 2014. The Poms have been benefiting from his knowledge and making huge profits ever since. Now, for the first time, his service is available to Australian members via Champion Bets.

A golf expert with his own proprietory model (which he calls “the value machine”), the Golf Insider is also a senior member of the bookmaking industry in the UK – which is why he doesn’t reveal his identity. Betting weekly into the US and European tours as well as all majors, the Golf Insider’s profitable record is second-to-none.